Pointed Diplomacy

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Adventure: Pointed Diplomacy
GM: Paul S.
Session: Spring 813
Night: Thursday - starting 19th Sept
Location TBA
Level: High to Extreme.
Not a full season game, a few sporadic sessions to engage in some pointed diplomacy

The Party
Employer & Mission

As reports from the front indicate yet more bad news for the Western Kingdoms, Elvish spies report yet more bad news:

The Drow artificer and chronomancer Daalgish the Angle Taker, is reported to have opened the Navel on Cthon, a dread portal closed aeons ago by both Elvish and Drow casters over 30 millennia ago.

It is believed that the Drow intend to use the Navel to "Open a New Front" in their current war.

Elven seers regard the opening of the Navel as "total insanity" given the Navel holds the cursed Elven city of Halophiles, believed to imprison the Horror known as 'Skoll, the Waiting Between".

The mission:

1. Discover how opening the Navel will support the Drow 'logistically"

2. Kill Daalgish

3. Close the Navel

4. Defeat the Horror (if necessary)

5. Loot Halophiles if possible – several Elven artefacts, possibly valuable to the war may be present.

When asked by the Drow high Command, exactly what he had intended to accomplish for the war by opening the Navel, Daalgish is alleged to have said "Well it, it's been 30 thousand years since anyone used the...... what could possibly go wrong?"

Daalgish has opened the portal near a small river village near Luring.


Scribe Notes

Chapter 1 - 1st Thaw 813wk

We meet, discuss the issues and promptly depart the guild via Cloud bound for the village of Luring in Destiny.

We arrive around 3pm and land a mile away after seeing signs of jungle in the area which we take as a bad sign as the jungle seen is native to Terranova.

We move with stealth into the village and time starts behaving strangely which we can't control so we bear with it and press on - being somewhat aware of the issues of rifts/portals/dimensional problems associated with Rune/Chronomancers and how time is almost always of the essence. We leave some supplies behind under the dock and note 3 Drow Dromon vessels (big enough for around 200 drow each) anchored there on the shore which gives us an idea of the quantity of drow nearby.

We press on and come across a Drow hung in the air on a hook, still alive but with neck and limbs separated from his body very slightly - we choose to move on and away from the screams, which if we affected might tell others of our presence.

The area turns fully Terranovan and we come to a central area with a number of stepped pyramids with the largest in the centre and many smaller ones around it.

We identify tracks leading to a smaller pyramid and come across a number of dead drow that died from blows/blades and other ways. We also see a drow body still twitching caught under a rock deadfall at the entrance of a tunnel heading into a smaller pyramid. We scout around and create an alternate way into the pyramid while assessing the Drow inside the Pyramid. They seem to be fortifying the entrance way to stop others/something coming in after them and also through various other places in the Pyramid.

We enter the Pyramid subtly and proceed to track the chronomancer Daalgish. Deep inside the pyramid we hide and espy several hundred drow in a central room, but around 100 drow are being strung up around the walls while the others string them up. Daalgish is heard to be saying that he hopes they hold it long enough for them to get away. We note a number of boxes being loaded up for transport outwards soon and judge that the purpose of the navel might be logistical transfer of specific goods to the Drow over in the Western Kingdom from Terranova.

We plan what to do next and it seems like a snatch and grab of Daalgish is the best option so we scheme what to do next. The current plan is wait till he and his men are moving out of the central room heading upwards while weighed down with heavy boxes and other such encumbrances. When he is in the most auspicious location we will grab him by putting walls down around him, taking him and near associates out and make a hasty retreat along our preplanned exit route. Once we have him dead or alive then make haste to flee or act to close the portal ourselves.

Chapter 2 - 1st Thaw 813wk

We wait a while for the enemy to finsh their resupply and we carve ourselves out a niche in the ceiling above the corridor junction we plan to use as the ambush point. We patiently wait with our eyes on the gaol when they start leaving the inner sanctum and start heading out with the supplies.

The ambush goes off with a blanketed darkness full of tendrils surrounding Daalgish and his close Drow associates while a wall of stone comes ninto force behind them and 3 female assassins drop down beside him and stab away at him and other near him. He survives the intial strikes although most of his nearest companions are greviously probed, die in a number of ways or flee in terror since they assume we are the actions of the Horror here.

The next pulse sees continued blows on him and his until he dies and his three closest companions surrender to us. The other drow nearby have fled in absoulute terror from the unknown - sometimes they are smart!
With the taregt dead and near ones surrendered we assess the scene and see that he is indeed dead but he now looks like the others we have seen where he is seperated from his limbs ever so slightly. We pause and tell the surrendered ones to go before we horror do more (it must be noted that we are all in various dark guises and look immensely threatening at this point in the pitch darkness, especially to some isolated Drow sepereated literally from their erstwhile commander) and they too flee.

We decide to investigate a bit using our resources and so while the others do their thing I phase into the near dimension to see whats there that we can't see and meet the horror whiel I'm beyond the reach of the party. I am caught and killed. next pulse (after a much longer period of time) the party see my body reappear in the same state as the Chronomancer before disappearing again.

The party realsie that the horror was much closer than they thought but they plan to track and assault the horror in order to get me back.

Various plans are enacted before Lath uses her Knot to attract its attention, successfully mind you. The horror closes on Lath while she plays with her knot seeking to seperate me from the Horror but the horror gets there first and Lath feels it tug on the Rope. She chooses not to release the knot and the horror drags her into his dimension and she too dies outside of any help from the rest of the party who are in the next dimension.

The rest of the party think quickly but realise they can't defeat the horror to get us back as they can't get to it so they seek help and using Kilroys contact they move quickly to discuss options with Mark - deaths champion. Mark is sympathetic but can't help although he knows a group of immortals who might be able to do so and passes on how to contact them


Spring: Thaw (10) 813wk
Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
Candlemansa 1 Guild Meeting 2 3 4 5 6
7 8 9 10 11 12 13
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21 22 23 24 25 26 27
Spring: Seedtime (11)
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Spring: Blossom (12)
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Magic Rk Effects Dur Ft Dalran Kilroy Serendipity Sasha Lath
Feather Falling 9 Float downwards 5 hours 1 Y Y Y
Enchanted Armour 24 +50% def, +1AB, +24pts of spell armour 24 hours 1 Y Y Y Y Y
Vapour Breathing 16 Can breath any gas 8 1/2 hours 1 Y Y Y
Barrier of Wind 21 +52% Defence (stacking with Eddy). 11 hours 2 N Y
Flying 13 Air Mage flying spell at 43 mph. 7 hours 2 Y Y
Resist Heat & Cold 16 5 steps better on weather table & 5 less damage. 17 hours 2 Y Y Y
Fast as the Wind 16 +6 TMR up to a max of 16. 44 mins 2 Y Y Y
Wind Walking 18 Travel (as air) at 140 mph (~13 miles range) 9 1/2 mins 2 Y
Eddy (Ritual) 16 +3 steps better on weather table and +4 effective ranks on BoW, protection from Whirlwind Vortex. 17 hours 2 Y Y Y
Runeshield (Spell) 20 +25 Def, +5 AP, absorb 2 Spec Grevs then dissapate 21 hours 2 N
Runeweapon (Spell) 20 Acid dmage of (D-5)+7 for D10 pulses on effetive damage 25 mins 2 Y
Smite (Spell) 20 On succesful strike, opponent resists or takes D+21, stuuned and prone 21 hours 2 Y Y
Tea (Item) N/A +10 SC, +10 IV, +2 FT, +2 WP, All Spells +1 Rank, Mana +1 level 20 hours 2 Y Y Y Y Y