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Location 100 or so miles inland on the southern border of the Kingdom of Shorkyne
Map of Dwarven Lands
Government Kingdom






– Property Tax:
– Bonding rate:
– Visitor Tax:

% per annum
% of goods' value/month


The capital city of a dwarven kingdom, far north of Alusia. It is mainly an underground tunnel complex. There is a small town on the surface, used by non-local traders. The Kingdom is known to make excellent armour.(ooc they talk with a scottish accent)

It is a trading city, with landing decks only a couple of hundred yards across. There is a trading dock area on the surface where anyone can visit, and a variety of races meet there.

Comments by Valery, who is well respected here due to her part in Jhensi Hallenger's Birthday:
The rest of the city is pretty much a party town. There is a central shaft that goes down and down and down, with a circuitous path, branches at different levels to various rooms/suburbs. As one goes down, the detailing and furnishing become older and finer. At the bottom of this shaft is the King and Queen's court - a feasting hall with a dozen large tables. By invitation only. Revolves around meal times, but in effect is a continuous feast, where courtiers/supplicants approach their highnesses table to chat. Different beers are served at different times of day to differentiate the meal times. Very loud drunken party atmosphere.



Brightrock is a kingdom, the current ruling family is the Highbrights although the clan name is given up for the duration of their rule.

King Vaardaen

(non Mage, Warrior, Philosopher) a beneficent ruler with a canny eye for politics. His outward demeanour is somewhat loutish. He tends to hold court in his dining room. Court seesions can last all day and well into the night in a party-like atmosphere.

Queen Trellia

the brains of the operation. Wicca.

Prince Graaven

currently abroad. Supposedly adventuring to make himself a better person. Actually languishing in his tavern – The Golden Ingot.

People of Note/Importance

Lady Sonia academic in the ways of the Noble Mage. Lady Sarah court mage.

Royal Advisors

There are thirteen royal advisors with one of those positions held as a hereditary entailment. The rest of the positions are selected.

Joseph Lockenleach

hereditary advisor (the only one of 13)

Shaelie Verichan

Earth Mage

Ex Royal Advisor

Tav Lowenrock

on sabbatical.

Jhensi Hallenger

Noble Mage, Brundar's mother, bad person. Currently at large – hoped dead.


Angus McBright - Master Shaper

Over 600 years old - registers as long lived sentient on a DA. Remembers the nasty affair of Red Goldenbright. A Master Shaper with a particular interest in trapping undead. Warning - VERY LOW BOREDOM THRESHOLD!!! Currently perfecting an undead trap called the Hall of Memories.

DA Questions:
Intent: curiousity
Strong magical talent or ability: Shaping
Brodie Belhaven' - Master Brewer

Is turning 400 years old. Note, this is an extremely old age for a dwarf but in my medical opinion, he is in extremely good health. We theorise that this is because he has a dram and a brew every morning, or possibly it's part of the rituals that they do to make the beer.

DA Questions:
Intent - currently negotiating
College - alchemy
Strongest magical ability - Taste
Luff Aberfeldy - Master Distiller

He is ~600 years old and somewhat formal in outlook and demeanour. He and Brodie were boys together.



Looks like a young Aberfeldie! Works with Angus McBright and Ridducgh. Is a shaper. Wears a porter's uniform underneath leather armour which is anti-burn armour. He works with his hands, and is not a very graceful server of food. He has the responsibility of looking after some of the trapped undead, including the Bane Rock which has possesed him, and act which was discovered by a Guild party (who also ressurected him).


Apprentice Shaper to Angus and Warvel Beast Ambassador

Primus and Secundus

Two Walvo beasts that associate with Angus


A Guild member originally from here.


This city is a major trading hub with Traders coming from many distant lands to sell their wares. Goods from as far afield as Ruska, Plaztoro and Kinlu. THey are also the founders of a fast growing network of merchants making a staged coach journey from store to store. They have a presence in Seagate, including an interest in The Golden Ingot.


There are a number of guilds here in the Bright. Things we have noted about them are as follows:

Thieves Guild

Operating in the market area. Mortimer observes that there are possibly 2 groups operating. Once they have stolen, they seem to assess what they have and either return it to the mark or they pass it on. Seems very organised.

Porters Guild

There is no 'Porter's Guild' head/ master. The head of the Porters Guild became King. Now the Master Brewer and Master Distiller run the Porter's Guild.

Brewer's Guild

Responsible for controlling and regulating the production of all beer in the Bright, especially the special brews. Arrange quality assurance testing of all beers. Seem to be heads of the Porter's Gulid. Head is Brodie Bellhaven, the Master Brewer.

Distiller's Guild

Much like the Brewer's Guild, but with regard to whiskey instead. Head is Luff Aberfeldie, the Master Distiller.



The Kingdom uses magic in an ostentatious and gratuitous fashion. Suites of rooms are "built" to accomodate the specific requirements of Guests. There are things like the bath, which fills with cold water and then you 'think' at it to warm the water. Then when you get out of the bath, there is warm air to dry you off. Meanwhile the bottom of the bath slides away and the water drains down a tube to somewhere. There are little figurines in some of the bedrooms which when you rub them, summon courtesans. There is a similar small figure to summon a porter. There is a LOT of magic here!

Crime and Punishment

Mundane Crime

Magical Crimes


Adventures that have visited
Jhensi Hallenger's Birthday
McBright Masterwork
Havoc in the house of Guildenstern