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The Scholarly Order of Argentum are a small group of radical theologians and philosophers, primarily worshipping the Powers of Light, but not affiliated with the Unified Church. They claim their true calling is to educate and illuminate; however they also have a tendency to meddle directly in politics. A school has recently been founded in Newcourt.

They are sometimes known as the "silver friars", as they travel, educate, and preach like friars, but tend to dress more ornately, with a tendancy to fine clothes and jewellery.


The Argentum believe that the Powers of Light and other transcendent beings such as the Powers of Darkness are merely representatives, embodiments or agents of greater forces. Whether this force is simply a shared ethics, a greater being, or the inevitable progress of humanity's enlightment is unclear. In fact, most of their Theology is understandable only to the wise - that is, members of the Argentum and their theological opponents. One common analogy they use, which almost makes sense to lay-people, is that worshipping an ArchAngel is like unquestioningly following a General, knowing they serve the interest of the Kingdom. Whether there is a "king" per se, or just a kingdom of morality - well, you talk to them, see if they make more sense to you! However, they generally agree that the Archangels are so far superior to mere mortals that following them faithfully is the only wise course.


Spooky stuff with layers of Zoroastrian stuff combined with Fey Lore. More details can be found under Argentum Metaphysics.


The Argentum preach a simple life following the principles of the vita apostolica. However, they also believe in direct action and promotion of their agenda through politics and martial activity. Many of the Argentum are Gabrielite and Urielite Inquisitors, attracted to the Argentum through the simplicity of its teachings and emphasis on morality and action. More details can be found under Argentum Ethics.


The Argentum claims to be founded in 806WK. However, rumours of its activities date well back into the previous century. Silver friars have been accused of meddling in almost every recent major episcopal election, and the violent death of many senior nobility has been laid at their feet. This backlash by the establishment may indicate a prior, suppressed history.


Not all members are priests or even laity of the Powers of Light. A few pagans and even the occasional worshipper of the less-black Powers of Darkness are said to belong to the school as well. This has led to cries of heresy and pressure for priests to be banned from attending the Argentum conclaves.