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Petrya is a town in the Dal-Orossa region of Tanah Melay

Petrya is a town at the base of the Meryk Cliffs which bound the Meryk Plateau. The town is the main stopping point for caravans travelling up to, or down from the Meryk Plateau. It's the town that caravans from Tykal reach when they come down the plateau after descending the winding narrow paths on the face of the Meryk Cliffs.


The city has been built up from what were cave dwellings that date back centuries or more.


The Baron of Petrya is Xavier la Forgette (b764, d), who has been the baron since 811wk. Xavier (since 783wk) is married to Chloe la Forgette (nee 'du Foxcourt') (b766, d).


Petrya is a trade town with goods coming and goiung from the Meryk Plateau towering above the town. The town is also known for its fine pottery especially drinking vessels and tea sets.


The buildings are carved into the cliffs and lined or are simply caves that have been faced with an outer wall and made habitable. The current/newer city is mainly built out from the cliffs as well as older dwellings still set into the cliffs and going in around 100ft. Beyond the 100ft in is an area which is older, more cramped, dank and less inhabited as its mainly used for storage and the like up to another 200ft in - simply called the storage areas. The doors/gates between the storage areas and beyond are always heavy, reinforced and iron bound to keep the area secure and tight from whatever abides beyond. Beyond this 300ft in area is a mix of much smaller and larger caverns which aren't travelled at all as unknown and unpleasant creatures abide there.

Guild Involvement

Re: Caves

The party poked around the caves and went in some 300ft before being confronted by Giant Spiders (10ft tall and around teh same across) and other critters in the dark. Discretion won over valour and they didn't go deeper/further in. The detected 11 greater undead some 1700ft further in from that point.