Alauran's Rest

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This small town is halfway between Sukhoty to the East and Petrya to the West and is a natural place to rest when travelling between the towns for laden caravans and the like.

The town is built around a large caravanserei and a series of 7 Inns built around it to house the travellers. The Caravanserei is a large oval area some 700ft long by 500ft wide.

Guild Involvement

Re Caravanserei - In the centre of this area was a magical obsidian plug over an area which was determined to be capping/containing/holding in or supressing undead types. The party determined that the cap had been in place since 652wk and counts as an unholy burial ground. They detected faded rune magics on the capstone (15ft across) along with other deep magic. They understoof that the area was once famous as being the epicentre of an insurrection in Tanah Melay by the Urgon family around 650-652wk, known as the Urgon Revolt. The Urgon revolt was said to have destryed many families who were rooted out and destroyed down to men, women, children and animals.