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The La-Rayfiles Family


In one of the great mysteries of the time the La-Rayfiles family departed the WK on the 1st of Summer 599WK and took all their family with them with a few exceptions.
The family that departed by sea numbered some 750 in total and the departing heads of the various family branches sold off all property etc in the previous 3 months and took the money and portable goods with them in a fleet of 7 boats. The family gave no reason for the uprooting of the family but rumour has that one of the family was a powerful astrologer/seer and predicted some dire events which gave the family the reason to depart.

The family at the time was counted as one of the 10 most powerful families and held several positions within the WK nobility. The head of the Family was Count Cesar La-Rayfiles of Aquila who was 13th in line for the throne of the WK at the time and Arnot La-Rayfiles was Lord High Herald to the Royal Court.

  • 58 members of the La-Rayfiles family chose to stay and make a new life.
  • WK records note the deaths of these La-Rayfiles family members over the next several years.
  • It is noted in 602 the last of the remaining La-Rayfiles family members in the WK died of natural causes but a few simply 'disappeared'.