Trading in Sunshine

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Scribe Notes

Styx Merchant Guild


GM: Clare
Season: Autumn 818 WK
Night: Monday night, starting 7pm on 12th March
Location: Chez Baldock
Level: Medium

  1. May who is an Ice Mage played by Nike.
  2. Red Sparrow who is an Elven Wicca played by Emily.
  3. Cayed who is an Elven Celestial mage played by Cameron.
  4. Eydis played by Kelsie.
  5. Estelle who is a human Star Celestial mage played by Rhys.
  6. Amira a human E&E mage - played by Jono.
  7. Marseille an artist & mind mage - played by Michael.


10,000 sp per person.
Two outfits per person.


Lath wishes to employ a party -

Scribe notes

1st of Fruit 818 wk
Sort ourselves out over a couple of days.
4th of Fruit 818 wk
On the morning of the 4th we met the merchant named Tom (from the Seagate Merchant Guild) who is employing us for 200sp. At the Seagate main city gates we head off to Bristor. After a smooth day of travel we arrive and camped near the old Dark Wall.
5th of Fruit 818 wk
That day we travel along the well used road into the Sweet Riding. On the night of the 5th we were attacked by wolves, which we drove off.
7th of Fruit 818 wk
Attacked by seven poor bandits.
9th of Fruit 818 wk
We camp outside for the night at the northern end of Brageon Pass at a trade way station.
10th of Fruit 818 wk
Get to Tobintown in Brastor Holdings. We sell two pigs for 100 sp. Tom pays us 1,200sp for a job well done, with a merchants guild reference.
11th of Fruit 818 wk
We do shopping on and off fornthe remander of the day. We meet with Lady Carsora and arrange pick up the wagons first thing in the morning.
12th of Fruit 818 wk
Early in the morning at 5am we head off. Travel all day and stop and the bottom of Braegon Pass.
13th of Fruit 818 wk
We head on into the pass in the morning and have to stop at 10 am in a thunder storm. We quickly find a cave which is almost ok, and with effort and some traps it turns out to be suitable. We are rained in all day.
14th of Fruit 818 wk
It is freezing cold is the morning. We head out, and after some time we run into a slip from above onto the road. The slip is about, 20 deep. Omg this will be a lot of work.
15th of Fruit 818 wk
Rained in for the day from 10 am. Take cover under tarps and cliff edge.
16th of Fruit 818 wk
Travel slowly. Cold, wet. 17th of Fruit 818 wk
Make it out of the pass, and to the way station on the Sweet Riding side of pass.
18th to 20th Fruit 818 wk
We head west across the Sweet Riding towards the rough lands for three days. We camp. Tomorrow we will strike out north west. 3am on the 20th. TROLLS!!!


Autumn: Fruit (4)

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