Brastor Landing

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Brastor Township
Location 4 Miles south of Brastor Township on the Eastern Bank of the Champion River
Government Mayor: Francis Audley
Population ~600 (as of Winter 806)






– Property Tax:
– Bonding rate:
– Piloting Fee:
– Wharfage Fee:
– Vessel Registry:

% per annum
% of goods' value/month
sp (in or out)
sp per foot per day
sp per foot per year

Brastor Landing is the preeminent Market town in Brastor. 70% of all river trade and 40% of all land trade passed through this town at its height in 799.

Currently the town is one of the focii of the reconstruction effort.

Brastor Landing is traditional the summer home of the DeWinter family, but in the last fifteen years has served the Castellan and family instead. Brastor Landing does not have a Keep or Castle but has a well appointed large manor in the style of Bowcourt Palaces. Unfortunately the manor was badly damaged by fire during the war and the repairs were only finished in the winter of 807WK. The Chamberlain for the last forty years has been Lady Carsora of Brastor Landing, who is the aunt to Lord Leto. She is old but still sharp of mind, and speaks over a dozen languages. She travelled widely in her youth and warms to guests and people of good standing. She is wise and hugely influential within Brastor Landing, knowing many things about many families within Brastor. She also holds, the Brastor ball, the main social event of the summer.

As of 807WK, the town of Brastor Landing is booming. Its docks and warehouses are in constant use, supporting the rebuilding of other towns in Brastor. All of the families of Brastor Landing were evacuated before the Dark Circle damaged the area. The families and their wealth have returned and rebuilding is nearly complete as of the end of 807WK.


There is little trade as most of the food and goods are brought in by the few people looking to resettle.




The Town
The town itself was effectively raised to the ground in 804. With the return of both guards and settlers in Winter 806, the reconstruction effort has consisted of clearing rubble and rebuilding the town to a new design around the enlarged docks and markets.
The Docks
The dock area is being rebuilt, the river dredged and new piers being laid. Current plans are for a dock frontage, twice the size of the old one, able to hold up to 9 barges at a time with plenty of space for ease of loading.
The Markets
The huge Market square which used to be the focal area for the township is being repaired and will include a statue commemorating the losses suffered in the War against Rashak.
Shop Smart, Shop Sabastian-mart. Purveyor of All Things Good, is the most prominent merchant house in the market.
a large two storied tavern in built near the docks in 815, advertising itself as providing entertainment for the discerning gentleman. It is frequented by sailors and other travelers that arrive at the docks.
No. 1 Hobbits' Detective Agency
Established a two story stone premises in 814. This branch of the office specialises in finding lost faith.


Summer 809
After a long absence, the Brastor ball resumes again. The Ball is a highlight of the year and talked about by all near and far.
Winter 807
Docks and warehouses full completed.
Autumn 807
Markets completed.
Summer 807
Docks and warehouses near compeltion. Large prominent warehouse, paid for personally by Sabastian is completed. Markets near completion.
Winter 806
Sabastian transfers workers and builds temporary workshops. Begins rebuilding docks, warehousing and temporary Markets.


Crime and Punishment

Mundane Crime

Magical Crimes