Small Mistakes

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Small Mistakes

Winter 805WK

We have decided to fix a small problem we created five years ago in a small very poor coastal village area somewhere in Easten Brandenburg called Odessa Village.

GM: Craig Harper

Party Members

  • Lath :Lost - Air Mage
  • Saydar :A good honest orc - Necro
  • Villa :Stranger to the law - E&E
  • Dunlan :Tattooed - Blood Mage
  • Jaundice :Shape shifter - Fire Mage, Party Leader
  • Eric :Fighter - Namer


You should all know that hope is a dark thing that you cannot touch. Everyone needs to take great care what they hope for, as it often melts with the sunrise.

The Guild recieved a report that Lord Sairuk of Odessa was blaming the Guild for the destruction of the local area, and was seeking to over 20,000sp in damages from the Guild. The Guild was reluctant to pay.

The damage was done 5 years ago by a Guild party that took a ship to the area to transport a Michaelines Church relic to a new site. During stormy weather, the ship hit a reef (maybe the work of local Wicca). An earth elemental was used to free the ship. The elemental was told to destroy the reef since it was causing a hazard. As it turns out, the reef formed a natural break-water that protected the harbour. Without the natural protection offered by the reef, the port is too dangerous for most ships to use.

The local export of iron ore is unable to be traded. Without regular trade, the economy has been destroyed and the people left poor and hungry.

Since the local lord is too poor to pay for a local town guard, the Ors and Goblins in the nearby hills have become confident. Their regular attacks have stopped trade along the coastal road (track). The local lord has become reliant upon the Michaelines Knights to protect the locals. The Michaelines Knights have removed the "evil" Wicca magics which had blessed the local lands.

Lord Lucan in the next town along the coast has been benifiting from the area being poor. We think he has been assisting the Orcs and Goblins, and helping them aganst the Michaelines Knights in the hope of being able to take over the area. Lord Lucan sent assassins to kill the local lord 5 years ago, but failed.

Fixing a problem

Since the locals dislike Guild Members, we have made our presence known as Baron Saydar and his bodyguards. In an attempt to fix the port at Odessa we have decided to offer an exchange of food for ore. We will repair the break-water and start trading. We have settled on favourable trade terms with the Lord Sairuk of Odessa, and his wife Lady Malphia (a wicca?). With the local town trading again the locals will have food and be able to replace their local town guard.

We are using magic to rebuild the reef and break-water. We expect this will take three weeks. We are keeping a distance from the locals and Michaelines as we use magic and dont want any trouble.

Since we have been in the area, some Orcs attacked the Michaelines guard house and killed 5 guards. Not a lot of damage was done to town. We think the Orcs have a new leader. We think the Michaelines have been hasseling the Orcs and Goblins over the last couple of years, and this may have been pay back, but we are unsure.

Orcs and Goblins Unite

It is a dangerous place for the Michaelines. A group of them were leading a dozen of the local militia from the Church down to Odessa. A few miles down the road, the militia fell unconscious. When they woke up, all the Michaelines were gone. There are traces of battle and some tracks appear to lead towards the Orc encampment west of Odessa.

It looks like the Orcs and Goblins of the area may have united. There is evidence of troop movements from both the Orc and Goblin camps. A captured Orc revealed that a powerful mage called Grobb is now leading the Orcs, and that the goblins are involved.

We have doubled our watch at night given these activities of the local Orcs and Goblins.

Michaeline Church

A couple of days travel inland towards the mine, was the Michaeline Church that is built on a high mana area. It has a small town outside the church grounds, with a few hundred people living there.

It was attacked by some Orcs, Goblins and Elementals and the church was destroyed. Many dead Orcs and militia were discovered around the town. Villa discovered the Michaeline Brother amongst the ruins of the Church. It appears that a fight between Elementals occured on or around the Church site, involving at least a Fire and a Water Elemental. Air and Earth may have also been involved. Water from the Elemental plane is flooding out of a spring in a very high mana zone where the Church was located and heading down the valley.

A lot of the townsfolk fled the attack. We are unclear what has happened to the Knights at the Church. We tried to track the remaining Orcs and Goblins but found it too difficult due to the large number of tracks around the area. Villa flew back to Odessa carrying the remaining Michaeline Brother and warned the town of the impending flood waters.

Due to the attacks on the Church, the increased activity of the Orcs and Goblins and the dangerous elementals, the party has doubled its watch. We continue to work on restoring the break-water, but want to avoid getting involved in a conflict between the Church, the Orcs and the other factions involved here. We decide not to investigate further.

We repaired the break-water

We repaired the break water at Odessa and left town, as its seems unsafe around here.