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<--Peoples of Alusia

A player character race in DQ.

Natural Habitat
1-50 (6)
Halflings are small humanoids, around three feet in height. They are inclined to be fat. Halflings are noted for their tough, hairy feet and usually go bare-foot.
Halflings appreciate the good life more than most; a successful halfling will arrange a schedule of much sleep, good food, and relaxed study or conversation. Halflings are shy around other races, preferring to merge into the background. Amongst themselves they are a friendly folk who form into small communities where everyone knows every-one else's business. While halflings take their social responsibilities seriously, they are renowned for their practical jokes and light fingers. Halflings avoid the rigours of military life but when forced to defend themselves they favour small weapons. A small percentage of halflings have adventuring in their blood, and tend towards extreme speed, violence and ruthlessness when away from their familiar and tranquil surrounds.
Halflings possess infravision (heat vision) to a range of 100 feet. They are naturally soft-footed and light-fingered. Halflings may drop jewellery down active volcanoes without anyone thinking the worse of them, and do so surprisingly often.
The listed characteristic ranges are for NPC Halflings.
Movement Rates
Running: 200
PS: 3-21 MD: 7-25 AG: 6-24 MA: 4-22 EN: 3-21 FT: 17-23
WP: 6-24 PC: 5-23 PB: 5-23 TMR: 4 NA: None
Halflings prefer small weapons, dagger and slings being the most common, although short swords and hand axes will also sometimes be used. There is a 50% chance that a halfling will have skill of up to Rank 4 with at least one of the weapons that they are carrying. Adventuring halflings prefer weapons of maximal carnage, and will usually be very skilled.
They come from a range of places on Alusia. These include: Gracht, and Carzala and Adjepbar in the Five Sisters area.
Halfling Faiths and Pantheon
Halfing Faiths, Cooks, Gods, and Recipes.
General comments
A race of short,warm-hearted and kindly-natured people. They eat and drink more frequently than other races. They seldom wear shoes, preferring to run about barefooted. Yet, they are normally well dressed. Many live in underground barrows.
Halflings are reknown for their love of food and their many Mealtimes.