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County: Upland plateau in the Dragonspine Mountains north of Syborite. It is a quiet bucolic backwater, mostly halfling, with a gentle climate and fertile lands.

Oddities: Causes nausea in death-aspected persons and "big-ins' do not seem to prosper.

food, wool, beer, mead, forests.
perhaps 5000+ hobbits; 300 pixies; 200 humans; 1 giant;.
Halfling, Common.
Mike P


Graf Alfred-Grendl XVI
Son of Grendl the Guild Necromancer
Baron & Baroness Jotenburg
Arthur & Amelia Pendragon
Motley A. Giant
Alias Old Mott.
There are many pixies inhabiting (infesting) Gracht, particually in the Rising & Dark Forests. They seem to live comfortably alongside the halflings but are notorious for bothering the 'Big'Uns".


Mt. Gravenrest
tombs of Grafs are near the summit
the High Drop Inn
a modern and popular inn at White Cliffs
Castle Gracht
seat of the Graf, most of the humans live in farms between here and Westwold.
the largest settlement is mostly halfling.
the Long Canal
a "Paddle Steamer" travels the canal between the Castle & Bywater. It mostly carries dollied-up halflings on "days out" rather than commercial cargo.
Monastery of Tarnheim
Schloss Jotenburg
seat of the Warden of the Rising Forest (Amelia)
White Cliffs
perched on the cliffs above Syborite. Most of the cargo (& many people) are hauled up and down the cliffs in a system of heavy duty pulleys and platforms. There is no 'road' down the cliffs, and folk who don't want to pay for "The Lift" have to scramble up the creek gully.