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Uthgard is a Medium Mind Sorcerer character played by Anne Saggers

8'8" tall 540lbs Hill Giant Female with long brown hair tied up in a pony tail and hazel eyes. Wears a set of Bound Ice plate Armour and carries a frost covered Axe and Giant Glaive that can be set alight.

Uthgard is the daughter of a Military Chief with no other siblings. She was sent to learn some combat expertise and skills so she could help with protecting the village, or at least that's what she was told. So Uthgard has set out on her quest determined to make her father proud.

Uthgard is a very stoic person and holds a no man left behind perspective. If there is no alternative she will voluntarily sacrifice herself to help a party escape. She is a very straight forward and military mind.


 1. Deserts, Dungeons, & Dwarves pt 2 Summer 817
 2. Delve under Old Seagate Winter 818
 3. A lack of humer Autumn 819
 4. One of Our Vineyards is Missing Spring 820
 5. Won't you go to funky town Summer 821
 6. A Cold Sun Autumn 821
 7. Orc Brew Quest Summer 822
 8. Visions Of Loot Summer 823
 9. Prelude to Marriage Spring 823 (technically spent the time with Seir instead of on adventure)