Pierre the Halfling

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Pierre is a halfling, Illusionist played by Ian Anderson
And should not be confused with a human watermage of the same name played by Andrew Luxton-Reilly, despite the fact that they both cook.


34" Tall 45lb Halfling under a mop of curly blond hair with a cheeky smile. Has some Goblin leather and a knife. A small pink and purple butterfly is normally somewhere around him. He says that the doll given to him by a Princess gives him great comfort. Can usually be found near food, either cooking it or eating it. Has not been "seen" putting gemstones in the gardens of the Elvish Mission in Seagate.


Pierre comes from the County of Gracht. Being the eigth child and therefore having no chance of inheriting the family business he went to Seagate where an industrious halfling can make their fortune or grab someone elses.


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