Lake Anye

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In olden times, a monastery stood at the western end of this lake and the monastery was dedicated to the saint of traveller/pilgrims. Since the quake of 623wk this monastery has been abandoned and allowed to fall into ruin. The pilgrims that do make it to here still shelter among the ruin and the land here seems safe and peaceful.

This lake is also known as the Bottomless Lake and since it fills part of a mountain valley, the shore drops away quickly. No-one has ever reached the bottom, mainly because there has been little reason to try - whether it is truly bottomless is unknown.

For a lake of its size it is remarkably free of dangerous creatures. There are a few species of giant cold-water fish and perhaps some exotic fey in its depths but for the most part the lake is relatively quiet. Fishing is often poor because the water flows from the mountains nearby and barren glaciers but some fishermen seem to have more luck securimg the bounty from the waters than others.