Principality of Vyberg

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Vassal of None
Status Principality
Location Far NE of Alusia
Area 1,400 sq miles
Geography Coastal, Ragged, Hills and Tundra.
Population ~40,000





6% (mostly rural)

Oil, Fish, Ambergris, Diamonds, Trade Goods, Bones
Fruit, Metals

This is a small principality based around a peninsula and a number of islands (@1400sq miles) clustered together in the Far NE of Alusia. The population is small at around 40,000 people but it includes a clan of Sea Giants who live nearby and have an alliance with the Principality. The economy is based around trade, fishing, oil and a few other rare goods such as Ambergris, bones and such like.



  • Vyberg Peninsula
  • Mt Andros
  • Lake Afalon
  • Falon Hills


  • Johannes Otto von Spreckelsen - Prince of Vyberg

Places or Locations


This is the main port and capital of the principality This port city sits between the sea and Lake Afalon to the west. The city has the portside in the east and then the city rises slowly as it goes westwards meeting the Falon hills which bound Lake Afalon. A tributary runs between the Lake and the sea through the city which is crossed by 4 stone bridges.

Barneod is the northernmost port which is ice free year around and this is due to the ocean currents in the area and the fact that the port opens out to a series of passages between the continent & a number of islands which impede the advance of the ice southwards. This makes the port an important trans-shipment point for trade going northwards to the Kingdom of Narviyk and south from there to other ports across Alusia.

Barneod port is home to large trading ships that you'd expect to see across Alusia and also ice strengthened ships for plying the trade to the North which are sharp nosed and hardened for travel in such extreme cold conditions.

The port is split into 3 areas with the docks immediately on the left being the Naval docks, then directly ahead are the Fishing docks for the huge fishing fleet based here and to the right are the main trade docks for all other goods and trade traffic. The Naval docks at the far left include a new shipyard building large trading vessels made to traverse the northern climes and take on pirates if necessary. There are smaller refurbishing shipyard facilities in both the Fishing and Trade docks.


In Barneod

  • Bishop Kjeld - head of the Church, The Light of the Sea
  • Sirenyki, the wizened old healer and chief healer of 'Sirens Rest'
  • Dios Corides , the elder herbalist in town
  • Varis Gorbachek, owner of Varis's Bone Emporium
  • Anastasia Romovski, owner of Anastasia's furs
  • Orlon Falcone, owner of Falcones Flight - a weapon shop specialising in ranged weaponry
  • Olaf Wiegerhorst - Harbour Master of Barneod



Trade Routes

External trade is done by sea to lands far from these cold shores.

Games involved