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The Princess Blade is a flying pleasure yacht owned by a guild consortium, which was gifted it by the Bretlond Ambassador to Ares. The Princess Blade has recently been remodelled to have a figurine of Isil Eth mounted on the bow. It is 70 feet long and has a pair of substantial stone outriggers. It is very flat on top so that people can lounge on deck, but it doesn't have windows to protect the crew and personages from the wind.

Speed, Capacity, and Comfort

The yacht can travel up to 50 mph directly towards or away from the sun, but much more slowly in other directions, or during the night. This is because it is one of the legendary Aeir Ships of Ares. The deck space can be used for holding a cargo of up to 70 tonnes of granite, or perhaps 25 tonnes of foodstuffs or similar cargo. The cabin space is ample for seven adventurers, or somewhat cramped for one Elven Princess and her wardrobe. The masts can be stepped (given sufficient warning), for flying into caves or under low bridges. The ship is barely seaworthy, and the small sails and lack of buoyancy make sailing on the open sea or in anything over a moderate breeze extremely hazardous; however, in the air it is very sturdy and dependable, sacrificing both speed and manoeuvrability for comfort and smoothness of passage.

Skill and Crew

The Princess Blade usually travels under the Royal Alfheim Flag. It is registered in both Eidolon, and in Seagate, as ports of convenience. To operate it smoothly at optimal speeds, a crew of 3 is required at all times (helm + 2 trimming sails), so a full complement of 9 is recommended on longer journeys. The Helmsmen requires Navigator (at Rank/2) or Aerogator (a specialised skill for navigating and piloting Cavorite flying vessels). The Sailors require Sailor/Navigator (at Rank-2) or Airmanship (a specialised skill for operating Cavorite flying vessels). When in level flight without significant course changes, the Princess Blade requires only one active crew member.

People who have helmed the Princess Blade


Navigation of the Princess Blade is like any Aeir Ship. The Princess Blade has a Sun Compass.

Charts and tables allow for the Step by Step navigation of the Princess Blade, including long distance travel via a Great Circle Course.

The Princess Blade also has tables of town and city locations, and maps of the World, the Western Kingdom, Raniterre, and Ares, amongst others.


Simple rule of thumb: ~500 miles a day, 25mph at day, 15mph at night.

Solar Attraction / Repulsion
  • Max speed 50mph (at Rank 10)
  • Directly towards / away from sun
    • With sails, can veer +/- 5º (+ 1º / Rank). (requires sails)
  • Acceleration 1 TMR / minute (40mph2)
  • Max Speed 15 mph (at Rank 10)
  • Any direction required. (requires sails)
  • Acceleration 3 TMR/minute (120 mph2).
  • Sinusoidal Acceleration 10 TMR/minute (400 mph2).
  • Max Speed 120mph (after 15 seconds)
  • Vertical only, up or down
  • As per Falling
Mage Wind
  • As per spell

Sister Vessels