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The Aeir Scooter is a one person, manoeuvrable version of an Aeir Ship. Aeir Ships are a type of flying ship powered by Cavorite, a magical alloy that can neutralise or reverse gravity in a narrow, focussed direction.

This particular Aeir Scooter looks like a mechanical dragonfly, with two pairs of "wings". These wings are the Cavorite panels and shields, and each wing swivels horizontally, with the various positions influencing the speed and movement of the scooter. The body is made of wood with a saddle and metal foot and handle bars for moving the wings. The "legs" are a suspended cargo net (that can be released or connected while hovering). The tail is hardened leather, and has a small 'bag' behind the saddle, but otherwise serves no purpose.

The appearance has been enhanced by a permanent illusion of a fair-ground style wood & metal dragonfly.

  • The aeir scooter can hover; and it can ascend and descend rapidly (at falling speed).
  • Lateral movement is achieved by sinusoidal gliding (like a ball bouncing in smaller and smaller arcs). The speed is 7+[Airmanship Rank-2] mph.
  • The scooter is very manoeuvrable, but must be moving to change direction (it takes twice it's length to turn 360 deg).

Manoeuvring the scooter (even just hovering) requires a significant effort in shifting weight and balance (not unlike staying on a fast-moving horse). No more than one limb will be free for other actions at any time.

  • Size: Body length = 5 foot; Wingspan = 11 foot; Tail: 4 foot. The wings and tail can be removed for shipping.
  • Weight: Body & mechanics=20 lbs; Wings=20 lbs; Tail and net = 10 lbs
  • Carrying capacity: 300 lbs
Relevant Skills

Initally a person needs to be shown how to use the scooter, and then the specific skill required is Airmanship. This is an adventuring skill with an initial rank of 1 per three full ranks of Flying, plus up to 2 ranks more for other appropriate skills (e.g. Master Mechanician specialising in flying devices; or Master Philosopher in appropriate fields). Subsequent ranking is as per any adventuring skill.

A Master Mechanician specialising in flying devices or Master Philosopher in appropriate fields, may be be able to work out how to use it from base principles in 4 weeks (less if they have familiarity with the properties of Carvorite).

This item is owned by Amelia

GM: Michael Parkinson

Adventure: The War on Horror: Ares

Game Date: Summer 807