Kitty and Purr

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Kitty and Purr

These two beautiful human looking woman claim to be sisters. They are almost always clean and tidy and care about their appearance. It is not widely know to most people, because of some mystical effect that hides it but they are in fact shapechanger cats. They are often found working with or for Suzanna in some complex plot involving the Fastness of Girwyllan and some guild members. It is unclear why they work in Sanctuary given that they are not poor.

The Guild knows that they are Master Thieves and it has been reported that they have assisted Guild parties in the past. Both Kitty and Purr are adverse to violence and/or danger. They are capable of fighting when pushed. Both of the sisters consistently carry a single finely crafted small red wooden and silver box on their person.

They once had the stolen dead heart of Lady Lizette Summers. They are 'doomed' to not die at the hand of someone that loves them when close to Keshah.

Kitty takes no ill effects from dieing for someone she loves, and uses love potions to aid her in this. Kitty has gained this ability particularily for Furfur's wrath.

DA'ed or Reported Skills include: Common: R6L, Thief R4, Avoid Danger R4+.
The Guild thinks that their skills maybe hidden by an Illusionary aura.

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