Wok is going on? (Part I)

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Route to Wok

Scribe Notes London


Me (Uzi)
scribe, mil sci, party leader (elect)
scummy little hobbit
semi-cu;te fire bint
yet another celestial... (but Solar!)



Imp #59 (Asbo) say Wu Fang da Noodle-Master wants another way to some church up da mountain, maybe tunnels. Will pay cash and super-skills. Feeble humans buy clothes, mes fill whiskey barrel. Portal Drakenburg, fly northish. Hobbit is tired so we camp. Fly, its dark and winter... land a bit away, Mes make a hobbit baloon, walk to village of Seven Rivers. Meat Noodle-Master.


See big storm about Ice Spike and palace, real big, all over church. Talk about stuff for fucking ages. Da two stupid humans wander off get jumped by mini ice dragon lose 5 mins of time and Icarone gets "Frost Touch", DA says location magic, not communication. Prob curse as Bella has anti-curse item which lost 20 ranks. Have to cut out a solid, like metal, ice flake. Hobbit bleats about tired again, so no more today. Mes bravely go lone to capture snow fox for a death buzz laters.


Power up and go to pass with webs. Blast hole with Meteor Shower, FireRun thru, little (2 hex) + big (6 hex!) spiders and mini ice dragon chase us, just past pass is sign to path up. Find a super steep stair up, at top door with icy water behind it. Mes bravely cast Opening and hold open as water tries to sweep us off, Norn (ice elf) and two spiders come up after us, mini icy dragon flies level to watch us, DA says Frost Drake / long-lived sentient. Da Norn casts something, we all fail, wake 5 mins later with no FT. Icarone has nother Frost Touch, Bella a tiny icy spider (non-sentient construct).

No more water so go in. Couple empty rooms, noone about so sleep 4 hours for FT. Nother room has some big magically sealed Dwarf doors, Opening dont work, earth bound. Some stairs go up like 800 feet. Explore. Find "cathedral" as old scribe notes, find 4 tunnels heading southish, go down one, ends in water and shaft to lower (maybe dark dwarf mines?) level and another lower level under water. Go back all up to monk place. Eat. Sleep.


Breakie with monks (6, 1 boy, 1 woman). Check other tunnels, one ends closeish to village, but blocked up and ends in dwarf hills. Other one ends way south, but by road, semi blocked but can get by if dodgy. Noodle-Master semi happy. Says he might get dwarves to do unblocking. Yay finished! Good as whiskey running out.