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Chateau Sartoris is nestled in the end of the Halcryon Valley 2 miles east of Aboundanse and sits next to 'Luc du Sartoris', a highland lake known for its sizeable fish. A notable mountain in the valley is Mt Royke known locally as Amber Mountain.

There is a wall across the end of the valley which is up to 20ft tall in places and this was built in 676 following 'The winter of the wolves' for the protection of the estate and the workers there. The wall encloses a level area about 1sq mile in area and extends to the base of the near hills that abut the estate. There are a number of towers along the wall that provide accommodation for the estate workers (if they don't reside inside chateau itself) and the estate 'foresters'.

The massive chateau is composed of a central keep with four immense bastion towers at the corners. The keep also forms part of the front wall of a larger compound with two more large towers. Bases for a possible further two towers are found at the rear, but these were never developed, and remain the same height as the wall.

The chateau features 440 rooms, 365 fireplaces, and 84 staircases. Four rectangular vault hallways on each floor form a cross-shape. The roofscape of Chateau Sartoris contrasts with the masses of its masonry and has often been compared with the skyline of a town: it shows eleven kinds of towers and three types of chimneys, without symmetry, framed at the corners by the massive towers. The design parallels are northern Aquila and Tuscanan.

One of the architectural highlights is the spectacular double-helix open staircase that is the centerpiece of the castle. The two helixes ascend the three floors without ever meeting, illuminated from above by a sort of light house at the highest point of the castle. The castle also features 128m of façade, more than 800 sculpted columns and an elaborately decorated roof. When François II commissioned the construction of Chateau Sartoris, he wanted it to look like the skyline of Destiny that he had seen in his youth.

The chateau is surrounded by a 13,000 acre wine estate and game reserve maintained with deer enclosed by a 20 mile wall of between 10 to 20 ft in height. The château was never intended to provide any form of defense from enemies. As such, the walls, towers and partial moat are purely decorative, and even at the time were an anachronism. Elements of the architecture - open windows, loggia, and a vast outdoor area at the top - were also borrowed from the Tuscan style.

Around the estate (both inside and outside the walls) are many areas of various plantings as well as the huge volume of grape vines in the central area.

  • Oak trees have been deliberately planted and nurtured over the centuries to provide wood for barrels.
  • Cork trees have been cultivated and planted for corks
  • Many fruit trees can be found around the estate

Sartoris Caverns

Up the hill behind the estate are the Sartoris Caverns where the bulk of their wine is cellared. Some of the limestone caves have been enlarged over the years others are simply used as is.

There are 11 levels to the cellars, the entrance is on level 5.

  • The three upper levels (1-3) are used for medium term storage.
  • The middle levels (4-6) are used for short term storage, fermentation tanks, and barrel production.
  • The lower levels (7-11) are used for long term cellaring including the 100 year cognac.

There are major gates for the levels (upper, middle and lower) that are magical and each level has minor gates requiring keys to pass.


The Sartoris Foresters are a group of 60 well armed and armoured men who gather lumber from local forests and deal with any troublesome wildlife.

Refer. The Borderlay Foresters


Stefan (6'8" well-built Aladarian) is Captain of the Foresters.


Herjolf 'The Axe' (6'6" wields a Great Axe) is second in command of the Foresters.


  • Odell - killed by wolves 9 Frost 809wk, required several weeks regeneration.
  • Audrieu - Fate unknown, may have been killed by wolves Frost 809wk as his visage was used by demonic minions.
  • Chay - Member of the Sartoris family, chooses to work as one of the Foresters.


Collette Beaumont
Human female, 5'2" Blonde PB 20, late 20's, Rk 10 Healer. Lives in the Chateau and works for the family. Engaged to Vapour.
Ninon De L'close
Human femle, 6'1" Raven-Haired PB 23, Rk 7 Healer. Lives in the Chateau and works for the family. Left the estate at the end of 809wk after being spurned by Gerrard.
Male human, PB 20, Rk 8 Healer. Lives in the Chateau and works for the family. Tari observes he is some kind of addict, sometimes showed signs of withdrawal.