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This town sitting at the head of the Aboundanse Valley that ends deep in the hills at La Chapelle d'Aboundanse was founded in 220 when it was the site of one of Albert Eberhard's hunting lodges. The town grew over the centuries and now the town is the seat of many estates (see 'Important Local Estates' below).

The town has a fine wall made of grey rock from a nearby quarry and these walls have stopped any ill considered occupation of the town since they were built in 438 during the reign of Ivan Vladimir, the Vampire.

The inhabitants of the town are mainly involved in grape production in one way or another and if not they tend to be involved in the associated service industries, but this is basically a wine town servicing the 27 nearby estates. The people tend to be happy and contended and most generations are born, live and die in this area.

Notable Inhabitants

  • Mayor
  • Sherrif
  • Constable

Inns & Taverns

The Golden Sheath

This fine Inn is 5 miles south of the town and occupies the site of an old fort that was built during 'the bad times' and comprises of a main square tower (3 stories high), associated stables and wall enclosure. The 'fort' was modified to become an Inn and it has become and Inn of choice for the locals in the near countryside due to its charm and hospitality. The present Innkeeper is Gaston who runs the place with his wife and 2 children Gerrard and Giselle. Giselle is a masseuse who specialises in hard massage (but doesn't do extras) that leave the body sore but invigorated.

Local estates