Taking the Lute

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Scribe Notes


GM: Ian
Season: Winter 821 WK
Night: Wednesday
Location: Massey
Level: Med


Harold the Unfathomable


Taking a Lute off plane
To where the girls are green and the grass is pretty


Scribe Notes

Frost 1st

We start in the guild meeting rooms with meeting a representative of Harold the Unfathomable to get a few quick questions answered about what is going on. The short version is that there is a Lute in the Valley of the Trinity that needs to be taken off the Valley’s Plane, but as usual there are complications.
From this we do our negotiations and allocate party roles getting to know each other and a little bit about what each person can do better. Several of us do a fast fly off to Slippery Rock as the stand in the Seagate markets has run out of the exact things we are after, returning around sunset to land in the guild landing field.

Frost 2nd

Early in the day we head down to the docks boarding the ship that has been organised for us, settling into our cabin and staying out of the captain & sailors way.

Frost 5th

We have an uneventful voyage thankfully and seem to have made good time reaching Sandspit. Once there we settle into the Donkey’s Haven, the only real traveller’s inn there.

Frost 6th

Our guide has organised us a barge to get to the Valley, and we organise offerings to The Deep One of several pigs given many of us are of colleges opposed to Water. The voyage appears to take several hours through canyons in heavy fog, though slow portal magic seems involved, before we come out on the south side of a huge lake. Starting across the lake an hour or so later the boat starts to rock as beneath us in the water we can see a couple of the immense flipper tentacles of The Deep One. The Deep One takes party members off the boat one by one for a dunking and inspection, we all appear to pass being returned to the boat, then the sacrifices of pigs are taken into the depths by the tentacles leaving us free to continue to Laketown.

Frost 7th

Arriving we pull up to a secure dock and are led into a warehouse where we see/meet Lute the Lute and converse with it managing to confirm our initial suspicions that it is from Orcland, also that it was stolen by goblins. Mulga volunteers to carry the Lute and transforms as he picks it up growing long black hair that falls all over his face. We collect our potions and supplies before making a slightly late start jogging up the road passing by several groups who might have been bandits before reaching Junction by evening where we stay in the Goose & Gander for the night.

Frost 8th

We are disturbed shortly after midnight by a mist coming under our door that resolves itself into a Vampire. We stall it with conversation for a minute before a Halfling opens the door behind it and stakes it. Turns out Katherine the Vampire slayer is in town currently on a hunt. We elect not to get involved with vampires even if they are younger vampires and head up the valley passing through several smaller villages before reaching the village of Tuft that evening. Kerry calls a few Owls to do a scout ahead for us and we spot a group of bandits basing out of a barn a few miles north, so we decide to deliberately trip their ambush in the morning.

Frost 9th

We head out shortly after dawn giving the bandits enough time to get in position before getting started up the road. Initially the ambush leans in their favour with several early endurance hits putting the party on the back foot, but the plan comes together and ends with 10 bandit’s dead and 4 more scattering into the woods. We head off to beat them back to their barn and kill 3 more bandits there before looting it all. As we finish with the looting, we are disturbed by a band of goblins slowly approaching through the woods, and from what we can tell they may have already encircled the barn. Greetings and insults are exchanged, and they start harassing the barn with missiles & fire, we respond by fireproofing the barn and mostly ignoring it as we discuss a response.

Frost 9th part two - Flaming Goblins

OK so we were in the barn.. and we were surrounded by goblins, but the Grenados they were throwing were having no effect since we’re a clever bunch and had already fireproofed the barn. They yelled some insults at us asking for surrender of the loot and the “vegetables” (trying to specifically insult us elves apparently). A few goblins came up and hit the walls and were pacing around, trying to get in. One goblin was wearing a special hat which was very shiny. We made ourselves a golem outside, but then so did they. Then the fun and games really began.. there was flaming goblin everywhere when Kurt’s smoking magma set off a bunch of Grenados hahaha.. Then they received the requested “veggie” delivery in the form of a Varga damage charging them. There were lots more booms as Grenados affected by Vixen‘s immolation went off in bunches. (The downside of exploding goblins is the splatter occasionally landing on us) Quote from Vixen: “How dare you combust in my general direction!” Quote from Varga: “Taking the easy way out eh? Haha”. We definitely have a few “fire happy” people in this party.. so of course the next grenado carrying goblin got turned into a flying flaming goblin rocket, being propelled up into the air above us and onto the roof. I too annoyingly got goblin in my hair from the explosions at this stage, and then our flaming rocket goblin friend came crashing through the roof. There was a giant earth hand trying to hurt Kurt and an elemental, which Vixen bravely took on all by herself. She fought the elemental alone until she was very almost dead and Kurt stepped in to take over just in the nick of time. We realised the flaming goblin inside the barn with us was literally a ticking time bomb, so shadow bravely dragged it outside to be well away from our party. Kurts elemental opponent ran away into the ground at this stage and I got yet more goblin splatter in my face as Roswen was being a bit slow operating the shutters. Another massive explosion happened from our rocket man goblin exploding, which caused the corner part of the barn walls to fall over and dealt 32 points of damage each to shadow and Kerry who were finishing off a goblin nearby. Varga also narrowly avoided dying of an artery bleeder due to his rune shield saving him, and after taking ourselves a single hostage survivor goblin, we found a tunnel hidden underneath the trees.

9th Frost part 3

We tidy up the extra loot from the goblins, healing any serious damage and secure the area before we get down to having a talk with a goblin survivor. They do not give us much information not having been an important goblin, but they do let us know that there is a goblin warren of decent size down the tunnel we found nearby & that according to them the Lute should not take the “Path of Winter”. We let the goblin flee after the questioning and they vanish into the woods. Kerry summons up some rats out of the woods to scout the tunnels for us and we enhance them with a range of magics before unleashing them into the Goblin warren. Some time later 2 of the rats’ return covered in goblin blood and give us directions towards some treasure as well as reporting on many goblin deaths. Kerry & Vargur head down the tunnel as our close combat specialists and loot what is easy to access before pulling back out again. The warren appears too large and the tunnels too small to be clearable by us, so we leave it at that, and head on to the next town.

10th Frost

We continue travelling for the day encountering no difficulties, reaching the Blessed Burned village by nightfall.

11th Frost

Continuing we pass through two more small towns before reaching Upvale early afternoon. There we stop to talk to the magical trees that protect the town, before continuing west to Middleton which we reach shortly before dark. The guards at the gate have us pause for a bit and Loth & Doth, town advisors, come to meet us there. They invite us to join them in their estate where we discuss what is going on and catch up with the news in the area. Middleton is suffering from an unusually harsh winter, which seems to connect with some other things we have heard.

12th Frost

We spend a day assisting the town, mainly Sno with repeated casting of winter garden to protect their herbalist gardens, along with some shopping for the party of some necessary items and winter equipment. While we are at it, we uncover that there is a local prophecy made by the astrologers around the current harsh winter which we suspect relates to us as well.

 The path of winter is where the cold is
 The path of winter is where the bold is
 The path of winter is where there is fire & ice
 The path of winter is where the earth is nice
 The path of winter is where cats & boars, words & dolls

The prophecy appears possibly incomplete which would match us not having gotten there yet and done anything, but like most prophecies it does not help us plan much.

13th Frost

We set out for the portal we know of in the hills, getting there near midday after what would have been a hard trek through the snow without Sno’s magic. Taking time to scout the area we spot a goblin patrol of about 30 and choose to avoid their notice and set up an igloo in a snowbank where we can keep watch on the portal. Over the next two days we determine that the goblin patrol and a half dozen or so Orcs seem to be all that is present here. We also develop a theory that the portal is leaking winter into the area from the previous damage it took a couple of years ago as the cold increases close to the portal area, and that this is causing the harsh weather in the area.

15th Frost

We execute our plans taking out the Orc sentries, waiting to take out their replacements as well before killing the last few Orcs inside the portal barn, then we leave a poisoned stew for the goblins in the barn as we move off with all the bodies. Some time later we blast the inside of the barn with magic to finish off any survivors leaving us with a mess to clean up but no living enemies. We spend some time using detect aura on the portal that we have confirmed is emitting extreme cold and believe we can take the slow portal to Orklands using a captured staff and our skills to avoid having to use the known exit which is certain to be guarded. We build a thick stone wall to block the winter and leave it overnight to see if it will hold.

16th Frost

In the morning we use a tunnelling to get through and see that while over time the snow might build up and turn into ice, it is unlikely that the cave will explode in a huge blizzard. We do note that using this passageway should always have an Ice mage in the future. Then we enter the portal, passing through to the plane of Blizzard on a pathway to Orkland. Near the end we step off the path and Sno leads us to a weak spot between planes that the staff forces open, stepping through we enter the giant cavern under Funkytown and are nearly attacked instantly by a large group of orcs we emerge into the middle of. Rapidly asking for Major Oncoming Death gets them to hesitate long enough to at least start talking.

16th Frost part 2

With some outright bluffing and riding the edge of confusion we inflict we bamboozle our way out of the high magic cavern, leaving behind a trail of sparkly elemental effects showing the nature of our colleges. Making our way to the legion barracks near 'Prison Island', a terrible place we hope to never visit, we get there after a few hours of politely shoving and punching our way through the streets, as is the local custom. Reporting to Major Oncoming Death, we let him know about the dangerous possibilities of things emerging from portals into the high mana cavern, as well as find information about what happened to the usual Orkland end of the Path of Winter. On our way out we spook the local guards who have now noticed we have two fire mages with us, so we rapidly organise some guild memberships and extend the ones we already have. We take the diplomatic step of signing the fire mages up to the Firefighters guild also. With it now being late, we make our way to our Warehouse to spend the night, finding the Wargs still being looked after here.

17th Frost

We visit a few past acquaintances in Big Smoke, such as Murphy McThumpalot & Bookie Bob, making some plans around getting the guild ownership of this end of the path of winter portals, before we get some information about a mob family up the Turgid river, which comes from the west of Big Smoke, that is after a sentient lute. We divert from our plans at this point heading to a music shop and getting some low ranked bardicly enchanted instruments and an illusion for our lute so we don't stand out as much. Heading onto 'The Cavern', a large underground tavernlike establishment, we speak to a troll drummer we previously helped recover some magical drumsticks and get a lot of useful information.

 The Lute is called Gibson
 The current/previous owner is Joan, Lavinia's cousin
 McTurnies, the Mob who we are 99% sure are involved base out of Arkwrights Ferry, up the Turgid river to past the halfling woods.
 The McTurnies have about 30 core members, 100+ 'staff', and some mages.

We make some plans for a visit to the McTurnies, hire a couple of assistants and pay a couple more guild fees to avoid some trouble, then do some shopping and acquire some restricted goods to help out in our visit.

18th & 19th Frost

We take a hired barge up the Turgid, skipping Foggy Bottom to stop and perform at Vale & Farknuckle with our terrible skills, bribing the locals to attend with a free feast. We work out the local orcs really like stuffed chickens.

20th Frost

We drop into the halfling woods and raid their traps again for a rare alchemical substance they make that makes orcs go mad to get it. Not having any Orcs in our party this is fairly easy though we do get jumped by several orcs on the way back to the barge as someone had spilt a couple of drops on their clothes.

21st Frost

We arrive in Arkwrights Ferry early in the afternoon where we are greeted at the dock by a representative of the McTurnies, who informs us that our attendance at the McTurnie estate tonight is compulsory and that we are putting on a performance and feast for them. For once a plan works, and we agree to the invite, claiming their kitchen and kicking their usual cooks out so that we can get on with preparing a drugged feast. We set up our stage as well, and prepare our spells in the kitchen before bringing the feast out ready for the covers to be removed and take our places on stage to start the performance.

 Extra buffs & preparation above normal.
 Salamander in a boxes set as distractions.
 Strength of Stone (8 EN)
 Fire Proofing & Armour (28 ablative)
 Willow Healings (3 EN for 4 pulses)
 Diamond Weapons (+7% SC)
 Strength of Darkness (5 PS)
 Smite (D+6, Vargur 2 charges)
 Fire Berries are consumed
 Durability (Vargur)

21st Frost Part 2

There are 150 or more orcs, that we can see below us in "the floor of death", and many more which aren’t visible in the outer balcony areas. we are up on the Stage “performing” (our performing is of fairly mixed quality but obviously is still plausible) We then play the song which makes them start eating the poisoned food. Huge groups start to slowly suffer and die but those who didn’t eat any poison move towards us to attack!

During the fight Vixen gets her primary hand chopped off and looses consciousness. Her hand lies on the ground with her flaming sword still in it! Malga gives her some endurance and she uses regains enough energy to use her Immolation to execute an effective revenge killing, and then collect her detached hand.

Shadow the fabulous giant cat detaches an orcs head with its claws! 4 Ogres in plate armour and 1 “dude” Fire-arc onto the stage, completely surrounding Rhoswen. Varga Sparta kicks someone off the stage into a pool of Kurts smoking magma from earlier on in the fight. A few cowards start running away, but the one who was kicked in the smoking magma stands back up.

A fire counter is applied onto the suspected enemy fire mage who fire-arced (nicknamed as “Wizard Dude”) Kurt puts a smoking magma down onto the group who have surrounded Rhoswen, as she desperately tries to evade blows from them. Vargas rune shield saves him from a nasty shoulder punch spec. Rohswen then dies in the magma pool due to a dragon flames from Sno. The wizard (mage/dude) looses the use of both of his arms (from two separate Varga specs,) so at the end of the fight we now have ourselves a live hostage.

21st Frost Part 3

Several of the party stay to loot the hall, while the rest descend into the depths of the manor seeking the dungeons that our helpful guide directs us to. There a number of guards are killed in a fast combat and Joan is broken loose from the cells. Chatting with her she is quite keen on finishing revenge so the party meets back up on the ground floor before proceeding upwards in the Manor.
Reaching the right level we kill the elite guards in the corridor before punching a tunnelling through the wall to avoid the almost certainly trapped door, and engage the boss and his personal bodyguards in combat. This is a nasty fight as they have two well ranked necromancers and some necromantic weapons & invested items to support them, but the faster members of the party manage to flank the warriors and get into melee with the mages cutting them down before things get too bad.
Bad things happen on the Bosses death with the Duke of Thrones turning up amidst an area of effect agony, but fortunately he was only present to collect his due from his pacted minions this time around, so the party finishes looting the room, and then leaves before the no longer bound spectral undead escape from the shrine below. We pause to set the main dinning hall on fire to destroy what is left of the food coated in orc attractant, then continue running out to the barge and set off down river to Big Smoke.

25th Frost

After an uneventful slow trip we reach Big Smoke with our barge heavily laden with all our proceeds from the trip. We head to the markets to turn all the heavy items into portable wealth and minor items.
Much trading occurs and we tidy up a lot of our loose ends and finish business deals. The most notable is securing the land around the Path of Winter on Orclands to the (South?) of Big Smoke. We use our contacts with some farmers who are retired military and offer them rent free holdings on the land in order to keep it secure.

26th Frost

We take the Path of Winter through to the Vale, where we pause in the afternoon to make a better door for the portal, and then report in to the local temple and let them know about the Path of Winter and that it has a door on it now. They ask a few questions and we spend the night.

27th Frost

Flying practice in on the cards today as we head down the entire Vale in just one day. The valley mists give a strong hint that we should keep going to Laketown and not get diverted. Landing outside of Laketown we avoid anyone wiping out. The guards look at us a little suspiciously as we look rather tattered by this stage after all the fighting and we carry no official invitation, but we manage to talk our way in.

28th Frost

We report into Harold to let him know we have finished our returning of the Lute, as well as the involvement of the Duke of Thrones in the goings on, before organising passage through the canyons to Sandspit where we stay the night in the Donkey's Haven, and then a fly home.

1st Snow

We get back to the guild after a couple of days of heavy flying and undergo the usual debriefs and divinations before splitting our takes and heading on our ways.

Significant People & Places


  • The Deep One - A Kraken who lives in the southern lake in the valley. Unknown if they are an Avatar or simply a powerful agent of a god.

People of Rank

  • Harold the Unfathomable - Leader of the Boatmen, party employer this season.
  • Major Oncoming Death - Orcish Major in Big Smoke.
  • Lavinia - Head of the local jail in Big Smoke

Other People

  • Murphy McThumpalot - Skilled Fire adept Smith in Big Smoke. Specialises in blunt weapons
  • Bookie Bob - Information broker in Big Smoke.
  • The McTurnies - A Mob family based in Arkwrights Ferry, up the Turgid river


  • Sandspit - A small town in a dangerous coastline area, appears to be a traders hub where the Valley comes out onto Alusia.
  • Valley of the Trinity - A demi-plane.
  • Orcland_Plane - So far known to have an Empire of civilised Orcs on it.


Daily pattern

  • 8 Hours travelling
  • 2 Hours meals
  • 2 Hours making Camp
  • 1 Hour breaking Camp
  • 2 Hours Rituals
  • 9 Hours Sleeping w/ watches

Travel Magics

‘’What travel magic options does the party have, how far per cast/or per day if duration is longer than usual travel time.’’
‘’Can the party eat/sleep/etc on the mode of transport.’’

  • Celestial Wings; 37 miles / hour, 4 Hours per cast. 140 miles range per cast. Cast on 5 entities at once including pets/mounts with training/direction.
  • Horse go Fast; +7 miles / hour to Horse or People overland speed. Reduces Ft / hour by 3 to minimum of 0.

Watch Order

Day Watch. ‘’Used when stationary, or on a larger transport such as a ship’’
As per night watch.

Night watch

  • 1st Watch - Vixen & Kurt
  • 2nd Watch - Kerry & Rhoswen
  • 3rd Watch - Vargr & Sno
  • Cook - Mulga. Awake at start of 1st watch and end of 3rd watch to cook.

Travelling & Combat Order

Rangers up Front

  • Vargr
  • Kerry

Main group

  • Vixen
  • Rhoswen
  • Mulga

Rangers hiding tracks

  • Kurt
  • Sno


  • Vargr
  • Kerry
  • Vixen
  • Mulga


  • Rhoswen


  • Kurt
  • Sno

Mil Sci's

  • Kurt D+17
  • Kerry D+21/24 (30 sec)

Healing & Ft Recovery


  • 6 Hours sleep = 18 Ft for most people overnight.
  • Herbalist meals - 3 Ft Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner.

Healing Options

  • Kerry - Rank 6 Healer.
  • Kurt - Earth college Healing.
  • Mulga - Rune of Willow healing.


General Buff Notes

Buffs listed in the table don't need to be detailed, other buffs not on the table must be mentioned at the time they are cast.
Y means always on, N/- means never on, 'Sit.' means when the party has time for buffs before a fight.
Weapon Spells which weapon/s it is going on normally should be noted also

Long duration buffs

Magic Rank Effect Duration Sn Sh Ku Rh Vi Va Ma Ke
Rune Shield ?? ?? ?? hours - - - - - Y Y -
Corruscade / Shadowform (Ke) 13 28/14 def 7 hours - - - Y - - - -
Lesser Enchantment (Ku) 13 -1 on percentile rolls. 3 months Y - Y Y Y Y Y Y
Witchsight (Ke) 11 see inv/dark 150/75 ft 6 hours T - - T T T ? Y
Cat Vision 11 160' dark vision 12 hours - - Y - - - ? -
Strength of Stone (Va) 8 +8 PS or EN 9 Hours - - - PS - PS & EN - -
Name (Caster) ?? ?? ?? days ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Short duration buffs

Magic Rank Effects Duration Sn Sh Ku Rh Vi Va Ma Ke
Weapon of Flames (Vi) 6 +7% s.c. +3 DM, +6 DM vs Undead/Cold 11 mins ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Sit
Weapon of Cold (Sn) 6 +7% s.c. +3 DM, +9 vs Fire 11 mins ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Sit
Str of darkness (Ke) 9 +6 str 100 mins ? ? ? ? ? ? ? sit
Light/dark sword (Ke) 6 +7sc +3 dam 11 min ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Y
Durability (Rh) 10 +3ft Protection on upto 22lbs Armour 110 mins ? ? ? Sit ? ? ? ?
Name (Caster) ?? ?? ?? days ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Name (Caster) ?? ?? ?? days ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Self only buffs

Magic Rank Effects Duration Sn Sh Ku Rh Vi Va Ma Ke
Tracking (Ku / Va) 12 +??% tracking chance 13 days - - +34% - - - - -
Herbal Lore (Ku / Va) 6 +??% find herbs 7 hours. - - +24% - - - - -
Detecting traps & snares(Ku / Va) 6 +??% to detect traps/ambushes outdoors 7 hours - - +16% - - - - -
Immolation - Fire (Vi) 6? +11% defence, attacks back with bolt of fire. 3.5 hours - - - - Y - - -
Immolation - Solar (Sn) 6 +11% defence to self & allies within 3 hexes. 3.5 hours Y - - - - - - -
Name (Caster) ?? ?? ?? days - - - - - - - -
Dark vision (Ke) 20 See 250ft in darkness (no light needed) & magical spell/effect darkness of <or= rank. Allways active - - - - - - - Y

Loaned Items

  • Amulet of Ice Armour - From Kerry to Kurt? (6 AP, +22% defence)
  • Earring of Anti-Stun - From Kerry to Vargur & Vixen

Loot and Expenses

Loot rolls

  • Vargur 5
  • Vixen 8
  • Kurt 14
  • Rhoswin 22
  • Sno 23
  • Mulga 88
  • Kerry 92


Dining Hall

  • 150ish orcs of armour & weapons
  • 4 ogres
  • some mages
  • A fire mage

Mob Boss

  • Mundane valuables of a Mob manor
  • Damaged bone plate
  • Mage robes
  • 4 * Plate & Glaives
  • 2 * Elite Plate, Battle axe, Shield
  • Magical Compression Chest
  • 4 * Glass Sphere

Basement Orcs

  • 2 * Axes (Basement Orcs)
  • 1 * Glaive (Basement Orcs)
  • Some armour (Basement Orcs)

SP & other cash value loot


  • 5,000sp each payment up front
  • 10,000sp each payment on success


  • Lots of Chainmail - sold
  • Lots of Battleaxes - sold

Bandit Chest

  • 10,000sp coins/gems


  • Lots of silverware - sold
  • Chest full of coins (amount?)
  • Misc loot - sold non valuables
  • Goblin stuffs - sold non valuables

Portal Guards

  • Orcish armour * 6 - sold
  • Orcish weapons * 6 - sold

Significant Items


  • Unusual combination Bow/Tulwar

Bandit Chest

  • Bracelet of Bows


  • Goblin Survival fetish * ??
  • Brass bowl - Ritual enhancing / Augury bowl

Portal Guards

  • Orcish rune staff

Portal Guards

  • Orc Commanders armour
  • Orc Commanders weapon
  • Orc Commanders furs

Non Physical loot

  • Vargr - Lesser Enchantment Training
  • Sno - Fire Bolt Training
  • Kurt - Smithing knowledge
  • Vixen & Sno - Drink of fire & Fire berries(temporary/perm?)
  • Vixen & Sno - Ransom of Fire Mage - Learning Summoning Salamander
  • Kurt - Metal berry (temporary/perm?)
  • Kurt, Sno, Vixen, Malga, kerry- Troubadour Rank 0


Party purchases.

  • 1 * Amulet of Luck (Vargur)
  • 6 * Amulet of Hypericum (All but Kurt & Kerry)
  • Yurt Boxes, one each
  • 6 * Restorative (8/16) - Used
  • 12 * Restorative (9/18) - Used
  • Rank 15 Greaters (Seasonal) - Used
  • Hiring of Assistants - Used
  • Big Smoke guild memberships (Assorted) - Used
  • Bardic enchanted instruments - Drums, Lutes, Horns - Used
  • 3 * 200+ person feasts. - Used

Purchases for individuals

  • Rank 5 T.S.? Battleaxe (+1 DM)
  • Axe of Pain


  • HoT potion ingredients
  • basic alchemly set


  • 2 * Rank 5 T.S.? Hand-axe (+1 DM)
  • 2 * Rank 5 T.S.? Cestus (+1 DM)
  • Orcish battle juice
  • Horse Saddle


  • Rank 5 T.S.? Tulwar (+1 DM)
  • Salamander in a Box
  • Scabbard - Tulwar
  • Slinky Dress


  • Quiver of making arrows


  • Magical tree seeds
  • Big Smoke guild membership (Special)
  • Field Kitchen


  • Sapphire earrings
  • Salamander in a Box
  • Chain of innocence

Minor Items


  • 6 * Waters of Healing each
  • 2 * Waters of Strength each


  • Amulets of Beryl #?
  • Amulets of Diamond #?


  • Lots of Glass vials - unknown contents



Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
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Snow (8)
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26 DoC 8 27 DoC 9 28 DoC 10 29 DoC 11 30 Twelfth Night  
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