Somebody's Daughter

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Scribe Notes


Adventure: Somebody's Daughter
GM: Ian Anderson
Season: Spring 816 wk
Night: Tuesday
Level: Low

Harold the Unfathomable and some Adlandias
Hired to be heros and take Splashy back to the Deep One
Some cash, Grenardos and happy goblin potions

Scribe Notes

Session 1
Release The Not Grog

Shortly after second breakfast, I meet the rest of my party. I knew two faces. The human and Elven lunies Minerva and Kaeso. Then there was Aaron who threatened to stab the first person who called him a she. There was also a Caledonian called Angus, an interesting fellow. And then there was a lady called Hedda, she was nice.
After introductions, 3 people, I guess you could call them, were brought in. One was a Human who we learned was called Edward. Edward was working for Harold. Edward was to accompany us back with Splashy. The other two were Adlandias, very pretty goblins, who required heroes to save somebody’s daughter. We found out that it had been roughly, as well as the goblins could determine, a month since the sending of the letter. We were then told the story of Splashy’s appearance from Aaron in which I learnt that the party needs to pay attention and listen more.
We then went to the Water College to find said Splashy, which wasn’t hard as he was living in the fountain. After a pleasant conversation with Splashy, we assumed it would take us roughly 30-40 50 gallon barrels to move him from the guild to a body of water. So we wandered around and found some empty barrels. By now it was roughly Elvens’es. And deciding that Aaron wanted to enchant everyone and our gear he spent the rest of the day enchanting. Minerva wandered off and came back with a shortsword that she insists on calling a gladius.
The next day we packed Splashy into barrels. In the end, it took us 45. We acquired a Lim and from somewhere, a wagon. After moving Splashy to the water we released the not grog and Splashy made a Viking longship, well decorated from the barrels. Angus decided it would be a good thing to stare at the Adlandias for a couple seconds. I was then told that the Adlandias are long-lived sentient and both Elf and Goblin. After a couple hours and some grog that makes us better sailors, in which we learn Minerva can’t handle her drink. We get to a ship called the August who is captained by Jack Orc. Edward informs him that we will not be needing his services to get down due to the long ship. After some navigators talk between Jack and Lim we headed south to find The Deep One.

Session 2
Flying and Transporting

We traveled for a day and a half and shortly before dusk the boat changed direction and we traveled north. After a little bit, we entered a fog bank. We traveled dogging sandbanks and rocks for about an hour. We came out the fog and sailed towards a small, walled fishing village with large warehouses known as Sandspit. Aaron mentioned a bar, Angus got his hopes up and they fell quickly when he realised it wasn’t that sort of bar. We pulled up to the town and found lodging in town for the night before heading into the valley in the Donkey Hayvinn. Hedda and I went and found some Elder Flowers for an amulet and came back into an interesting conversation. Angus mentioned doing our own labour and Minerva complained which lead to:

“Angus, she had slaves, do you think she did anything for herself”-Jaycey
“I suppose she was pushed around on a chair with wheels”-Angus
“No... No Wheels”-Minerva

We continued to talk and had to explain the mission to Angus again. Then went to bed after dessert. During first breakfast, we get confirmation that Splashy can do as we suggested and get the boat over the spit. We then observe Splashy who throws the boat over the spit sending a few of the party into the lagoon. After Angus is played with by Splashy, we continue on our way towards the cliff through a crack not much bigger than the boat. After 6 mealtimes travelling through the maze, the sandstone walls became black rock and we come out into a lake. There are mountain ranges in the distance and it is noticeably cooler here than in Sandspit. We sail through 3 more meals and then come to a stop. Edward starts to chant and on command Aaron pushes a pig into the lake. Slowly an eye 2 time the size of me rises from the water and speaks to us in our minds. We return Splashy and are told that the boatmen have arranged some payment for our help. After a gift of strength from the Deep One, we spent 3 and a half more hour rowing towards Laketown. We have supper and then go to see Harold the Unfathomable who offers us more food. We get the chance to ask some questions and arrange to catch a ride with one of the ships who are leaving at dawn.

Session 3
To Junction

We meet Bill and Bob at the green dock. We find ourselves seats between the pottery and metals that they are taking up river. We travel up the river for a few hours till we reach Chesterton, a small town with a small dock. Kaeso wanders off and comes back 30 minutes later and tells us of the interesting pub stories about werewolves and other things. Our other 'halflings' come back with half a duck and some other interesting things. Several hours of traveling later we reached Blossom. Bill and Bob decided that we were staying here for the night. Kaeso got some lessons in assassin from our 'halflings' and there was a conversation about who was uneducated. We also meet an old man who told us about a necromantic tower that has rebuilt itself. We left at dawn and at lunchtime we made it to Junction. We decide to stay the night and catch a ride with a carter in the morning. We learn the Tony is going up the gorge in the morning so we find him in the Slippery Duck and speak to him. Afterwards, we discuss the halfling mealtimes. We leave with the cart after first breakfast. We walk upstream following the stream on our right. After 3 hours we entered forest. We could see if we looked up through the breaks in the cloud a large black ring. According to Aaron, it was from the hexplosion. Then we pulled over for lunch. And Angus and Hedda after investigating a bit found halfling footprints following big wolf prints. We stopped when we heard growling round a left corner. Angus, Kaeso and I snuck around the corner and saw 2 dire wolves circling a small female halfling. In a matter of seconds one of the wolves flew over our head catching Angus on the way through. After dispatching the wolves, Minerva was very surprised to find out they had mind magic. This is the point in which we meet Kathrine the halfling vampire hunter. Apparently, she's graduated to really big wolves too.

Session 4
Frank To Go

After talking with Katherine for a little bit we headed off to Robs place as Katherine kept saying. We discussed bits and pieces of our quest with her seeing if she knew anything that would be of help. The Adlandias told us that, after we picked up the letter, it is a 2 day walk to the Dark Mile. We arrive in a valley that holds a place with a palisade wall with a wooden gate and an orchard round the side. The Adlandias disappeared round the corner so I decided to follow. They had gone round to the orchard to a circle of mushrooms where they removed half of them, dug a bit, then pulled out a box. As I approached, I learnt that this was the safe place for the letter. The Adlandias let out a chant and the other half the circle regrew. Then we went back to the rest of the party. Robs inn happened to be the only building other than the stables. We went and meet Rob and sent Kaeso to bed to recuperate from being beaten up by a wolf. I went and found some roast frank, who was a pig, while Minerva looked at a wine bottle. There was idle conversation and then we read the letter the Adlandias dug back up, which read:

Dearest Father
The job is not all that it seemed. Some assistance would be appreciated.
Your darling Elisabeth.

We showed the letter to Katherine hoping that she could tell us more and she mentioned some town out a back passage under the necromantic tower that lead to another place. Cook then gave something to Angus to regain his Endurance. We then set up watches between those of us who were uninjured and had a quiet night. We had porridge for breakfast and took some frank to go. We followed the Adlandias across a river and up a very steep climb. And we soon realized we would be lost without them. At the appropriate time we set up camp against a rock wall above the gorge in the foothills and went to bed.

Session 5
The Attack Of The Zorc and Skeleton Horde

It started to snow as we settled down for bed. Minerva assumed we were in Alusia. Aaron told her we were not. Upon learning this information she got up and stared at a tree for a bit and confirmed we were not in Alusia. Minerva cast some light and Aaron showed us the Mirror of Wizzzards. We all settled down to bed. During Kaeso’s and Hedda’s watch we were woken by Kaeso as he heard groaning in the dark. Moments later we saw Zombie orcs, which we have taken to calling Zorc’s, and skeletons. I immediately chose to make myself invisible. Angus was swamped and ended up in a Zorc pile. I soon joined this pile to help. Aaron and Kaeso mowed down the skeletons and Zorcs that they encountered. Hedda cut down the Zorcs with her axe and Minerva blasted everything she could target. After disposing of the Zorc bodies and piles of bones we all went back to bed.

Session 6
The Dark Mile

After collecting the loot from the bodies we did our morning rituals and the Adlandias burned the bodies and we headed out. Ever so often Angus would get ‘attacked’ by an arm or something that had been detached from someone. And the Adlandias scrambled up a tree to check we were going the right way. Not long after lunch we are told it’s about 2 hours to the back door. At this point we stick each other with a dagger that makes us turn up as undead to magic things. Kaeso misses and claims it was a practice shot. We all knew better than that though. After another hour and a half we start to walk down a hill. The Adlandias yell stop and bring me forward. They make Angus take a step back and underneath his foot is a trap that would have flung him off the hill. I disable the trap and we continue. We enter a cave entrance and walk down a tunnel that is incredibly big. Kaeso points out a permanent drain effect and Angus decided to counterspell it. Angus then gets slapped by a blue glowing hand. We continue to walk on after deciding that ‘poking the bear’ is not a good idea. We get to a 3ft tall hole that we identify as the Dark Mile. Angus decides that this would be the perfect time to do a highland jig. After Angus has finished, we walk down this hole. Or at least the Adlandias and I walk and everyone else crawls. We move through and get over very long deep pit falls and disable breath of the dragons. After about 2 hours we get out of the tunnel and walk through some darkness and come out in a place known as the Orclands. The Adlandias hand us 8 mushrooms, to return with, that should take us back to Gablebrocks and then they scamper back down the tunnel to avoid cultural traditions. We spot wooden poles at the top of the hill and go up and investigate while looking for a suitable place to camp. A platform sits between these poles and after investigating with a magic eye I scramble up to do a little more. We come to the conclusion that the dead humanoid on top of the platform is an orc and that he’s been dead for weeks. Aaron thinks this might be a funeral platform. From here we can see smoke about 15 miles away. Deciding that is might be a good idea to appear as people and not undeads when we enter the town we find a place at the bottom of the valley to camp. Aaron scrys the surrounding area and finds nothing of interest and Minerva attempt to read the night sky.

Session 7
Where the grass is 'green' and the girls are 'pretty'

Minerva reads ‘She is a little madame’ from the sky. Nothing tries to kill us during the night. In the morning it is frightfully cold. We walk a couple miles down the valley and the valleys join around here. Me and Kaeso spot crows circling while the rest of the party can't see anything more than the grass and trees. We wander over and find a dead human male with a spear sticking out of him. The body is fairly fresh, no more than a couple of days old. The body is surrounded by hoof prints and large and small boot prints. I recognised the small ones as belonging to our Adlandias friends. Which is strange as they were with us in another plane a couple of days ago. There is a brief conversation about time travel. There was nothing much of importance on the body other than a satchel of letters. None of the letters match the one from Elizabeth. I take the satchel and we back track the horses. After 20 minutes we find a track. At the base of the track the is a crudely made broken arrow. There is a smudge of blood on the arrow tip. We follow the trail back. At lunchtime the weather starts to close in. In the late afternoon we come across a town with no wall and made of completely wooden buildings. We wander into the inn called The Fighting Duck, in which Angus rushes ahead with getting room and things. However through this, we learn that we are in Paradise City, the same town Elizabeth's letter came from. We are shown our room and we head off to explore the town. We wander into another inn in search of food that doesn't smell like it'll poison us called The Grand Angus. This inn is full of gambling games and stuff of that sort. All rigged according to Aaron. We sit and eat and listen to the conversation. There is mention of not wanting the winter to last that long. Angus joins the conversation but doesn't seem to click that we left in spring. So there is some mist of alternative plane time line not matching. It starts to snow while we hang around. Once it gets late we head back to the fighting duck and our room. The Light aspected party members carry our mattresses through a starlight wall to ensure there are no bugs and we go to bed

Session 8
Chez Ami

We are woken up in first watch by Minerva and Angus because Angus’ ‘booby trap’ fell over. After making sure it was just because they weren’t stacked right and not because somebody knocked them over we all went back to bed. In the morning we wandered over to The Grand Angus for breakfast, which appears to be bacon today. The owner of the establishment introduces himself to us as Mr Toliver. Afterwards we wander around to find a general store in hopes of finding somewhere to leave the letters. We eventually find Star and Bullock General Store and learn that Charlie Unter is the person to leave the letters with. We learn a little bit about the place we are in, The Eagle Empire and it's new capital Georgetown. We are told about some of the places in town that might peak our interests and one does. The Chez Ami, purely because this is where Elizabeth's letter came from. We are given directions and I leave followed by Angus and the rest of the party soon catches up after Minerva buys a couple prospecting pans and shovels to help build a cover for us. We find Charlie and leave the letters with him and inform him that his courier is dead. Aaron then sells him a chain shirt for his future couriers for 1400sp. We then wander down to Chez Ami, which is a very pretty building with a pretty sign with curly writing, curtains in the windows. We assign Aaron to be the spokesperson being senior adventure amongst us. We walk inside and are greeted by a beautifully decorated room and some very pretty ladies. After a very brief discussion we learn that one of them claims to be Elizabeth. However this brief discussion also promised a letter we don’t have so I offer to go ‘get it’ and take Angus with me. After walking back to the Inn and faking a letter that reads:

Dearest Elizabeth
I have received your letter and have sent some aid for your assistance. I hope everything goes alright.
Love your dearest Father.

Of course written down by Angus worded by me, we seal it in an envelope and address it and head back to the Chez Ami. We hand ‘Elizabeth’ the letter and leave. Aaron sets up a Wizard's eye and spies on them and I go back in invisible to get what they say. I stay for a little bit and learn that they know the letter is fake, proving that it's Elizabeth, they ask why we would fake it and they don’t take us for working for Toliver or Swearjar, they question if they can still use us and that the next time we come back we’re going to be asked a few questions. We then spend the rest of the morning DAing random citizens to find out if we are the only magic users or not and stumble upon 3 old men whose Auras are weird. Minerva engages in conversation and the rest of us wander over eventually. We have a polite conversation with them and learn who Swearjar is, He’s the owner of The Gem. And we learn that William Gribleton is doing something with Chez Ami but they're not sure what. After a pleasant conversation with these men, who I suspect are far more powerful than all of us combined in just their pinky we go ‘prospecting’ to renew a few of Aaron's enchantments. Angus teaches Minerva to pan, Aaron sets up his forge, Hedda set a few snares and I play my Lute, just a couple songs I learnt when I was young.

Session 9

After 6 hours of enchanting we settle down for a cold night by the forge. There is a little bit of idle conversation about how we planned on doing the enchanting. Aaron mentions that repair items just sort of appear in his forge. There was mention of a dragon in this which lead to:

"I like dragons. Dragons are cool"-Kaeso
"Ice dragons in particular. By nature"- Minerva

Which earned a good laugh from the party. In the morning we went back to finishing the last of the enchanting. At Afternoon tea we left for the town and got back at Tiffin. We decided to go to The Grand Angus for dinner, in which we see Elizabeth talking to Mr Toliver. I do my thing and project image myself and wander over pressed up against the bar. I figure out that she seems to be probing him for information about us. A few names come up. A couple I recognized a couple I hadn't heard before. After I heard all that became useful I headed back to have my dinner. After dinner we headed back to the Fighting Duck to spend the night. In the morning we go back to the Chez Ami to talk to Elizabeth. While there we see 2 new faces. One is a very very pretty Elf the other is a human. We have to pick Angus' jaw up off the floor as he is DAing. We then speak to Elizabeth once the two new faces leave. After a short conversation we learn that the help the Elizabeth asked for was for was to help them catch Gribbleton in an act of a 'habit' of his, as they lack the necessary skills to catch him and keep the blackmail going. We are shown to the room that they plan on using for him. We stand round and we plan how we are going to stay in the room unnoticed.

Session 10
Beating up Gribbleton

Eventually after a tone and volume change from Minerva the party decides to let the Illusionist do what illusionists do best and create something that's not real. It just so happens to be a wall this time. After doing this we are bathed by the girls and make the necessary arrangements to the room to pull of our plan. Once everything is in place we cast our spells under a enchant enchantment and get into positions. After about half an hour of waiting a man is lead into the room by the very pretty elven lady not that we can see them, we can just hear them as they are speaking in orc. Then there is suddenly the word die and Aaron steps through the wall invisible and hits Gribbleton over the head. I follow suit and step through preparing to cast. Minerva immediately rushes to the aid of the lady to make sure she doesn’t die. Angus and Kaeso move to assist Aaron with the takedown. During the combat Hedda says
“We’ll turn the elf green. She was too bloody beautiful anyway”
Which earned a good laugh. Once my flash of light went off Angus backed off having being blinded and was viciously attacked by a hat stand. Kaeso hatched off Gribbleton’s dagger hand and I picked up his dagger, then proceeded to tie his elbows, ankles and knees together. Then me and Angus went and found the doctor at the request of the girls while the rest of the party DAed and looted Mr Gribbleton, while he swore at them in orc. From this we found out that he was an Earth Mage. We come back to the room to find Gribbleton tied to the bed, naked. The doctor reattaches his hand and then is paid along with some money to keep quite and is handed some of Splashy’s finest so he doesn’t remember. Angus and Kaeso take the doctor home to ensure he doesn’t remember. While the rest of us wander over to Gribbletons room while invisible to pick up whatever he’s left there. After peaking at the log book to find his room we wander in and unlock the room with the key we got off Gribbleton. There is a bed with nothing much of interest, a wardrobe with some clothes and durability boots. There is also a Travel chest which after close inspection by Minerva and I we learn that it is physically trapped and magically warded. So we pick it up at take it back to our room at the Fighting Duck while Aaron was still invisible. We sit and wait for Angus and Kaeso to return so Angus can Earth counter the ward. Once the ward is off Aaron disables the trap and I unlock the chest. \

Session 11
Finishing up

After pulling all the loot out of the chest and DAing the lot a figuring out the travel chest is much bigger on the inside than it is on the outside, we go back to Elizabeth with a letter that we found in the chest which by the looks of it is for some mine somewhere. We get back to Elizabeth and find out it was from him but he had reclaimed it for some reason unknown. We did a final once over of Gribbleton and found all sorts of enchantments on him like deep pockets we do a final over inspection with help from the girls to find where his pockets are. Minerva amongst all this worked out that Gribbleton wasn’t really a human but was an orc. So we set up Aaron who was fluent in orc to ‘interrogate’ him with a charm spell and removed Kaeso from the room. I sat on the floor just behind Aaron with a piece of paper to take notes given to me in silent tongue. We learn for sure that he is a spy for an Orc looking to invade a whole bunch of places and that Paradise has about a month or two till they get over run. Gribbleton then tasks Aaron with running the notes up to an Air mage over the hill back the way we came from and gave Aaron all the notes about the places he’s seen. It becomes very apparent he knows more than he should. Afterwards we let Elizabeth know as much as she needs to and as she goes and organises a town meeting we make Gribbleton dead and the things we missed on him fall off along with other spells dissipating and he very clearly becomes an orc. We take the orc over to the dwarves pigs and pay the price to dump him in. We then walk back to the Chez Ami and wait for Elizabeth to come back. After a little bit of waiting we are told we have been asked to go up and kill the Air Mage Orc. So we sleep at the Fighting Duck and head off in the morning. With the help of Aaron's marching stick we get up there in a day. Everyone but Aaron walks through invisible while Aaron recites the secret phrases pretending to be an orc and a very good one at that. While Aaron distracts him Angus, Minerva and I all give him one good whack and he falls down dead. After a little bit of a butchery Angus and Hedda get his head off and we investigate the Illusionary terrain that had his camp in. We decide to stay here for the night and make note of it’s location just incase we have to use it again. We head back to town of the following day and again with Aaron's marching stick we get back by second lunch. We hand the town over his head as proof that he is dead and are paid the agreed sum of 2000 silvers worth of gold coins.

Session 12
Goblin Parties and Coming home

We spend the rest of that day milling about in Paradise. Angus and I help translate the dwarven for the humans and teach them basic words for what their doing, while Aaron watched making notes. Hedda did some minor explorations and only god knows what Kaeso and Minerva did. In the morning after our last night in the Fighting Duck, we left 2 mushrooms with some instructions in Paradise and marched our way back up to the cave entrance, where we take the mushrooms to go to the goblins. After some very pretty colours and the ground came back, we found ourselves in a dark cavernous room, with lots of heat signatures. A collective 'Ooh' came from the darkness when Aaron lit up his finger and collective screams of terror when Minerva turned on the lights. After some brief conversation we follow Whatda, who is a very very very very hairy what I assume is a goblin, towards Gabelbrock. We discuss rewards and each get given an item. We then spend some time with the goblins partying and drinking, there is also a bit of learning of information from them before making our way back to Seagate.

Important Notes

We have 3 pages of Eagle Empire spy information

Important People

The daughter we were hired to save by the Adlandias

Mil Sci

Daily Pattern

Travel Magics

Watch Order

1st-Minerva + Angus
2nd-Hedda + Kaeso
3rd-Aaron + Jaycey

Marching Order

Scout: Angus
Main body front: Kaeso
Center: Jaycey, Hedda
Main body rear: Minerva
Tail Guard: Aaron


Buffs listed in the table don't need to be detailed, other buffs not on the table must be mentioned at the time they are cast.
Y means always on, N/- means never on, 'Sit.' means when the party has time for buffs before a fight, D is double (Duration), T is Triple (Duration)
Weapon Spells which weapon/s it is going on normally should be noted also.

General buff notes

Enchant Armour(Aa)
Enchant Weapon(Aa)

Aaron: Glaive, Minerva: Shortsword, Jaycey: Shortsword, Kaeso: Hand & a half, Angus:Claymore, Hedda: Hand axe

Long duration buffs

Magic Rk Effects Dur Aa Mi Jc Ka An He
Greater 11 +12 on Resistance and Magic 21 days Y Y Y Y Y Y
Enchant Armour 13 +28 Deffense, +1 Armour 21 days Y(D) Y Y(D) Y Y Y(T)
Enchant Weapon 10 +11 SC, +4 Damage 21 days Y(D) Y Y Y Y Y

Short duration buffs

Magic Rk Effects Dur Aa Mi Jc Ka An He
Scales 11 42 points Ablative Armour 21 Minutes Sit Sit Sit Sit Sit Sit
Enhancing Enchant 9 Enchances Another Enchant 55 Seconds Sit Sit Sit Sit Sit Sit



Obtained from Gribbleton

Amulet of Luck
Amulet of Diamond
Amulet of Carbunkle
Vials of Something
Clockwork thing on chain
Bound Ice Dagger
Keys to Room 9 in The Grand Hotel
Couple thousand silvers in gold
Clothes-a tad bloodied, Armour now they're off him
Torture Equipment

From the Travel Chest(which is bigger on the inside)

Heavy Gloves
2 small sacks of gold
Boots of Walking
Quiver with 20 arrows
Bow-Composite, with sharp edges
Potion of Resist Pain
Potion of Healing-Regeneration
Magic Bridle
Wooden Box with Herbs-Preservation
Field Kitchen
Helmet- Horns of Power


2000sp each for expenses.
1400sp for 1 chain shirt in Paradise
Expense-550 for doctor who reattached hand.
2000s of gold- Payment for killing the Air Mage


19 Happy Goblin Potions
Some Granados
8 Magic Mushrooms



Spring: Thaw (10) 816wk
Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
Candlemansa 1 Guild Meeting and enchanting 2 Release The Not Grog 3 Travel 4 Travel and Sandspit 5 The Deep One and Laketown 6 Traveled to Blossom
7 Juction 8 Travel with Tony and Rob's Place 9 Into the Foothills 10 The Dark Mile and The Orclands 11 Paradise City 12 Chez Ami and 'Prospecting' 13 Enchanting
14 Planning and Taking Down 15 Killing the Air Mage 16 Coming back with his head 17 Leaving Paradise and to the Goblins 18 Time spent with Goblins 19 20
21 22 23 24 25 26 27
Spring: Seedtime (11)
28 29 30 1 2 3 4
5 6 7 8 Rites of Thunor 9 10 11
12 13 14 15 Equinox 16 17 Eostre 18 Seagate Spring Ball
19 20 21 22 23 24 25
26 27 28 29 30 1 2
Spring: Blossom (12)
3 4 5 6 7 8 9
10 11 12 13 14 15 16
17 Returning Home 18 19 20 21 Floralia 22 23
24 25 26 27 28 29 30 Walpurgisnacht