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Rashak the Destroyer, Mistress of Masada and creator of the Dark Circle is believed to be a Drow Necromancer Priestess who is estranged from her people.

Rashak is said to be able to visit people in their dreams, and at time a face that may be hers has appeared as a cloud formation, to the accompaniment of mocking laughter.

From her fortress Rashak commands a powerful army of undead, goblinoids, and plains barbarians, and her goals appear to include the military domination of at least Western Alusia.

The Seagate Guild first became aware of Rashak's existence in 781 WK when her agents were holding the legitimate Prince of Novadom captive while attempting to put a murderer and usurper named Mobius Voltaire on the throne.

Rashak's agents have directly attacked the Seagate Guild twice, the first time in 783 resulted in the death of most of the Guild healers, the second in 797 destroyed part of the Guild and resulting in several members of the Guild Council being captured.

Rashak is rumoured to have been killed in spring 805wk.

809WK: Evidence has been found at her fortress of multiple births by Rashak as 'vigorous' questioning of locals and the like uncovered the use of multiple wetnurses.

Physical Description of Rashak
Drow, Female, 6'0", Black eyes and hair. Pale and clean complexion. Fine porcelain features. Right Shoulder had small birthmark in the shape of a skull.