Where has the Water Gone?

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Start Date: Harvest 5, 802 WK (05/05/802) Finish Date: Vintage 8, 802 WK (08/06/802) Duration: 34 days
Ty Trident 7000
Sabastian 7000
Tulip 7000
Blitzkrieg 7000
Game Master
Ross Alexander
Party Leader
Ty Trident(Zane Hembest)
Party Scribe
Tulip (Tricia Hunt)
Party Members
Sabastian Terry Spencer

Blitzkrieg (Adam Tennant)

Hired by Al Hariq Ishmahed to investigate the loss of water on dessert pocket plane "Endless Dessert" in the Ithaled empire, ruled by "The Master" (who apparently very much lets things run themselves).

Fee: Any loot obtained during adventure.

Date: 05/05/802-07/05/802

Take two days to prepare ... some info on Ithaleds from Blitzkrieg, obtain water breathing and water proofing potions. Al will be travelling with us back to pocket plane.

Date: 07/05/802-11/05/802

Take ship to the 5 sisters (5 days)

Date: 12/05/802-13/05/802

Wait two days for dessert guides to arrive to take us to the Three Needles. Payment is taken as a dagger of Sebastians manufacture (dragon heads with gem eyes and Rank 4) and a pair of Blitzkrieg's daggers (+2 silvered Rank 10).

Date: 14/05/802-19/05/802

Six days travel to reach the Three Needles which move (magically) around in the dessert. Consists of three needle obelisk's which stand in a line north to south.

Intersection of the needle's shadows activates a portal through astral planes to the pocket plane. Arrangement of needles means this never occurs naturally, and investigation reveals that the shadows are not were they would be naturally. We set a guard to watch when they start to come together to intersect. Earth mana is difficult to access, shadows provide bonuses to shadow mages.

Date: 20/05/802-23/05/802

Portal opens for 1 minute, we jump through into state of complete blackness. Sebastian casts light and fractures the portal in the astral plane. We fall through a crack onto a mass of melted and then solidified quartz, heavy injury's sustained by Sebastian, Tulip (and one dog) and Tye. Very Hot! Tye is still mobile, Tulip and Sebastian are carried (poor dog is left behind) and we fly back through crack into the Endless Dessert. From above layout of plane is evident.

There is a much reduced oasis in the middle, to the west lies an old town to the east in some hills a newer and larger town and beyond that two lakes, one is dry and the other is domed, beyond those is a pyramid that looks to be bleeding. To the north and south are sets of pyramids. To the north-east is an ornate tower.

We fly to Al's home. Tye, carrying Tulip makes a bad landing letting Tulip absorb all the damage. Blitzkrieg is surprised to see a Githyankie, turns out the Al works for Githyankie who take orders from Ithaleds. Three days of healing follow to get party back up to strength.

Date: 24/05/802

There are sewers under both town and city, they both connect into the oasis. The town has two parts, old town to south and new town to north we check out old town sewers first, these are older but better made, we find vermin tracks and ice spiders.

We track these until they come out into the oasis.

The new town sewers are poorly made and rundown. We follow a mist with magical aurora to an ice tunnel which we find behind an illusion. Sebastian falls into ice trap. We are attacked by two yeti like snow creatures, Tulip is killed. Mage casts walls of ice cutting off our escape, we bash through and return to the surface. Find out that the gold dragon, Orthastopholies can resurrect Tulip.

Date: 25/05/802

Enter the city, get cleaned up, party goes shopping while waiting for an appointment with Orthastopholies. He wants a silver pipe with mitheral in mouth piece and some off plane tobacco for the resurrection. Party arranges to have pipe made with local craftsmen, and will have tobacco delivered once back to Seagate. Tulip wakes up.

Orthastopholies does warn the party to stay clear of the Lunar tower (perpetually under moonlight) which has particularly nasty undead bound there.

Date: 26/05/802

Go back to town and into the sewer where ice tunnel is, find it abandoned, follow it through and find it lies under the Lunar tower. Exit and tell Al. Al informs that there has been a commotion at the pyramids, the party investigates and finds out from high priestess that something has been in and taken bodies from older deeper catacombs. We look at the site and find exit/entrance tunnel which is sticky and lots of hand marks as well as some very large foot prints (golums/constructs?)

We go to check out sewers under city starting at oasis entrance, find hand prints again and track them through the sewers. Sebastian makes a map. We find a maintenance room were inhabitance have obviously been attacked, no bodies.

We are attacked in a room with 4 entrances by two large blood and organ golums and three tentacled entities with hundreds of hands on them. Long battle, the tentacle things are very strong. Overcome these and find tentacles are attached to a Megapeed sitting in a vast cistern full of water. The entity is being fed blood soaked desiccated bodies by minions (DA gives biggest weakness as dehydration). Two powerful looking Vampires are controlling tentacle beast which is barely sentient. Their college is blood (water is our closest).

We bug out taking piece of tentacle for investigation. We return to the pyramid temple and tell high priestess what we have found out, she offers some potions. We think the blood lord is siphoning off water to mix with blood to feed minions and Megapeed. We return to Al and inform him of happenings. He will send people down to clean up sewers. Unfortunately there is not much they can do about the blood lord.

Date: 27/05/802-02/06/802

Return through Needles which are also on pocket plane to dessert, fly from dessert to 5 sisters. Get ship passage from 5 sisters to Seagate (5 days).

General Information

Master of Blood/ Blood Lord

  • Vampire with vampire henchmen
  • Supposedly banished from the plane has found a way back in
  • Was previously bound but has somehow been freed (blue dragon?)
  • Cause of bleeding pyramid (started about 3 weeks ago)
  • Tricked Blue dragon and obtained substantial amounts of dragon blood
  • Alchemist



  • gold dragon
  • seems nice but is very old and a bit senile


  • blue dragon
  • Not very cleaver but known for his belligerent and unpleasant behaviour
  • Was tricked by master of blood who took substantial amounts of his blood
  • Guild party couple months ago took a white orb from him.


  • nothing known


28 days
no cash but items as below
  • 4*Rnk 6 water breathing
  • 4*Water proofing
  • Passage to 5 Sisters
  • Rnk4 dragon head dagger -Sebastian
  • 2*Rnk 10 silvered dagger's -Blitzkrieg
  • Dragon sized silver pipe with mitheral in mouth piece
  • Several bales supply tobacco to dragon
  • Passage back from 5 Sisters-30 sp each except Tye
  • cross bow that stores and fires max 5 ice projectiles
  • ring of feather fall can store upto 5 charges
  • ring of mind cloak can store up to 4 charges
  • everburning torch (currently out)
  • necklace of fireballs
  • potion that preserves dead
  • 2*potions of petimort
Time playing
7.30pm-12.00pm (1 session) 05/05/2002
10.30am-7.00pm (3 sessions) 06/05/2002