Plague upon Thee (Part I)

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  • Arkham - Warlock/Wicker + Heinrick (shadowy raven familiar)
  • Scab – Sasquatch Witch Doctor + menagerie
  • Tári – Earth Mage + 1 Falcon (familiar)
  • Belladona – Celestial (scribe)
  • Sabastian - Celestial (party leader)
  • Uzi Urksome – E&E (military scientist)



  • Guild Meeting
  • Sebastian of Hamburg.
  • Need to look for a secure area in a valley near Kiel. Outside any "owned" baronies. No maps so need to map the area if possible, clear and brigands, etc.
  • 500 sp pp up front x 500 pp for information = 1000 sp per person


  • Scab skin changes horses into mice for easy flying
  • Sebastian casts shadow wings for all party members within casting chamber (pitch black)
  • Party fly to Kiel / Stay night.
  • Uzi and Scab in guards house/jail
  • Arkham, Belladonna, Sebastian and Tári at an Inn (60sp)


  • Fly into area. Scout the area, eventually see smoke. Using Tári's familiar (Falcon) and Heinrick, try and take a better look.
  • Screams heard, Heinrick arrives back with a human's eye.
  • Head down to camp at dark, finding a group of people at a set of ruins.
  • Sentry guard killed, while Sebastian sends in a meteor shower to disable/kill other guards.
  • Go into ruin finding further humans and an invisible wolf as leader. Invisible wolf is mage, probably wicker due to spells being cast.
  • Kill most, 3 alive taken prisoner, wolf gets away.
  • Interrogate prisoners. Say:
    1. they are fleeing recruitment in Flinar army.
    2. that there is a large camp of bandits at end of valley (mouth of valley)
  • Loot bodies and stores – salted meat, fruit.
  • Some money, weapons and mk4 bows
  • Scab skin changes the 3 prisoners into mice
  • Scab skins 2 dead humans


  • Find marking stones leading south, looks like paved road leading up valley, cart wide.
  • Party turns onto road, walk, send Tári's familiar off to check other end of valley. Heinrick also goes to have a look.
  • Seeing through two familiar's eyes, can be seen that buildings are well hidden.
  • Party travels up valley
  • Get information on setup – hidden walls with settlement underground, 8 men guarding gate and horses. See two observers watching open ground
  • Wait in woods, fly out before dawn to Seagate.


  • Fly to Seagate
  • Party hangs around for a week as Sebastian of Hamburg has just left
  • Belladonna and Sebastian work on maps that were drafted while travelling.


  • Talk to Sebastian of Hamburg, give information.
  • Says that might need party to go back to fight the bandits (with others) or more fact finding expeditions. Will advise.
  • 500sp each to look at the mines, some clearance, make them safe, add doors if required
  • His people had closed up entrances on other side many years ago. Mines believe to be 1,500 years old
  • Sebastian & Belladonna make 10 gin traps (add poision and acid)
  • Fly to Kiel (stay the night another 60 sp)
  • Scab and Uzi stay again in jail (voluntarily & make money).
  • Unlike last time is busy, army is billited in town
  • Try to get info – not much: Gather information. Joining alliance, most baroniers. Rashak is dark circle. They are heading SW past Mordoux. They are mounted Support. Rumour is that a countess is in town, seems to be the "leader".


  • Landing accidents and backfire, return to guild, 2 days to fix


  • fly directly to valley
  • Landing accidents, Uzi sleeps for 2 days, as a mouse in Scabs pocket
  • scouting nearby, clearing rocks from "landing" zone.
  • Skin change horses from mice to horses, feed, etc.


  • camp at night in an old circle cut out of the stone
  • attacked by bears in the night, kill one control the other


  • use bear to find caves (and two cubs) which are really mine entrance
  • explore mine, find down 1 story there is a large hall 100ft long 20ft high with rooms and passages off hall, find kitchen with dwarf height benches.
  • down spiral ramp and into a room radiating corridors/shafts, is partially collapsed and filled with water
  • "Sebastian rides Sasquach" (Scab), find airflow and follow this tunnel, find area collapsed at end, Scab moves some stones, we all get out through a secondary hidden tunnel in same part of the valley, about 500 feet away (below) the main entrance.
  • stay and make doors


  • group of people including mages that apear to be dark legion camping in valley
  • 3 rough tents (12 people?) and 1 better tent (6 people)
  • one person in mat black partial plate (namer), 2 in chain mail
  • 3 mages are necro, celestial, e&e
  • we are being scried
  • build defenses around mine entrance, prepare for battle (walls darkness, power up etc)
  • they start to attack early evening
  • use bear and metor shower to kill 6 lower level fighters
  • big fight ensues, but they get away (damn agony fields)
  • find three boxes with 4 potions and 3 amulets
  • find weapons and tents etc


  • return to Kiev, try to inform of dark legion, they ignore us
  • return Seagate, heal


  • Sebastian of Hamburg arrives, new mission
  • 4000sp to clear "bandit castle"
  • Sebastian portals us to Kiev
  • fly in (no accidents!!!)
  • scout out area where bandits are
  • set up for offensive
  • go in
  • meet opposition: 2 men in full plate and a mage (e&e), kill them
  • carry on, but meet locked door
  • 2 men and mage attack from behind (some kind of odd consructs now with 200+ FT&EN)
  • unlock door find 2 men in full plate, 2 in chain and 4 mages, shut the door!
  • "kill" constructs
    • go into room (agony and blackfire) they attackers escape on windwalks
  • loot inside bandit castle – find alchemy stuff and vials, 2 sets of plate requiry repair, but is has an unusual matt surface and allowed mage sto cast wearing it.
  • Sebastian flys to Kiel returns with Sebastian of Hamburg
  • loot horses to sell
  • Scab and Uzi do horrible things to prisoners


2 sessions low. Start time 11 am Finish time 18:30 (2000 xp)
2 sessions medium Start time 10.30 am Finish time 18:30 (2600 xp)
3 sessions medium Start time 10.30 am Finish time 21:30 (3900 xp)
total xp

Monies spent (group)

  1. Lodging 120sp

Payment (Sebatian Hamburg)

  1. Monies (1) 1000 sp pp before tax
  2. Monies (2) 500 sp pp before tax
  3. Monies (3) 4000 sp pp before tax
  4. From loot, 8490sp after tax

Loot Obtained

Weapons * 2 sets
Moderate quality, value 800sp
Monies of dead dark legions from 12 basic fighters
2400sp total
Tents and provisions of the dark legion
150 sp resale
2 Bear cubs (sold for 300sp each)
tulip may buy one
20 Horses
sold on site for 9600sp
4 potions (box dark legion, 2400sp each box)
  • 2*Rnk 10 waters healing
  • 1*Rnk 10 waters strength
  • 1*Rnk 10 restoriative
3 amulets (box dark legion, 1500sp)
  • 3 charges each of (60% BC each charge)
    • Rnk 1 wings
    • Rnk 1 windwalk
    • Rnk 1 agony
2 sets mat black plate armour requiring repair before resale (Sebastian)
  • Armour is improved plate for humans (48lbs)
  • Gives 10points of protection
  • Allows casting at -15% BC
  • 4000sp each
  • -4 AG modifier but no stealth modifier
  • Confers on caster Rank 15 darkvision
Alchemy stuff and vials
  • No value but Guild alchemists will teach one rank at no cost