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Nicola in summer

This is a picture of Nikola at the lunar games and is not at all the image she usually presents to the world.

Nikola Rosenstein is a female shapechanger wolf who is the 4th and excess daughter of a lesser noble from the Western Marches .It goes without saying that she is lunar aspected and she is also ambidextrous. Although a short 5ft 3 in her stockings, she makes one forget her lack of stature through her solid structure, (all 150lbs of it), carrying voice and mannish stride. She would be pretty (Pb 17) if she paid the least attention to her looks and attire. Instead she has been the disappointment of her parents and many matrons of her community. They all agree that it was a mistake to let her spend so much time with her grandfather,having her head filled with tales of old battles and his military life. Still with three older and plain daughters on their hands and very little money to go round, what could her parents do? She is a young lady who is secretly at the Seagate Adventurers Guild instead of the Southhaven Academy for Girls that her parents think she's at. So instead of learning the finer arts of being a lady she's off roughing it with orcs, necromancers and binders. Nikola's accent of common is clearly from Larkmoor in the Western Marches.

Despite this Nikola is still quite well mannered. She normally is a well-behaved young noblewoman, but sometimes cuts loose. She has been found to dress appropriately even when it is only body paint. She is an earth mage and a shapechanger who prefers fighting to magic.

Nikola is played by Bridget Jane Dymock-Johnson