Elemental as Anything

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Adventure: Elemental as Anything
GM: William
Session: Autumn 811
Night: Unknown
Location TBA
Level: Med

The Creatures:

  1. MDK - Dwarven non mage Mil Sci
  2. Eltan the Reaver - Halfling earth mage
  3. Ben Gaul - Shape shifter non mage
  4. Tannis aka Mario- Human Binder Scribe
  5. Elven Mind mage

Employer: People are going missing in Seagate. Good people who are being missed. The new lord of armaments is turning out entirely new weapons and armour for the duke. The Reformed Sisters of Perpetual Dissonance have put a bounty on Imps, Devils and other demonic minions. Some merchants are getting richer, others poorer. Piricy is up and so are secret socieities. The Crowner believes it may all be connected to her latest outing. The duke's privy secretary want's to know what's going on, what crimes are being committed and some hard evidence to prosecute the guilty.