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Hi, I played ye olde DnD for about 30 years, and made the move to DQ in Autumn 807. It's been a blast :)


Dwork the Orc
Dwork the Orc
  • Dwork the Orc - Bodyguard, male prostitute and wielder of a massive flaming glaive. Over-powered, over-sexed and over-here.
    Started adventuring in Autumn 807
Skafloc valGalen
Skafloc valGalen
  • Skafloc valGalen - Seventh child of an unusually fertile elf family.
    Started adventuring in Winter 808
Mim the Pilgrim
Mim the Pilgrim
  • Mîm the Pilgrim - Dark Celestial elf, wandering the world seeking more.
    Started adventuring in Spring 811

Games GMed

The Lands of the Minzu
The Lands of the Minzu

My games are set in The Lands of the Minzu - a country beset by many old, new and developing challanges.

I'm a 'layers of story guy' with an emphasis on the detective player - with lots of combat appropriate to the character level thrown in along the way. Players generally have the memory of a stick of celery so every story point has to be hammered home - with combat of course!

Voice of Reason
Voice of Reason

Keep it open ended, keep 'em guessing.

Games Scribed

  • Fire and Ice Winter 807: seems some blue dudes are appearing in some caves some where and killing people in very chilling ways (Dwork)
  • The Long Way Home Autumn 808: Spent a lot of time as 'special diplomatic agents' for a bunch of Hobbits. Wierd. (Dwork)
  • Alusian Innocents Abroad, The Evil Within Winter 808: Turns out the world is full of chaos and violence (Skafloc)
  • Broken Heart Spring 809: you go away from the forest of home and what happens? (Skafloc)
  • Bitter Beginnings Autumn 809 - Autumn 810: A small backwater across the sea from Sanctuary - a town named Bitter (Mîm)
  • Dark Dangerous Secrets Spring 810 WK: Went to a strange place - a huge and tall, magic and steam powered city. (Dwork)
  • A Shortage of Tall Poppies Spring 811: Poppy - a rich dwarven merchant's daughter - has gone missing (Mîm)
  • Squid Row Summer 813: Simple track and kill mission. A kalimar is kidnapping merchant kids in the Free Trade City (Dwork)
  • Rumble in the Jungle Autumn 813: Pirates have taken over a Delph fishing village (Mîm)
  • The Good, Bad And Ugly Winter 813: Villagers are going missing - and some found dead (Mîm)
  • Darkness Falls Spring 813: Return to Korinia - a loose end to tidy up - a powerful drow lich necromancer named Eeallice (Dwork)