Rumble in the Jungle

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Adventure: Pirated Away, or Rumble in the Jungle
GM: Michael Young
Session: Autumn 813
Night: Wednesday
Location: Glenn's place
Level: Low


  • Ahiga - Human Barbarian Rune Mage Warrior - Leader
  • Pug - diseased goblin ice mage, MS 2
  • Mîm the Pilgrim - Shapechanger Tiger cutie - Celestial, Troubador 2, dances, juggles, courtier, Thief. Is there no end to her talents?
  • Tallima - Giant Goblin female namer, Military Scientist 3, Ranger 2, Rank 5 healer
  • Mave - Human cutie bard courtier bard thief and spy
  • Brak the Barbarian - Shapechanger Tiger E&E philosopher Courtier

Employer:Jason, or at least he is the apprentice Rune Mage/Warder of our actual elderly Employer Dimetrious.

Mission: Jason's village Lavrio on the NE coast of Delph has been invaded by pirates. We are to remove them from control

  • 500 sp a week (standard guild pay)
  • Loan of 1 gut buster potion each
  • Promise of any loot from pirates
  • Possible possession and disposal of one or more ships (once captured)
  • Possible rune teaching from the employer
  • Offer of teaching of warding against elemental

Duesday: Briefing & Knowledge

Waning Cresent
Waning Cresent
Dangers in the area include
  • Pirates
  • Poisonous creatures such as snakes and spiders (it will be jungle time).
  • Rare elementals
  • Rare (lately) orcs
  • Rare Drow
  • Slavers.
  • More pirates.
  • Ant people.
  • No orcs seen recently.

Lavrio has about 400-500 inhabitants, of which there were 2 or 3 nominally acting as a defence force. It has a wooden palisade (mainly to keep out the dangers of the jungle). This did not work well against pirates it must be said. Civilisation. It never lasts for long.

The village is up the cost from the Drow city to the south. Nominally, it is under the influence of the Greek cities to the north.

Nominally, there are village elders in charge. They have a few slaves. Jason's mother Rahi? lives in the village.

Outside the village

There is a witch in the jungle outside the village called Janis. Demetrious also lives outside the village. [An obvious target for the pirates] Wood cutters Leather workers 10-15 fishing boats

There is a ruined fort on the point of the harbour; complete with tunnels; good overview of village. Pirates may be there as well.

The pirates arrived last week. About 40? Mostly human

It begins

W'ansday: Portals & Goblin Ambushes

We are portaled via mists conjured by Jason at midnight (at a time prearranged by Demitrious)

We arrive, but all is not well.

Naked, on our backs, separated and thus unable to enjoy the nakedness. Unless of course you enjoy naked goblins, which I personally don't, although I suspect that some of our party would. I was only being attacked by one, who attempted to cut off my balls with a rusty dagger. I kicked him off and that and the smite killed him. I then turned tiger to go and help the rest, as I heard a woman screaming. However, I was some distance away. Mim was tiger already (good thinking) and promptly ripped her attackers to bits, and then charged in and bit the head off of one attacking Mave. Tallima recruited them, proving a formidable goblin boss, although she will need to do do something about deserters. She confiscated a primitive spear. Aega disposed of some and captures a goblin attacker. Pug also took care of his attackers.

We located Jason (unconscious).

Jason was brought round by Tallima suggested that the portal had been disrupted, perhaps by his death. We were obviously not near the village. We can see stars, however, and know we are near a river. Mim says she can fly us out, but needs space for take off.

The goblins revealed they had a camp near by. The party gets to the camp but finds it deserted with little left. Mim and I pursued goblins killing as we went so we/the party could retrieve their items.

Our two shape changers went of hunting goblins; for what they carried enjoying their immunity to the goblins weapons; only pausing to wonder if they would ever get the taste out of their mouths. They were frustrated by one goblin up a tree, so Brak came back to the camp for help, Mîm learnt about don't be cocky you never know when the buggers will have silver arrows.

Looting the camp

Meanwhile the rest of searched the camp of what we could find, Mave could be heard muttering I'll rather go naked. We did a few things including a hand axe but more importantly Hic the goblin brewer; there will be beer to-night. We quickly got the goblin out of the tree, having an 8 foot naked female goblin helped, so we gained a scout Oiy and some very useful information.

Surveying the situation we quickly realised that we needed more equipment, so we found the rest of the tribe (the rat tribe what a surprise) and negotiated the standard goblin practise of ambush and steal from your neighbour. The tribe quick arranged a meeting to discuss the two dangerous shape changers in the area. They waited to pour arrows down on the other tribe (The boars as they rode large war boars).

The ambush

We ambushed from invisibility and took out the boar riders including the leader very quickly, two shape change tigers and a polar bear made it easy, while Mave pacified the normally bad tampered boars with her singing. We then got pelted with arrows and took a bit of damage, purely accidental our tribe said yeah right.

Looting the boar riders

We divided up the loot; we each have a weapon better than a goblin pointy stick and should be able make some basic leather armour. Amulet and a few goblin healing potions are found, some think they are made of goblin toe nails from the smell, and the rest went to the tribe. Ahiga takes one of the boars to ride, which later becomes a very nice breakfast. Three of the goblins decide to come with us Oiy, abe the shaman slave and Hic the brewer (I'm pleased). We sleep for the night on a goblin mound, fully expecting retribution for not starting the ambush closer to the arrow fire.

Th'rsday: Flying Foes

Let Us Fly I

Surprising we survive to the morning without ambush and set off. We decide to fly down the river in the morning before we get ambushed by our tribe, the boars or both you can never trust bloody goblins. After an hour's flight a Gargoyle takes Mîm out of the air and they plunge into the river. Brak bravely rescues by plummeting into the river and killing the Gargoyle. Ahiga thought Brak was expecting more than a mumbled thank you, but knowing Mîm, that was not the case.
We pull ourselves onto the riverbank after retrieving the gargoyle corpse - and contemplate how to talk to the dead body for more information. Can't get to talk, although Ahiga can see its spirit moping about the place. It watches morosely while we strip its body a variety of good looking items. DA's reveal a variety of interesting powers.

We Dine In

Mr Garg gets positively grim when our remaining goblin allies (who had been riding Tallima - if you know what I mean) drink its blood and eat whatever they can get their teeth into (Makes you tough!). The spirit looks like it wants to spit when Pug, Ahiga, Brak, Tallima and me (Mîm) drink its blood too. Tallima and Pug lower themselves to squabble with their goblins kin for choice body parts (Pug gets the liver to himself but has to share the heart with Tallima - it might be love). Disgusting pack of gore stained goblin rabble.

Let Us Fly II

Late afternoon arrives and off we fly towards the coast again - for just 20 mins this time. A large flock of winged creatures lift out of the jungle maybe 10 minutes flight ahead - and they are faster than us. Like goblins with wings - as we quickly land and hope they didn't see us. Fat chance. They land in the trees around our jungle concealment - and rain rocks & javelins, arrows & darts down on us. Pug the Bear (big as a barn and visible as a huge surrender flag) is a projectile attractor, but Brak and me leap into the trees and do some damage. I throw some down for Pug to vent is anger on. Ahiga does some bow damage while Tallima tries to set up forbiddings to slow their advance (unfortunately most just climbed/flew over the top). Mave was inspirational!
The flock gathered and assaulted. I drove them all off just as we were about to be overwhelmed – because, well, they were afraid of me. Brak was afraid of me too, and stood there screaming like a big blouse. Ahiga would have too, but Mave inspired him. Eeryone else is staunch.

Let Us Fly III

Off we go for a quick one hour flight - nervously scanning the darkening skys for new foes - and land just on dusk. The evening is filled with rest and food - and some of the tension of the day drains out us. Brak patrols the jungle, thinking about how he is going to control his fear of Mîm (philosophically of course). He practices sneaking up and scaring our goblins - who are out looking for more potion ingredients. Ahiga sleeps - and dreams he was back on the plains, mounting his favourite war camel. Jason worries about his mother and master. Tallima and Pug play goblin games (yuk). Mave sleeps - dreams of fashioning a flute. I sleep.

Frysday: A Raft of Troubles?

Dark Dreams

After a hard day killing, I need more sleep - but those on watch failed to notice a big black shadow until it had latched onto my sleeping form.

Shadow Stealer
Shadow Stealer

Ahiga dons silvered gargoyle claws and gets up close and personal (his smites hurt it bad). Tallima tries to trap it with a wall of forbidding. Brak attempts to sleep it - a couple of times (ineffectually). Mave goes for lowering the temperature, while Pug casts a weapon of cold on Tallima's huge club – that hurt it too! The Shadow Stealer's counter attack drops the big goblin. Ahiga struggles, but manages to hit it with the cold club too – and a tendril of dark drops him too. Brak's up next, and struggles even more with the massive lump of wood – but still manages to hit it. Mave drops it with an icy dart.

Cold water brings most around - I slumber on.

We DA the black ooze from the spirit stealer – which is now dead however was undead. Mim is still not awake so I lay on hands – she is drugged. She does not remember when she comes around and she also has a wound on her neck.

Apart from thoes on watch – everyone else has leaches. We are in jungle, its hot and they are common here. They look fat and jucy.

Spending some time. Divination of Mim – her shadow has been seriously weakened but its apparent that it will recover in time. On a more serious note shadow type spells are weakened or gone. Shadow form she can no longer remember and Shadow wings that is now at a minimal level. On the plus side the gargoyle blood has had the effect of enhanced regeneration.

Spending further time to divinate Pug – he has got enhanced natural armour – this is due to consuming gargoyle blood, liver and heart.

Back on watch – we are also looking for leaches.

In the morning everyone is not at full fatigue due to the nights events and the leaches.

Mim casts shadow wings – her well known spell is now rank 0. This is not good – it is break out the raft time.

Recon time – Change into a pegasus and look for waterfalls etc. the river is gentle and there is no traffic on the river. We note that there are other things flying too – some are quite large. On landing we disturb a bee hive. We get stung so I gallop off.

We move 4-5 miles away and look for wood – this is for raft building. We look for herbs along the way – nothing found in this jungle which is unusual.

Lunchtime – we set camp and it is 3 hours before were on the move again.

Hours later we camp again having found a suitable tree. Again no luck in finding herbs today.

At dusk a troop of monkeys is very upset that we are in their tree. A few monkeys are now headed for the pot before the other monkeys decide to leave.

Divinations – Tiger tooth amulet is a luck amulet. Bracer – Wear it for 24h and it bestows night vision T2 Celestial + Walking unseen 1/day as a free action. It only fits human sized.

Reapsday: Raft Crafting

Da Mim – Rank of shadow wings – Rank 0.

We have a morning meal and begin our travels. Within the hour we find suitable trees for raft building. Using the most suitable we have – the two hand axes we begin to cut what we need. Ahiga and Tallima are the strongest and we begin to hack at the trees. To make Ahiga stronger Mim casts strength of darkness on her. Goblins are off to find the vines we need to secure the raft.

This takes all day and during that time we attract ants, lots of them and they hurt. Casting forbidding and the ants can not pass.

The goblin herbalist finds some useful herbs. Enough for sleeping draught and relaxation The goblins also advise that there are other goblins in the area.

Divination of the Boar helm – Darkness on command word at Rank 10 at 80% darkness 1/day. Divination – Jade amulet – acts as a lesser and stops Ene Evil eye spell. There are still other amulets Beryl, Bloodstone and Amethyst. Goblins make a healing tea for everyone.

Sunday: Raft Drafting

An uneventful night. Ahiga casts Smite on us.

The raft is made – paddles are checked and lashings are also checked. While we do this a crocodile lines up Mim and takes her down. I jump from the raft and onto the crocodile and Ahiga fires are arrow that glances off its hide. Mim hits the crocodile and I user a dagger – the crocodile heads for the bottom to escape. I bring it back to the surface with a struggle then loose grip and it gets away. On the way back to the raft – things are biting in the water – eels are all around. Im pulled on board with a few eels hanging on as I get pulled onboard. Mim heals me of the damage from the bites. Brack casts and backfires – illusions for the next 10 hours.

Towards the end of the day we make landfall and camp up. Good raft trip of 25 miles today. Divination – Crystal eye – Creation of crystal of vision without Ambergris & with Ambergris it is permanent. With extra Ambergris it would affect attributes eg extra range, duration etc. Divination of the Feathered Amulet – Wear for 48h – allows ranking Aerial affinity. Loss of the amulet reduces ranks by ½.

Premanition – floating down the river – attacked by flying creature from sky. Cure disease and infection on each person (takes 6 hours). Jungle travel is nasty.

Moonday: Raft Grafting

New/Dark Moon
New/Dark Moon

We purify and have breakfast.

Rafting down the river we get attacked. Out of the glare of the sun something comes down hitting many of the party. Barbs fly from its tail and hit 4 of us – Ahiga, Mim, Pug and Brak get hit with spines. Pug uses the helm and darkness fills the area. We just manage to steer the raft within the darkness and as the Manticore approches Mim fears it – it ends up fleeing but it will be back. We hide in the denser jungle – it watches the jungle for a while then flies off.

Stopping for lunch we manage to collect 2 manticore spines and heal the endurance damage that Mim suffered. No herbs were found over lunch.

We quickly take a look and the river widens and lightens – maybe towards the sea – were still in the jungle however it is thinning and the water is muddier. In the distance a hill can be seen.

We find a crocodile and cast a ring of forbidding around it then dispatch it with as it can not escape. It is quickly cut up and heads for the cooking fire.

Brak casts and backfires twice – its not a good day.

I again change to pegasus form and recon the area ahead of us – can now see a coast a few hours raft trip away. No sign of a village however trouble inbound as I dive for a landing and gallop for cover. We end up camping for the night.

Duesday: Raft Ends

Divination of the coins – Powerful luck magic.

  • 1/day - On a D20 or smaller pick number on the die.
  • 1/Season – Can re-roll a result – the coin is then inert for the rest of the season till guild meeting.

Divination of Brak – Better regeneration. 1 point per 30 seconds.

We raft to the beach and as luck would have it we reach the safety of the shore as the raft begins to break apart – past its used by date.

We head off along the beach – walking on the wet sand. Orcs are a long way away and are by some village. Jason says not good, orcs around.

W'ansday: Beach walk

An uneventful walk.
Tallima does a scout at the end of the day by Pegasus air and spots a sail in the distance

Th'rsday: Beach Ambush

A few hours after lunch, a conversation about ambushing arrows from the jungle turns horribly true. Crossbow bolts hit Tallima and Aiega and Brak - and miss the others. The goblins are ignored but scatter. It is difficult to tell how many Orcs there are, but maybe around eight.
After a quick debate we run back the way we came making for the jungle. Tallima triggers darkness from her new helmet (an excellent plan as the next arrows miss). Brak and Mim shapechange. We hear a horn as the Orcs summon assistance and later turn out to vacate their position. Temporary good news, but a dire flight though the jungle was to follow as hundreds or Orcs start combing the jungle for us.
At one point they catch our scent and only fear from Mîm again saves us. Under the cover of the Orcs' panic and fear we make good an escape, heading west and north, circling around the Orc patrols in order to get closer to the village.
Another delightful disease ridden night is spent in the jungle.

Frysday: First contact

We head cautiously towards the village and come across a burnt out farm, which Jason recognizes. Orientated, we head towards the witch's house. Rune Mage's dwellng. Sure enough that has been attacked and looted; Brak uses a wizards eye to examine the dwelling for secret tunnels or cavities, but finds little but some herbs. In the meantime a watcher is spotted.
Mim sneaks up on him and talks to him. The disembodied voice cause some alarm until Brak suggests Jason, who recognizes him, step out and introduce the party.
We meet Charcoal Bob the charcoal burner/woodsman, who has been waiting for a guild party to turn up. We follow him to the witche's hideout though a gap in rocks. The witch is the de-facto leader of the resistance, they had almost given up on us. We talk and gain the following news/information.

  • The Rune Mage is believed dead or captured, but he has not been seen and the witch fears the worst
  • The Villagers have reluctantly joined the Pirates in defending the village (as the alternative - rape, pillage, murder and then more rape seems a little unpalatable.)

The fate of Jason's mother is unknown, but the pirates have treated the villages reasonably after putting the nominal leader of the village, the Elder, to death to show they meant business. The Pirates, whose merry band appears to sail 2 smaller ships as well as the large Galley currently being repaired in the harbor. It appears the the pirates may have not simply left because their ship is not sea worthy, or perhaps they actually have some pity for the villages, who would doubtless be up shit creek if they were not there. Who ever said that pirates did not have their uses.

  • There are at least 3 camps of 60 orcs. They patrol and forage in groups of at least 6.
  • They are reasonably equipped with leather amour and fair weapons (including crossbows and short bows)

The witch offers to make amulets if ingredients are provided, although this will take days.

  • She does offer restoratives.
  • She does detect that both Mîm and Tallima are pregnant. Apparently pregnacy amongst goblins is a disease - and it is very contageous. Mîm is, well, annoyed. Mave keeps her distance.

After these discussions we send off goblins to get the herbs from the witches house.
Charcoal Bob draws the Rune mage for Brak, who is studying the Rune mage in order to hopefully locate him at some stage. Jason offers he memories as well.

We then go to investigate the Rune Mage's ex-residence, which is only 30 minutes away, guided by Charcoal Bob. Brak attempts another wizard's eye but backfires with a loss of all magical spell/Ritual knowledge for a day (after using his coin to get the minimum).

We remove the remaining items from the Rune Mage's house for safe keeping.

  • Bottles of blood
  • Chalk
  • Assorted wood rune sticks

And from a rune locked block of stone, which Tallima counter spells:

  • 3 vials
  • Paper/Papers
  • Books of Rune spells, instructions.

Near the house, guided by Jason, we find the Rune Portal location (at a mound, which we resolve to check for hidden tunnels).

Reapsday: Rest & Recovery

It's been a hard 10 days in the jungle, so we spend some time resting and getting various diseases and bugs cleaned out of our systems. BUT THE WITCH CAN'T DO ANYTHING ABOUT MY DISEASE. I'm going to kill a whole bunch of goblins sometime soon. Our goblins keep away from me.

We learns some more about the orcs. They have already tried one major assault on the village, but the pirates where too repulsive. The orcs used darkness, enlarged animals, walls of thorns and seemed to have their own shape changers.

Sunday: Jungle Ambush

It is time for some revenge on orcs, so when the resistance rangers report a group of 10 orcs and 20 slaves out foraging, we prepare an ambush. Half of the slaves are goblins, so it is possible I might kill a few by accident.
The orcs hear the chatter of a band of monkeys (Mave's great at sounds) and six orcs stealth their way into the jungle – right into the middle of their bloody deaths.
We wait silent and unseen. Leaping in close from behind, ripping with tooth and claw - Brak and I kill our pair of trailing orcs. We move onto the next pair, while arrow and dart fire - and a charging bear rip into the leading pair. I finish my second and head out for the remaining orcs. One goes invisible just as I leap and rend him. Unfortunately I kill him immediately – overwhelmed by the sight of goblins in the undergrowth.
It is soon over. Six dead orcs, one escaped (Brak lost him), one captured (Pug sat on him) - and a bunch of ex-slaves milling about. We loot and for some reason Ahiga is really happy about getting a composite bow.

We question them all ...

...some more painfully than others.

  • The orc mage that I killed was an earth mage and had a wrist band (dug into his wrist) that gave him witchsight
  • The pirates have water mages and air mages - and sent the villagers to collect wood to repair their ships (which haven't been fixed yet)
  • The foraging party came from the central orc camp: 60 orcs including an Orc earth mage (Dirt), a Ogre shaman/witch (Orog – rides a large meat eating lizard and cast talk to animals, darkness, fear, invisibility, warding, evil eye) and a Orc necromancer (Big Willy). The overall boss is called Leecher. They have beast masters and packs of vicious dogs.
  • The orcs are here to get valuable ship and magic loot, but our tortured, drugged, charmed and hypnotised orc captive heard the leaders refer to something called The Item – owned by the pirates. That may be why the orcs are here.

Moonday: Dimetrious Found

Waxing Cresent
Waxing Cresent
Mîm: Love that brightening moon - gurrrrr

After a quiet night, we head back to the mound in the morning light. Brak is able to wizard eye a ghost-like figure held down by one of the fallen standing stones. We dig down to expose a little of the figure - and yes it is a trapped Dimetrious (Divination and Rune of Truth). Turns out he was in the portal when the orcs destroyed it - by tipping over the huge stones.
Jason and Ahiga puzzle over the rune filled book found last Frysday at Dimetrious' hut - it looks we can rebuild the portal and free Dimetrious. Gonna be a couple of day's work - with lots of heavy lifting.

Moonday Evening

We spend a fair few minutes decided on what to do next - do we attack the Orcs or the pirates?
Mîm is all for attack anything that moves and in particular our goblins, they look nervously at our were-tiger. We finally agree to investigate the caves hoping to find tunnels to the citadel, while leaving Charcoal Bob to watch how much attention the Orcs give the henge before we try rebuilding it. Its going to take several days. But not before the impossible happens - Brak and Pug agree:

Mîm needs get laid or kill some goblins - the goblin pregnancy is making her mad 

I thought she was already mad
Boy are the Orc's getting serious about finding us: while waiting to proceed to the sea caves a 60 string group comes in our direction, but Brak and Mîm distract them by using the orc horn we picked up - blowing it way up to the north.

Duesday: Backfire Day/Under-citadel

We start on our mission to explorer the two sea caves, under walking unseen with witch sights, we get the caves safely.

The first is a dead end.

The other one is blocked with a rock fall with a jetty in a cave beyond. We think will take four days until Tallima remembers her earth creature transformation so she goes through and will stays and clear from the other side, we agree to come back at the same every day. We worry about her safety until we realise she will safer than us.

We go back to our camp site but see no goblins - wonder if Mîm has scared them off? We spend an uneventful night Oiy re-appears wanting to know where the hell we have been, they were at the witch's cave.

Brak supplies a cogent list of alternatives to the Party, especially Ahiga, who is obviously suffering minor amnesia, also causing some personality quirks not seen before in the noble slavery hating barbarian. We agree that we can't fix the portal while orcs are patrolling. We agree that burning the pirate ship is not a good idea (as it is worth money, and besides the fire mages would put it out)

In summary, the options are

  • allying ourselves with the pirates (temporarily) in order to gang up on the Orcs.
  • Kill Orcs, hoping to drive them away and get more equipment (e.g. southern guard post)
  • Try to sneak in and kill the Orc leader, triggering a leadership fight and general chaos
  • Capture a pirate to question them about the mysterious 'item' and then look at the other options
  • Finish checking out the under citadel for ways up or useful items (aka loot), combined with divinating the loot we already have.

We agree to finish checking the under -citadel and then attack the pirates at the barricade on the coast, looking for information.

Another hard won wizard's eye reveals

  • a clearable passage through the cave in to an armoury on the same level.
  • no other obvious exits
  • a well
  • Pirates patrolling up top
The armoury

The armoury's locked door is entered via Brak's opening spell after Mîm admits a bent fork will not do the job. There are three chests. Each is locked and needs an opening spell from Brak. One is filled with copper coins. Pug is filled with avarice but can carry only a small portion. One contains 2 small boxes of Drow origin. One of these contains 6 potions in a container offering magical preservation. The potions are 3 anti-stun potions (providing a rankable talent) The other three provide protection from fear. Brak suggests drinking them before we lose them
The party split them up and drink:

  • Brak, Ahiga,Mave? and gets the anti stun
  • Pug, Tallina and Mîm? gets the fear potion.

The third chest contains papers apparently relating to the administration of the Keep in Hellenic.

Apart from the chests, the armoury as you might expect contains a selection of reasonable but rusted weapons. The best is really of no better quality than we have.

Having dealt with the armoury, we investigate the well. This starts on tehis level and is deep but there appears to be no exit out of it, except perhaps though the water below.

We then turn our attention to the collapsed rubble to see if we can find a way up. Tallima startes to move the rubble as by using a wizards' eye that a passage could be cleared to a quiet sheltered spot upstairs. it appears that. We move the chests further down so we have them if further falls block the armoury again. This proved wise as an hour later a fall is triggered. This causes alarm above. Brak uses a wizards eye and spots the Captain, and gets a locate on. We spot what we assume to be a signal fire of alarm. Pirates are left to guard the cave-in, which has caused a noticeable dip in the rubble on the surface. Evidently they suspect an Orc incursion and remain alert and on guard.

Fearing they may hear further noise we remain quiet for a number of hours.

After many relatively minor backfires, Brack gets blinded for 7 hours. After debate we decide to miss the next low tide and head out the next day near 4pm. A quiet night ensues.

Th'rsday: We attack Pirates AND Orcs

We emerge though the watery tunnel around dusk, marvelling at how much rock Tallina manged to shift while we were otherwise engaged. (Not true we were at the pub.)

Pirate Barricades

We plan carefully (but not perhaps carefully enough). The best laid plans etc.

We sneak up unseen and Brak spies on the pirates with a wizards eye. There are 6, with one more in command than the others. They have crossbows and an unlit fire, and a torch. (bound to destroy their night vision). The plan is to try not to kill them, as we may want to ally with them later, and they can see we are not Orcs. (Never going to happen with Min and Tallina)

Pug strips bear and swims around behind the barricades. He will extinguish the torch as soon as the attack begins, and block any escape. Tallina turns earthy and moves up to check when Pug is in position and signal the attack. Brak prepares a sleep spell. Mîm bounds up to the barricade and over to overbear the pirates. Unfortunately Ahiga is a little slow over the barricades and misses out on most of the fun. Mave also has a hard time getting to the fight.

The aftermath

In a trice it is over, one pirate is dead, crushed by Tallina in her enthusiasm. Mîm has been restrained, or just unlucky, her opponents are quickly down but only dying. The extinguish flame works perfectly (as Pug surprises us with a useful spell). He also stops a run-away pirate dead in his tracks. The other surrenders and is knocked unconscious as he is the Bosun (in command and most likely to know something of value) and we want to see how well he will stand up to torture, sorry, questioning. We stop the wounded from bleeding to death. Tallina, invisible with the Bosun in tow (also invisible), flys off to our pre-arranged rendezvous up the beach in the edge of the jungle. Lucky her.


No signal fire is lit, but unfortunately a few shouts of alarm get out, or perhaps it was just the sound of polar bears and tigers growling. Mîm has been keeping a watch on the cliffs above and gives warning that a wall above is being levered off the cliff top, and we don't want to be under it. Mîm takes off like a scalded cat on a hot tin roof along the rocks towards our cave. The rest of us dive for the sea to try to avoid the doom from above. However, thanks to the warning the chunks of rocks miss us (although a near miss for Brak).

We meet up with Tallima and Charcoal Bob - the big goblin flies out and finds citadel signal fires are lit and some of the orcs are having a go at the pallisades (leaving a mostly empty camp behind). Seems like we stirred up things a little. Oh dear.

Discussions with Bosun Joe

I really want to work out my interrogation skills, but Brak preferred being charming (yuck) with some hypnotism to get out those deep memories

  • We're 'ere 'cos rumours of treasure
  • Picked up dying drow off flotsom (after the storm that damaged the pirate ship), along with a 3-4 foot long sword shaped oil-wrapped package (is it possible the orcs are here to meet the drow?!)
  • Captain Dirk (quartered in the Mayor's house) and First Mate Kirk (at the old citadel) are in charge
  • Pirates have a couple of orcs, a couple of bear shape changes and a couple of water mages
  • If forced to retreat will go to the citadel, signal the ships at sea (Smoke by day, Fire by night) and board under ship-board covering fire

We decide to stir things up a bit more - we'll to have a go at half empty camp and destroy what we can. I kill the Boson and give Pug an arm to carry - just so we can leave it in the camp (of course)

Orc Taunting

It's close to midnight when Brak and me sneak into the camp - with feline stealth. I kill the pesky dogs while Ahiga tries to shoot an orc guard concealled up a tree. Missed. Bother. Now the horn blows. Bother.

Dirk claws his way up the tree (and up the orc) and a retrieves the horn (thats 2!)

Tallima: Dirk was here

We do what we can - corrupting food supplies and setting fires before fleeing the mass of returning orcs. Pug leaves behind the pirate arm (a bit of a clue for the orcs). A Wall of Bone triggers and traps me - but I scramble over the top (helped by Tallima's counter spell)

A good day's blooodshed.

Frysday: Camp Games

We travel through the night along the beach - arriving at the northern Orc outpost at my favourite time. Brak and I investigate - looks like a camp for 8 - 10, but there are only two (soon to be dead). We decorate the camp with orc entrails (well, I do).

We get a third horn (as if this party needs more horns). They're all very similar. Tallima divinates - they have bardic magic to enhance their sound so they can be heard from miles away.

In the morning two orcs are spotted coming up the beach. Ahiga subjects them to a deadly barrage. We question the last (soon to be dead) survivor. Brak is charming again. The orc plan is to harrass the pirates for a couple more days, so they can't get rest or sleep - and then do a final assault. That gives us a deadline (literally) to work to.

We consider our options

  • Was the drow on the way to the port to exchange an 'ancient orc artifact' for lots of orc gold? I wonder if we can get our hands on both.
  • Brak has a wild scheme: when the pirates retreat to the citadel to away their ships (in a couple more days), they will probably take as many villagers as they can (well, the villagers will want to get away from the orcs too). It would be great if we can 'kidnap' the villagers by some secret tunnel (maybe through the abandoned keep) into the citadels underground chambers.

We organise to raise the portal stones and rescue the party employer. We get there at lunchtime and get all the digging and ropes sorted. We leave scouts out to warn us of any orc parties, of which Brak and Mim will attack and lead off in a different direction (in tiger form of course).

Reapsday: Portal Escapes

Portal Escape I - at midnight we raise the stones

After much grunting it works and then at 1am Ahiga and Jason cast the ritual to free Dimetrius.
Part way through Brak and Mîm spring into distraction mode as an orc column approaches. Brak is a bit sloppy in his escape and the second group of orcs almost capture him (it seems like that was their plan all along). He recovers and both of them kill some dogs and orcs before successfully diverting the columns.

Ahiga and Jason get the ritual off on the first try and Dimetrius appears the worse for wear. Ahiga heals him and we all retire to the witches lair to regroup and rest.

Plotting and Planning

We spend the rest of the night planning what our next move will be.
Dimetrius spirit walks through the town and gets the 'lay of the land'. The pirates have put in a curfew and the villagers are locked away into 3 main houses.
We decide to leave the witch, Demitrius and some goblins at the main portal stones while we sneak into town. Jason and Ahiga will open portals from the 3 houses to the portal stones and Demitrius will pull the villagers through. Tallima decides to stay at the main portal stones to help defend them if some orcs arrive.

Palisade Penetration

Getting into town sounds easy as we slip between two orc camps. In case any of the dogs scent us we take some poisoned meat (we couldn't find any poison so we rubbed the meat against Pug – close enough is good enough).
As we reach the palisades we make Pug and Jason invisible. Pug climbs over and finds a good spot between guards (who are keeping their heads down to avoid orc spears) so the rest of the group can climb up and then hide in the surrounding buildings and alleys. Ahiga and Mave get up with no problems. Jason struggles and the orcs fire off some arrows and spears at the clumsy noise. With some help of an invisible vine he finally gets up. A guard gets up and comes to investigate so Ahiga shoots him in the back of the head. That teaches the rest of the guards to keep their heads down. Those damned orcs are getting sneaky.
Brak is next and proves just how poor a climber he is. Mîm lithely leaps over the palisade (compared to Brak anyway).
As we wander off Jason, who is leading the way, bumps into a guard. The alarm is raised but we sneak off anyway.

Portal Escape II - Woman and Children First

We get to the first house and Brak tries a few times to sleep the guard. If he could throw a tantrum he probably would have. Mîm steps up (unseen) and saps the guard.
Jason and Ahiga enter the house and start the ritual to open the escape portal.
Meantime some more guards wander past and the leader sees Pug (witchsight on the enemy is rather annoying) so he races off. The leader gets feared (wary) by Mîm and pauses while the other chase Pug - yelling about Goblin Spies.
Mîm has fun killing the leader face to face - and leaves the looted body in a boathouse she was hiding in (with the first one).
Pug goes for a cross harbour swim to avoid his pursuers
Ahiga and Jason succeed on their first try! - and the women and children step through to safety at the main portal stones. Tallima and Dimetrius send them off through the jungle to the witch's camp - and beyond.

Portal Escape III - Woman and Children Next

Pug returns and we head off to the second house, again filled with women and children. Ahiga and Jason slip in through a back window and start the second ritual. The rest of us hide in different houses around the prisoner house. Mîm of course finds a sleeping guard in her house and rapidly loots and dispatches him.

Mîm: my form of 'sleeping a guard' is much more effective than Brak's

Eight pirates approach the houses - and they separate to retire for a well-earned rest. Mîm gets lucky when the two guards heading her way continue walking past (well, the guards get lucky)

Ahiga and Jason get two for two! They again get the ritual off first time and the prisoners file through to freedom. As they signal for Pug and Mave to open the window a bit of clumsiness awakes the guards who had only just retired. A short sharp battle decimates (well - eliminates) the pirate guards - Pug (spearing), Mave (darting) and Ahiga (snap shotting and double hand slicing). Brak continues to try to cast sleep - and finally gets a few to succeed. Mîm continues to apply the real sleep effect.
About this time we hear shouts coming from the direction of the first prisoner house and we assume they have cottoned on to us.
It is time to set free the remaining men in the third house - even though we won't have time to portal them out.



Standard Magics
  • Greater enchantment rank 6 on 2 areas
  • Smite
  • Lesser enchantment

With preparation

  • Possible ice armour
  • Possible quickness (2 at a time)
  • Enhance enchantment 4
  • Evening: The Goblin watch – Pug, Tallima and all other little diseased swine
  • Middle: Ladies' Night - Mîm, Mave, Jason (he's the entertainment)
  • Morning: The Barbarian Watch – Brak and Ahiga
Marching Order
  • Scout (sometimes): Mîm and Brak
  • Meat Shields: Ahiga, Brak and Tallima
  • Cherished Flowers: Mîm, Mave and Jason
  • Bum Guards: Pug and the other little diseased swine


Rat Tribe

  • Daggers x 2: rusty, obsidian, others (4)
  • Old goblin jock strap: Mim sap
  • Falchion * 4
  • Spear * 2: fire hardened
  • Silver arrows x 6
  • Short bow and arrows (10)
  • Goblin healing potions * 8
  • enough leather to get 1 point of armour each
  • Cracked pot still usable
  • Hand axe metal blade
  • Goblin bow – 45 D+1


  • 3 sliver tipped (appropriated)
  • 12 ordinary obsidian arrows
  • Bow

Boar Tribe

  • Spears * 7: Pug, Ahiga
  • Falchion * 2
  • Slings x 4: Tallima
  • Spear
  • 2 hand axes: Brak
  • Bucklers * 7
  • Hand axes * 2
  • Daggers * 2
  • Goblin bow 12 arrows
  • Silver arrows * 3
  • Iron Falchion Pug
  • Iron Falchion Ahirga
  • Goblin healing potions * 6
  • 1 luck amulet
  • Amulet of Beryl (detect snares)
  • Amulet of Bloodstone (decreases infection by 20, prevents miscarriage)
  • 6 goblin armour
  • 7 days food
  • Sacks, straps belts
  • Small gems
  • Drinking mugs
  • Wine skins
  • Boar skull helm (Rk 10 Darkness once/day) Pug


  • Skin & Wings (will make good armour)
  • Silvered claws: Ahiga
  • Tiger tooth amulet (luck)
  • Jade bat amulet (Lesser Enchantment, stops E&E Evil eye): Pug
  • Crystal eyes * 2 (fist sized)- Temporary Crystals of Vision: Brak
  • Crystal in forehead Crystal of the Witch (double range witchsight): Tallima
  • Iron coins * 6 (sacrifice coin for a re-roll): 1 each
  • Feather necklace (avian bonus): Tallima
  • Bracer - Detect Aura Talent(Walking Unseen 1/day): Mave

Flying Monkeys

  • Bolas * 2
  • Javalin * 6
  • Bows * 2
  • Arrows * 20
  • Darts * 17 drow/elf weaponsmithed 'ironwood', non-magical but +10% to hit, +2 damage: Mave

Rune Mage House

  • Bottles of blood
  • Chalk
  • Assorted wood rune sticks

...and from a rune locked block of stone

  • 3 vials
  • Paper/Papers
  • Books of Rune spells, instructions.

Orc Foragers

  • Composite Bow x 2 (Ahiga)
  • Arrows – some silvered (11/5)
  • Javelins x 20
  • Spears – one silvered
  • Hand axes x 6
  • Bucklers x 6
  • Small shields x 2
  • Orc soft leather x 7 (3 point)
  • Orc hard leather x 2 (4 point)
  • Waters of Healing (Rank 14)
  • Amulet – luck
  • Amulet – beryl (detect traps and ambushes)
  • Wristband – grows into arm (witch sight talent)


  • Chest of administrative papers in Ellenic (still in our cave)
  • Potion Container Box - magically protects 6 potion bottles
  • 3 anti fear talent potions - EM 100. Subtract rank from roll on fear table, add rank to resistence roll for fear (Consumed by Pug, Mave?)
  • 3 anti stun talent potions - EM 100. add rank to stun recovery and to avoid stun?
  • Chest of copper coins (still largely in chest in cave)
  • Rusty weapons, some servicible, still in armoury, unless people took a specific waepon


  • Alarm Horns x 3 - Permantly enchanted with Rank 9 Resounding Instrument (10 mile radius)

Pirates Guarding Villagers

  • Dagger x 6
  • Cutlass x 2
  • Spear x 2
  • Falchion x 2
  • Cudgel x 4
  • Buckler x 2
  • Wristband of Witchsight x 2
  • Waters of Healing (Rank 14) x 4
  • Potion of Water Breathing (Rank 11)
  • Amulet of Aquilegius
  • Amulet of Carbunkle
  • Amulets of Luck x 2
  • Amulets of Hypericum x 2
  • Broach of Waterbreathing


Autumn 813wk: Fruit (4)
Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
Lugnasad 1 Guild Meeting 2 Portal & Goblins 3 Flying Foes 4 A Reft of Trouble 5 Raft Crafting 6 Raft Drafting
7 Raft Grafting 8 Raft Ends 9 Beach Walk 10 Beach Ambush 11 Locals at Last! 12 Rest & Recovery 13 Jungle Ambush
14 Dimetrious Found 15 Backfire Undercitadel 16 Pirates & Orcs DIE 17 Camp Games 18 Portal Escapes 19 20
21 22 23 24 25 26 27
28 29 30 1 2 3 4
Autumn 813wk: Harvest (5)
5 6 7 8 9 10 11
12 13 14 15 Equinox 16 17 18
19 Harvest Moon 20 21 22 23 24 25
26 27 28 29 30 1 2
Autumn 813wk: Vintage (6)
3 4 5 6 7 8 9
10 11 12 13 14 15 16
17 Blood Moon 18 19 20 21 22 23
24 25 26 27 28 29 30 Beerfest

Experience & Other Awards

Ahiga Brak Mave Mîm Pug Tallima
37700 44100 38700 45000 39600 34500
After racial tax:
1.0 1.4 1.0 1.4 1.1 1.4
37,700 31,500 38,700 32,143 36,000 24,643
After bonuses (Scribe etc.):
0 0 0 0 0 0
After Loot Auction:
 0 0 0 0 0 0
 0 0 0 0 0 0
Treasure Roll:
 6th - 78 4th - 48 1st - 20 5th - 74 2nd - 31 3rd - 37