Jack and the Beanstalk

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The adventure takes place in a village in Brastor.


Adventure: Jack and the Beanstalk
GM: Jeff Leddra
Session: Autumn 807
Night: Wednesday

Old Mother Hubbard
To rescue Jack who has proportedly climbed the beantalk.
One goat


  • Nikola - female shapeshifter Earth mage - Military Scientist
  • Dwork - Orc of Santuary, slayer of sailboats and slow moving zombies
  • Falco - a human that is a Shadow Celestial
  • Tulmar - an elf/Goblin of the Earth college,
  • Koffi - a Binder. Says that he is a Gnome that does mechanician stuff.
  • Malco - a human that is some sort of celestial mage, that deals in herbs stuff
  • Elenna - an E&E mage that does herb stuff and cooking

1st Fruit

Our Employer

We gather in one of the many rooms of the Seagate Guild, and once we have all arrived, someone from Guild Security appears with an old grumpy woman who wants to make sure that everyone's ears are clean. The Guild Security is happy to leave her with us.

The mission

Her son Jack (the lazy one), has disappeared up a beanstalk and she wants him found and brought back. Jack was supposed to have sold the cow for money, but he gave the cow to a strange person who offered him some magic beans. She has traveled a long way to find someone to find her son Jack. She has traveled from the area where The Dark Circle was. People are now slowly moving back to the area that was once their's. At the village that she lives at, there is a Blacksmith who is in charge and there is Zema a wise woman who protects the village from the nasties that are still about in the area. She only has a bad tempered goat for payment. The Guild will pay us, as they will be doing this as a goodwill gesture.

Problems in Seagate

We sort some things out before we go off the next day to her village. Later in the evening the boys of the group go off pubbing. They ran into some difficulty and seems that Koffi was kidnapped and Dwork was used for some unmentionable experimental stuff on certain parts of his body at the pub.

We go after Koffi so that we can get him back and to see what trouble that we might be in. While rescuing him, Tulmar accidentally squishes him (as he had been skin changed into a mouse), when he had to catch a package while flying. Dwork learnt how to take out a small boat with his body.

Well we find out that Koffi has a bit of a past like some of us and it has come back to interfere with our adventuring, which is not on.

2nd Fruit (Dwork - party leader)

We decide to have a party leader cycle, a different one each day. Dwork is the party leader today.

As we need to get to the village quickly, we decide to fly down. Old Mother Hubbard does not like this idea. We sort this out by doing something and then we fly down to Brasta. We visit the local market there and pick a few supplies to help us against the undead that might still be roaming around the area. We also want to find out some information about the area.

At the market some of the vegetables are a bit strange. They are a lot bigger than they should be and also they are gleaming with health.

We continue onto the village. On the way we see what appears to be a knight of one of the Orders being attacked by some undead creatures. When we go down to help, the ones that had looked dead on the ground popped up and started to attack us. Also the knight was not a knight at all, a night gaunt. It was an undead creature in an illusion, trying to lure people in. We are able to defeat the undead creatures eventually. Tulmar the green goblin at the moment has suffered in getting all his hair turned white.

We fly onto the village and the beanstalk. The village is still under repairs from the war that happened in this region.

We met the blacksmith leader after we have a spot of tea because the village looks empty when we arrived. They seem to be wary of us. Once they do come and see us we get to go and see Zema, who is the hedge witch of the village. Zema, even though an older lady seems to be about five month pregnant, and quite tired. She is able to turn Mother Hubbard back into herself. But Mother Hubbard was not very happy that she got turned into a mouse.

We find out there is a Manor here and there is a Lord. He was wounded in the War that happened recently. He does not come out during the day. He has a female Orc body guard. We will go and see him sometime soon.

Zema tells us that her pregnancy is unusual, as well as the other females of the village. They are all the same stage in the pregnancy and this only happened recently and it is an accelerated pregnancy and it will come to term in about four weeks time. The pregnancies started about four weeks ago, there did not seem to be a significant event that happened then.

The beanstalk has been here for about two weeks.

We pick one of the buildings to repair so that we can stay there for the time being. While this is happening Nickola goes and see some of the other women of the village.

3rd Fruit (Elenna)

Well it seems that Nickola and I are pregnant and this happened around midnight last night. It was a quiet night for us. Nothing happened on watch.

D/A's reveal that it was Quasi magical in nature and not Demonic.

We get Zema to check us out. Nickola thinks that Zema is lying to us about things. A bit later we go up to the Manor house to see Lord Grey. The bodyguard does not want to let us in to see the Lord. The female Orc is very beautiful, her name is Nugrachs.

I try some thing that will make her more agreeable to what we are saying. It does not go as planned. She takes me to the area that she sleeps and Dwork manages to get in as well as he was acting as my body guard. Well the privacy blacket is up for the time being.

While this is happening, the others try another way to see Lord Grey. They do get to see him and are told to come back up at night to see him.

Dwork and I are only able to extract ourselves when the Lord Grey want to find out what his bodyguard was doing while the other had gone and seen him, he did not seem to be that pleased.

The others had wandered back to the village by this time and they came across five horsemen riding into the village. From what I find out later, Hendrick the leader of the horsemen seems to pick a fight with Tulmar. It goes down hill from there and there is a little bit of a battle. Hendrick seemed to have a dagger that when it nicks someone and draws some blood the dagger will embed itself into that person when let go. This did not kill Tulmar but when Malco went to try and pull the dagger out, it did not quite work out that way and he sort of pushed it in further and killed him.

But the horsemen surrender after a little bit of a fight. We find out that they are bounty hunters and they are looking for someone called Black Neil, who had something to do with the Dark Circle conflict.

While we are sorting out what to do with the dead Tulmar, he comes back to life by himself slowly and the wound is also healing itself. This is good in one way, but not very good in another. Malco takes the dagger after D/A's and find that it is sort of safe enough. But Malco personality changes and he is insulting everybody and his language has goes bad. It must be the dagger.

We decide that we need to go back to the guild because of some of the strange occurrences that are happening. We try flying out but when we get to a certain point we cannot go on further and do not feel like going on further. We try different directions and different things but nothing seems to be working. In the end Falco uses something of his and he gets back to the guild.

Falco, when he was at the Guild says that he felt none compulsion that he felt at the village. He is given Gertrude, a namer, that is depressed because her boyfriend left as she is pregnant with his child and the boyfriend could not handle this.

Someone does a Reading:

  • Mix Protection & Blood, add a dash of Primal ID
  • Springing from Betrayal
  • Save the Blood Elf
  • Save the World

When Falco and Gertrude get back, some more information is sorted out on this side. Nickola talked to the beanstalk but did not get that much information out of the beanstalk. Dwork and Koffi had a little go up the beanstalk to see if there maybe any problems. Tulmar summons an earth elemental to see if it can get information for us, but it disappears on us. Falco feels the compulsion again, but it does not see to effecting Gertrude.

We go to the Burial Mounds that are near the village to see if they might be some of the source of the trouble. Only one of them seems to be active. The others have holes in the sides of the.

We go and investigate the active one. We are able to tunnel in. There is an undead humanoid there. He tells us a little about himself and he wants to die in combat, as he died by a drunken accident and the Valkeries did not come and get him. We are able to help him with that, and the Valkeries came for him. We do find a few interesting items down in the mound.

Also a similar thing happened to Malco, he recovered from his death.

One of the villagers died today. He was beaten to death by tomatoes, by the looks of it. Lets say there are some stange things happening here.

That evening we get invited to see the Lord at the manor, so that we can get more information about the area. Also the Lord would like a day of service out of Koffi for something that he did earlier that day.

4th Fruit (Nickola)

Today we check out the ruins of the church. There are magical auras on the church. Gertrude is able to deactivate some of them, but some other came into effect and we fought with some Half Devils and a Pit Fiend that killed Malco and Gertrude. Tulmar did not want to fight after he touched the lamb. We think that we survived the encounter with the Pit Fiend because it touched the lamb and it had similar effects on it as it did Tulmar. The Pit Fiend flies to the top of the beanstalk and disappears.

We find the pieces of the party members and put them back together and see if the raising of the dead will take place.

Falco uses an item to have a closer look at the beanstalk to see if we will encounter anything on the way up. He could see giant caterpillars and other giant bugs on the beanstalk.

5th Fruit (Malco)

While Party Members are healing, the rest of us sort things out and prepare ourselves for our journey up the beanstalk. Malco is supposed to be party leader today but he's healing, so we do what we do.

6th Fruit (Tulmar)

Gertrude is upset that she lost her child. Malco does his insulting thing with her and we have to calm her down.

We fly to the top of the beanstalk and have an encounter with a giant caterpillar. We are able to get away from the caterpillar, as it does a flying leap off the top of the beanstalk.

At the top there is a portal which we get through. We come up through a whole in a rock. A bit further from the rock it opens up into desert, there is a gravel road that goes off into some foothills in the distance. The sky up here is different, it is darker and has a lot of gaudy colours. D/A's reveal that this is the Plain of Carsul.

Falco does a little bit of scouting. The growth here is stunted. Dwork has an encounter with a scorpion, which he annoyed and it poisons him.

While scouting Falco had seen a camp fire, about half a mile to the east. We decide that it is best to go and have a look and see if we can find information out about this plain, if the occupant/s are friendly.

At the campfire, there is a giant and he does not seem to have a proper earth college of magic, he is different from the earth mages that we know. He is known as Dwasslir and he seems friendly enough. He is able to tell us a bit about this plain and about Blood Elves and a little of the history of this plain. We agree to help him with something that he is searching for and he will give us more information about the area and our problem with the Blood Elf blood and there species.

Tulmar is able to make the giant slightly more helpful and willing when he brings forth his earth elemental.

We did ask about Jack, but there might not be any hope for him in this area.

7th Fruit (Koffi)

We find the area that the giant was looking for. The area is unstable. We go down into a burial tomb to find that crown of a long dead king of the giants. We almost did not survive as there were a lot of undead giant rats and cockroaches. There was also a giant undead Sabretooth tiger as well. They drained us a bit, but we did get out of there with the crown for the giant.

We get more information about the Blood Elf species and there capabilities. It looks like they are near extinction. It seems that one is trying to resurrect through us and the people in the village.

We are pointed in the direction of the city, we fly most of the way there today, as it is about 300 miles away.

8th Fruit (Falco)

We get to the city that is on the edge of a sea and there are island distant off shore. The city is inhabited with summoners and it is a human city.

We were told that we should have a talk with someone who is a poet in the city, as he will have more information about Blood Elves and he maybe able to tell us where to find a live one to talk to.

We get to stay at an Inn called the Roasted Goat. We get ticket to see the recital of the poet that we are looking for. He is quite famous and the tickets are a little bet expensive. While we are waiting for evening to come, we get visitors trying to sell us information and other things. We find out more about the city.

There are several powerful summoners and there is a sort of balance at the moment between them, but it could change. The Summoners are Lars (sadist and trickster), Attogamumat (not quite human anymore), Coco (a former Night Gaunt, who is prolonging his life), Falguish (who is fixated on sex), and Elm Tree (most complex, the best and the worst). There is another but he is an EX Demon Prince, Kane. The others expelled him.

There seems to be a network of information sellers here, as they come knocking on our door to sell us stuff. One of them was tickets to execution, which Tulmar moped about because he would not be able to see it.

At the poetry reading, it started off well, it was very epic and most people curled up into balls and started to weep. Things shortly after this did not go very well. The poet's pages that he was reading from came alive with some beings that sucked out his brain and then started to go after the prone people on the floor of the venue. These thing are coming from the pages and there seems to be one for every person here. Dwork destroys the greates work of art on this plain to help us and the people of this venue. In the end we do get out, but Nickola and Dwork get their brains sucked out. Some of the party need a high rank healer to heal us from something that made us unconscious.

The Demon Princes were there, and Elm Tree offers to help us as we able to sort out what happened at the venue. He supplies us with the High ranked healer and says to bring our members with the brains sucked out and he should be able to do something with them tomorrow, now we seem to have people watching out for us on the way back to the Inn.

9th Fruit (Dwork, with the brain sucked out)

Elm Tree is able to call in some favours to get the souls back of our party members. He will require our services for something in the future. Malco is able to get his hip repaired here while we wait for the other members of the party to get there souls back.

We find out who has the Blood Elf, it is one of the other Demon Princes. The things that sucked out the brains of people were servant of the Dark Muse. Dwork is now starting to get a different personality. Nickola is still pregnant, but she now has a Demon Taint.

10th Fruit (Elenna)

We gather some information while waiting to hear back from Elm Tree.

11th Fruit (Nickola)

The kid from the other night is here to give us information from Elm Tree, of where to find the Blood Elf and who has him. We pump him for as much information that we think that we could think of.

A while later Ethol comes back to have a liaison with Dwork and she tells him that her ex has been hired to get us. We make some plans and go and find Ethol's ex before he finds us. We find out that it is the Demon Prince that is holding the Blood Elf that wants us. Since we have our plans, we go and do what planned.

We hand off the ex and his hired people to the guards that will take them over in a boat to the island where Coco is residing. We follow them over by flying and they take down the storm that is protecting the island. On the island there are two towers, a big one on one side of the island and a smaller one on the other side. We go for the small one. Nickola lands on the black flat roof near the tower and is sucked down by something black. Dwork is able to pull her free, but is coated with this black stuff which made her unconscious. It does not look good from the D/A's that we get off on it. Just as she wakes up, one of the Celestials is able to get up a wall of light around us. Nickola does not seem to like the wall of light now.

Just as Nickola is about to take off to get away from the wall of light, some of us tackle her and get her through the wall. The thing that was on her did not like this and it comes off her and flies back up to the roof that it came from. No alarms seem to have been triggered. On the other side of the island there is activity as something is trying to attack the tower there. It might be our Pit Fiend (the one Elm Tree knew about), it looks to be a distraction for us.

Before we can get into the tower, a Hellhound comes across us, which we defeat and we get into the tower. There are a few guards, which we sort out. We go to the level where the guard thinks the Blood Elf maybe. The level looks like an Alchemy lab and the Blood Elf head is floating in one jar while the body is in another, which is trapped. There are potions around as well, we take a selection. Some interesting stuff.

12th Fruit (Malco)

Still on the island and in the tower, just a change of leader and the next day. Just as we are about to leave with the bodies and potions, Darkness falls on us. But we are able to fly away with a little bit of difficulty. Some of us flying into the storm and nearly be flown off course and dropping of bodies, but rescuing them before they splatter.

Instead of going to the city, we go to the desert to recoup and see what our options are. Elm Tree's Half Devils are following us, but they are very far away.

It looks as Elm Tree was using us to alter the balance of power in this city. We have a bit of a rest. We use one of the potions on Dwork, which resurrects him and another on the Blood Elf which puts him back together again and heals him up a bit. We tell him what has been happening and he tells us that it must be his twin sister that is trying to resurrect. He is call Cory and his sister Corya.

Corya was on our plane for revenge against Raska as the war with the Blood Elves was manufactured by this person.

Cory wants to see his sister resurrected and he will come back with us to help with the process. We go down the beanstalk and the caterpillar that fell landed on Jack's house and had killed Old Mother Hubbard. When we get down we notice that there are other beings coming through the portal of the beanstalk.

Since the beanstalk has Blood Elf blood in it we cannot chop it down. Cory is able to make us with the blood go to sleep while Dwork (because he took the potion) and Koffi's golem take the beanstalk down, which lands on the spring.

It seems that eight Devils and Demons got through before the beanstalk was cut down. They headed west and Cory thinks they maybe here it create a portal for Elm Tree, who may want to try and invade us. (He was using us in a two fold way).

Nickola and Gertrude and I pregnancy accelerates to the state of what the rest of the females villagers are like. We get Koffi to help us with our armour, so that we can fight if we need to. Cory says because the Id has now felt threatened because of the beanstalk falling on it, it has started its rebirth sooner than it should. This is good for us as the babies will be smaller than they should be and there may not be any deaths from the process.

We go down to the spring to find the body of the sister which now has been squished by the beanstalk. While Cory is trying to locate the body, he senses something that should have been extinct, a Blood Transforming Demon. This is a creature that can affect him and his sister.

At the spring we are attack by things coming out of the beanstalk. The Blood Transforming Demon is making them from the beanstalk that it is inhabiting. Cory is able to find the body of his sister. While the others are fighting Gertrude and I are scrapping up the flattened body for Cory.

On one set of creatures that attack us Dwork is changed into a Billy Goat and Nickola is changed into a Nymph, which she is not happy about.


  • 7 Vials of Holy Water
  • Combined Amulet (Tulmar)
  • Dagger (Plus on Hitting)
  • Small Ring (Invested with Illusion)
  • 10sp
  • Blood flower (Malco)
  • Dagger that will dig when it has a drop of person blood
  • Drinking Horn of Strength
  • Girdle (Beauty)
  • Good Looking Chain Armour
  • A Vial in a Pouch (Alter appearance)
  • 7 Rat Bones - various Necro Magic
  • 3 x Restoratives (all used up)
  • Climbing gear
  • A lamb Statue
  • 470sp worth in coins
  • 1 Topaz
  • 1 Diamond
  • 1 Chalice (of ecstasy-visions of the future)


  • 5000sp for Combined Amulet (Tulmar)
  • 10sp inn (Roasted Goat)
  • 320sp (40 x 8) Poetry Reading