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Here are a few of the non-personal items Dramus has collected over the years.


Shortsword Collection

Dragon's Claw Short Sword

This short sword has been made from the claw of a long dead silver dragon, attached to a fairly standard short sword hilt. Except as detailed below it has the same statistics and characteristics as a normal short sword.

  1. It is particularly hard. Once sharpened it will retain its edge for at least 4 years of normal service. This does mean that it is difficult to sharpen and this task requires the services of a rank 6 Weaponsmith and their Workshop.
  2. It is difficult to break, If a break check is necessary, the roll to save is 4 x MD instead of the normal 3 x MD. Only if this roll is 00 will the blade have actually broken; otherwise the blade will merely come apart from the hilt.
  3. This short sword does an extra point of damage as compared to a normal short sword.
  4. This weapon is not magical in any way.

Dragon's Claw Short Sword

This short sword has been made from the claw of Rhaznor the Enchanter, in his Dragon form. Except as detailed below it has the same statistics and characteristics as a normal shortsword

  1. It is particularly hard. Once sharpened it will retain its edge for at least 4 years of normal service. This does mean that it is difficult to sharpen and this task requires the services of a rank 6 Weaponsmith and their Workshop.
  2. It is difficult to break, If a break check is necessary, the roll to save is 4 x MD instead of the normal 3 x MD. Only if this roll is 00 will the blade have actually broken; otherwise the blade will merely come apart from the hilt.
  3. This short sword does an extra point of damage as compared to a normal short sword.
  4. This weapon is not magical in any way.

Translucent Short Sword

This shortsword is made from translucent unbreakable crystal made on the plane of OZ. This weapon has +3% to hit and +1 damage. In addition this weapon may hit incorporeal or insubstantial entities. Including those incorporeal due to spells or magic's. This is a non-magical weapon.

Walking Cane Shortsword

This weapon looks like a normal shortswords. However to a merchant it will appear as a walking stick. It may be used for either purpose.

GM: Ian Wood Value: 25sp

Coloured Shortsword

(This is part of a set of 5 swords in a range of colours)

This is made of a crystal-like material and due to weaponsmithing it has +3% to hit and +1 damage. In addition to this if it strikes anything that is predominantly the colour of the weapon it will do another additional point of damage.


This magical weapon is the bane of spiders. When in their presence it glows with brightness dependent on the size and closeness of the spiders. Against spiders this weapon does an addition +5 damage and gives +20% to hit. On the downside when not in its ornate and runed scabbard it attracts the common foodstuffs of the closest spiders. If spiders larger than normal are within 1 mile the glow will become bright and the owner will be aware of it even when Sting is sheathed.

Crystal Spider Sword

Made from the leg of a Silt Sea crystal spider, this sword is extremely sharp and hard. The wielder must fail an additional break-weapon roll for the sword to break. The sword will always retain its edge and never need re-sharpening. The sword is +5 to hit <Non-magical due to it's light weight and ease of use>, and normally does +1 damage <again non-magical>. However due to it's edge it is more effective against flesh than metal, so against any opponent in leather cloth hide furs or other similar armour, or any time that it scores an endurance blow or specific grievous it does +3 damage rather than +1.

Calamar Blade

This shortsword is enchanted so that when an entity is struck by it for effective damage that entity must make a x3 Endurance check (-1 DF if EN damage, -1 DF if effective damage over 10) or start losing a stat point per pulse until a x1 Endurance check is made (Check at end of pulse after loss) or the entity loses consciousness. All damage is treated as endurance for all purposes. The point loss is determined by rolling a D10. 1-3 PS, 4-6 AG, 7-9 MD, 10 EN. If the user is not a Calamar then each time they do effective damage they lose a stat point as above. If a stat is reduced to 0 by the blade then the entity will lose consciousness and die in EN pulses unless tended by a healer of Rank 3 or above (3FT required, time 10-rank minutes minimum one pulse). The blade is dull red and glows with the light of a candle. The handle is in the shape of a squid with the tentacles forming the guard.

Black Shortsword

This shortsword, of dark metal, modifies the wielders strike chance by +8% and modifies the users cast chances by only -5%. It also has invested within it 5 charges of Spectral Weapon (Rk 10).
Charges:5 4 3 2 1

Poison Shortsword

This shortsword is made from a Silver alloy of a yellow green colour, by a Rank 9 weaponsmith. (+9% to hit, +2 pounds weight) The blade is gently serrated. When viewed from a few feet it resembles a blade of flax with crimped edges. The pommel unscrews to reveal a poison reservoir in the hollow handle, which holds the equivalent of 10 ordinary doses of blade venom. There is a narrow pipe to the sword's point and a fine conduit system such that any violent blow (i.e., a successful strike-check, to fatigue &/or endurance) forces one measure of blade venom to the swordpoint & between the serration's. This measure of venom is available to be delivered on the next blow. To administer the blade venom successfully, the wielder must do effective endurance damage on his victim. Obviously the first blow in a combat session will be unpoisoned (hence the wielder might wish to first strike a tree or the ground before doing battle in earnest.) Any excess measures of blade venom will drip of the serrations. Should the sword be used when it has run out of blade venom, the wielder should flush the sword with potent brandy or an alchemical cleaner to prevent the delivery tube from becoming blocked. Because of the efficiency of the delivery system, each "measure" is only a quarter of an ordinary dose of blade venom, but is as effective as a full ordinary dose. Normally, the poison delivery system is unlikely to be significantly damaged in combat. The sword has been strengthened but it is NOT unbreakable: the wielder may add +9 to his MD for the purposes of saving against breaking the weapon.


This sword looks like a battered old Shortsword. Its blade is notched and even with regular oiling it looks a little worse for wear. When in combat the sword will gain any bonus's that are applied to the opponent's sword. For Example if an opponents sword has +10 to hit +1 to damage and Rk 5 Artisan sculpting on the hilt Chameleon will mimic all these effects. Including those that just effect how it looks. In the case of racially attuned weapons Chameleon gains all bonuses exactly as they apply to the opponents weapon at the time. If there are no bonuses on the opponent's weapon Chameleon acts as a normal Shortsword.

Any curses that reside on an opponent's weapon will take effect on Chameleons wielder for the duration of one day. Any inappropriate curses simply will not take effect.

If an opponents weapon affects more than one Damage Class Chameleon will gain any classes that the opponents blade gains, and if the opponents blade is a different class and gains A class as a bonus Chameleon will gain the opposition weapon's standard Damage Class.

The weapon may not be enchanted.

Magical Shortsword and Dagger Pair


A fine weaponsmithed and silvered Shortsword and Dagger pair from the plane of Faeleph. The blades are silver with a reddish sheen, and intricately engraved flames playing along the edge of the blade. The handle is that of a stylized dragon's head (the hand grips the snout), darkish red with a golden sparkle when it catches the light. The dragon's lips form the hilt and its tongue becomes the blade. The scabbards are well made and complement the weapons. Whenever the trigger word is said (even when not used), Dwarven runes light up along the length of the scabbards reading "Friend Dramus, courtesy of The Seven".

Besides the engraved flames, there are four sets of distinctive Dwarven runes on the blades of the weapons: 'Dragon's Shortsword - this is the name of the weapon. Repus Crawdson - the name of the smith (Dwarf). House of Crawdson - the foundry (within Spire Mountain) Cothmiiquale - the name of the mage (Elf)

Main property

Communication over a distance (For DA the college is a cross between Earth and Fire). To communicate one weapon's blade has to be driven into the soil/earth/ground with the wielder saying "Dragon Talk" in Golden Dragon. When this occurs if the other weapon is within range, its blade will start to crackle softly like a fire. Communication begins when it too is thrust into the ground with its wielder saying "Dragon Talk" in Golden Dragon. The two wielders can hear each other as if they were standing face to face. Communication ceases when either blade is removed from the ground or the maximum time expires.

No magical properties stack Modifiers for all magical triggers. -5 if not ranked in any draconic tongue. + 1 per rank of Dragon + 3 per rank of Golden Dragon

or or

Communication BC 75%. The connection (once per week) lasts a maximum of 5 x D minutes (+D minutes on the plane of Faeleph). The distance covered is 225 miles + (D+ 10) miles on the plan of Faeleph.

Secondary Property

The shortsword will also allow Dramus to cast Protection from Magical Fire and Fireproofing upon himself at Rank 10.

Protection from Magical Fire
BC: 60%
Duration: 11 hours
Effect: Reduces magical fire damage by 10 ranks.
BC: 75%
Duration: 11 hours
Effect: The target is completely immune to the effects of normal fire.

The weapons are weaponsmithed to Rk 8. This bestows an additional 3% of strike chance and an additional point of Damage.

Value: 30,000sp GM: Daryl Crosby Tidied and checked by Struan Judd

The Slug's Shortsword of Stunty Slaying

This dark grey serrated Shortsword glows in the presence of Dwarves or Gnomes. The damage done, to Dwarves and Gnomes, with this weapon after armour has been subtracted is doubled. (This applies even if they are not in their natural shape, or invisible.)

Due to being repaired at the Percy Institute of Knowledge. The damage done by this weapon is +3 and the Strike Chance is 63%

Other Magical Weapons

Magical Dagger

This dagger may be commanded to Flame. When flaming it effectively has a Rank 10 Weapon of Flames cast upon it. (+11% BC +5 Damage) The Dagger can only flame 3 times in any 24-hour period and will only flame for a period of 1 minute. The dagger is also magically preserved against the ravages of time and magically unbreakable (as per Binder spell).

The Soul Dagger

This ornate dagger has a keen edge, (bonus of +1 damage from weaponsmith), but is not weighted for throwing (it may only be used in melee and close). The dagger has a silver chased handle terminating in a dragon's claw encircling an almost transparent bubble (similar to a soap bubble). Anyone slain by the dagger has their soul sucked through the dagger and stored in the bubble which becomes milky and opaque with coloured swirls, much like a large marble. When the dragon's claw pommel is twisted the claws relax allowing the marble to be removed (it is not possible to remove an empty bubble). Twist again and the claws return to their original position and a new empty bubble forms. Storing a soul acts as an indefinite duration Preserve Dead (the body will not decay while the soul is stored). While the soul is stored the body may not be resurrected. The soul may be released by crushing the marble.

GM Martin Dickson
Value: 4000sp

Magical Tulwar

This weapon allows its wielder to cast water-magics as if the caster were in sight of a large body of water (+5). This bonus does not combine with any other water-mage bonus. The casting of magic is neither inhibited nor prohibited by the act of wielding this sword. At the wielders whim, he may personally be under the effect of one of three spells: 1. Rank 0 General Knowledge Counterspell 2. Rank 0 Special Knowledge Counterspell 3. Rank 0 Walk on Water The wielder may only have one of these spells in effect at any one time and it takes passive concentration to change spells. These spells always work. The spells are in effect on the wielder only, even if another sentient is in the same hex

Delven Short Bow

This short bow is has been constructed by the Delves of Oz to be able to be used by an individual of PS 11 and MD of 12. It is normal in all other respects.

Bronze Great Axe

This axe is enchanted to that characters with 15-18 PS may wield it. When so wielded it does D+5 damage. If the character has 18-22 S the damage is D+6. Greater than 22 PS does D+7 with the weapon. There are earth and death runes on the handle.

Net of Entanglement

This magical weapon of merfolk manufacture does D+1 damage and has a 15% bonus to its chance to entangle. A victim in this net must roll under 1.5 times Agility to escape.

Selenium Bladed Spears (set of two)

This weapon has a hardened obsidian shaft and an iron blade, silvered with selenium. This metal has three effects. The weapon may be treated as silvered for the purposes of magic. Should an endurance blow be dealt with this weapon 2 extra points of damage due to metal poisoning result. The blade absorbs light so that is glows softly in the dark for the same duration to which it has been exposed to sunlight. If covered or sheathe the blade does not glow. This weapon has a 6% bonus to hit due to weaponsmithing.

Currently stationed by the doors of Dramus' country manor to light the entryway.

Orc Slayer <Broadsword>

This beautifully crafted work of the weaponsmiths art adds +2 to damage. <Rank 10 weaponsmith>. It also has a permanent false aura illusion. It DA's as magical and the nature of the magic is "Orc-Slaying". Anything else gets no answer. The false aura gives no benefit whatsoever and of course the +2 damage bonus is applied to all things, not just to hitting orcs.

Clothing and Armour

Drazzard Skin Armour

This set of armour retains some of the fire resistant properties of the Drazzard race. The wearer suffers 75% of the actual damage inflicted by fire/heat effects.

PR: 7 AG: -3 Wt: 18lbs Stealth: -5 Value: 15000sp

GM: William Dymock

Cloak of Many Pockets

A slightly shabby cloak, with rather tatty lining

DAs as formerly living, GTN Cotton

The wearer will always have many pockets available to them in the lining of the cloak, with effects the same as the Illusion spell of Deep Pockets. Effective rank is 15

GM: Dean Ellis
Value: 8,000 SP

Belt of Flying

This brown belt is embossed with Silver wing motifs and contains a shaped rank 10 Instil Flight. Upon command the possessor can fly at 40mph for a duration of 5 hours and 30 minutes. The belt can lift 650 pounds and need not be worn to be effective, although it must be in contact with an entity, who commands the flight, in order to function. Each use immediately removes 1 ft from the commanding entity (EN if no FT is available). The spell effects stop if the controlling entity loses consciousness, or the belt is broken or otherwise stops being a possession.

This is usable once per day and the effect stop after the first landing.

GM: Unknown. Addendum Andrew Withy. Value: 5000sp

Silent Boots

These brown leather boots that fit a Human, Elf, or Orc are magical and help increase the BC of moving silently by 15%.

Gm: Jono
Wgt: 2 pounds
Value 2000sp
Aura: Magical
Plane of Origin: Alusia
Nature of Magic: Enhancement
Magically Trapped Warded or Cursed: No

Special Boots for Dramus

A stylish pair of boots that will levitate the wearer 1" from a solid surface.

  1. There is a cantrip to levitate and a reverse cantrip for walking.
  2. During levitation – there is no friction so the wearer must be pushed or 'skate'. An initial push off is required.
  3. There is no TMR alteration for these boots.

GM: Gordon Lewis

Magical Items

Jade Wedding Rings

This pair of jade wedding rings were made for Dramus and Teeanna by Lord Yo Long (aka Jade Dragon) on the occasion of their marriage. The rings are of milky jade with cinnabar veins and are fashioned with a dragon's head and tail forming the loop. They operate as a pair, and will only work for their original recipients.

While both rings are being worn they have the following powers:

  • Each ring acts as a Linking Life-Force to the holder of the other ring. The range of this is unlimited and will operate even if the rings are on different planes.
  • At 1,000 miles or less the rings confer a form of the ESP spell (Mind G-4) between the holders, informing each of the other's general mood and an approximate direction. The direction sensing becomes more accurate the closer together the rings are brought.
  • At 10 miles or less the rings provide their bearers with a 1-to-1 Mind Speech (Mind S-5). This is a "private band" and will not form a single group with any other Mind Speech.
  • At 100 feet or less the rings create a strong empathic bond between the wearers, allowing them to clearly feel the emotions and physical sensations of the other. They may also take wounds suffered by the other onto themselves.
    • May be done freely once per Pulse (by either or both wearers), in the end phase immediately before Stun Recovery.
    • The transfer is 1-for-1, with FT damage applied to FT (although if out of FT the recipient may choose to lose EN), and EN applied to EN. A wearer may even relieve the other of a Specific Grievous injury (taking both the Spec's EN damage and special effect on to themselves). Only damage may be transferred, not tiredness, spell fatigue, etc.
    • This is not a healing effect (does not benefit from Ishkhara's healing bonus), nor will Rune Shields aid against a transferred Spec Grev, etc.
    • The empathic bond is so strong that the death of one wearer will require a 1xWP

Check from the other wearer or they will be struck unconscious for D5 Pulses.

  • If either ring is removed all effects are unavailable until both are again worn, and the other wearer will be aware of the ring's removal (and when it is replaced).

Aura: strength: magical, primary nature: understanding / empathy, plane: Alusia, type of enchantment: shaping (powerful), age: recent.

GM Note: The use of the rings may be complicated by both belonging to player characters. If both are on the same adventure then the rings should operate as described. If both are not, then the powers can be glossed over as needed for playability if the GM desires.

GM: Martin Dickson
Date: February 2008

Golden Hairnets

These 5 Hairnets are all provide Rk10 Water-breathing and Rk4 Buoyancy when worn. One of these amulets resides with [Teeanna d'Elenassay].

Curse Removal Snuff Box

A small, wooden snuff box DAs as Formerly Living, Flinger Tree, Nature of the magic 'Curse Removal'.


  • Can be used as a perfectly normal snuff box
  • Contains one charge of Curse Removal
  • If opened when the opener is under the effects of any Minor Curse, or a Major Curse with MA 32 or less, then the charge will trigger, destroying the curse and the snuff box together.

GM: Dean Ellis
Value: 4,000 SP


This is a glowing orange rock, roughly spherical and 6 inches across weighing 5lbs. It is a member of a bizarre race that co-exists with the G'kek.

A Grignok may be infused with EP.

1) Every 2500ep granted builds up 1FT, which may be stored in reserve. The Grignok can transfer this to the being that granted the EP. Transferral takes D-2 Pulses. The Grignok recovers this fatigue through rest i.e. one point per hour.

2) For every 200ep x Rank effect the Grignok may store a healer ability charge, with the time and base chance being as for a healer of that rank. One rank 8+ ability may be stored while any number of lesser abilities may also be stored.

Activation of the Grignoks abilities takes a pass action. In the case of preserve dead/resurrection the Grignok will take its own initiative. Only the being that grants the EP may gain the benefit.

GM William Dymock
Value: 20000sp
Aura: Long lived Sentient
Plane of Origin: Galatea
Nature of the Magic: None
College: None
Magically Trapped/Warded/Cursed: No.

Quintessential Goblet & Monocle

These are two separate items of exceptional quality (Rank 10 craftsmanship). The goblet is made from gold and true-silver tastefully set with gems, it will seem an appropriate vessel to drink from in almost any social setting. The Monocle is gold rimmed around a crystalline shard polished to exceptional clarity. When Dramus wears it and observes works of art he will appear to be knowledgeably appreciative of the art. Any liquid that is drunk from the goblet will be safe to drink and be of better quality than it would be from any other vessel. Normal beverages will taste better as if made by a Vintner, Brewer, etc of 2 ranks higher (no maximum). E.g. A wine made by a Rank 9 Winemaker would taste as if it were made by a Rank 11 winemaker. If an undrinkable, poisonous, stale, bitter, or otherwise unpleasant liquid is drunk from the goblet then it will taste like a rank 2 wine and cause no more harm to the drinker than you would expect from a rank 2 wine. Any artistic endeavour or artistic work viewed via the monocle will appear to be better quality than it is. The rank of the craftsmanship or performance will appear to be 2 ranks higher than it actually is (no maximum). Value: 10,000sp GM: Stephen Martin Adventure: Haven's Incursion, Autumn 802wk.

Broach of Shielding

This broach is of a golden chrysanthemum and to be effective must be openly fastening a cloak or high-necked shirt or blouse. If so worn the item absorbs bolt spells cast upon the wearer and releases the mana as luck. The luck released is always bestowed to a genuine enemy or opponent of the wearer. This luck manifests itself as a minus to dice rolls equal to the bolts damage for a number of pulses equal to the bolts rank. The enemy so blessed must be in combat with the wearer at the time and must be the one most dangerous to the wearer at the time.

GM: William Dymock

Ring of Cleanliness

This ring has been enchanted to provide its wearer a cleaning Cantrip (at the cost of 1FT) that buffs and shines boots, cleans lint and other such unwanted material (but no 'living' or 'previously living' material – E.g. No blood or gore) from clothes and headwear as well as providing a light scent that is appealing to any who get close enough to smell. (the scent is light and indistinguishable but is pleasant across all scent ranges) This ring is Magical, its Nature is Purifying and is a Namer College Magic

Value 1,000sp
GM: Chris C

Rod of Controlling Insectoids

This opalescent glass rod is unbreakable. It enables the user to control the every action of one insectoid creature, and to communicate mentally with any insectoid under the wearer's control. Only one insectoid may be controlled at any time. The controlled insectoid acts as if it were under the effects of slowness. A sentient insectoid may be forced to cast spells. The base chance of the rod being effective depends on whether of not the insectoid is sentient. Sentient Insectoid = 40% + user's willpower - insects willpower Non sentient Insectoid = 50% + user's willpower - insects willpower Duration is concentration no maximum Range is 50ft The control effect is resistible. If it fails, or the insect resists, it may not be used on that insectoid for 24 hours. Should a backfire result occur the rod would be rendered unusable for 24 hours.

Mana Tear

This looks and feels like a teardrop of obsidian about one and a half inches long and one inch in diameter at the largest point. The material is less brittle than obsidian and as resilient as iron. When DA'ed the Tear is "formally living", Generic True Name: Three quarter devil, and from the eighth plane of Hell. The tear is able to store one spell of up to Rank 10 for 1 week. To store a spell an adept must cast a successful spell at the tear. If the cast Roll is a 00 then the Tear is destroyed. If the cast is a double or triple then only the normal effects are stored. The tear is triggered to release the spell effect with a Base chance of 75%. If the triggering fails and is not a 00 then the spell is still stored. If a 00 is rolled then the spell is lost.

Crystal from the pools of the boiling waterfall

A crystal formation that is unique to the pools below the Boiling Waterfalls. The crystal is receptive to two types magical enchantment. 1. Mana Storage - Store up to 10FT at a cost of 2:1 in a half hour ritual. 2. OR Spell Storage - 1 Spell can be cast into the crystal (using a half hour ritual) for later release. * The spell must be capable of being stored as an investment.

The crystal must be empty and purified (1 hour ritual) before accepting the next spell or FT.

Value 5000sp
GM Gordon

Skull of Unlife Pain

The skull of a- human has been shaped into a magical artefact. The skulls jaw is wide open (the skull appears to be screaming).

Upon triggering the skull it creates a temporary powerful alteration in the mana for a single entity. It alters agony types of spells such that they have no effect on normal entities of life but instead it causes pain (and probably surprise) solely to undead.

All other effects of the spelt are as normal.

This will affect all lesser undead and most greater undead (some very powerful greater undead may be immune) while being ineffective on living entities.

The effect (modifying one adepts agony magic's) lasts for 30 seconds and cannot be removed. Any agony spells cast by that adept in that duration will be effected.

The skull has two charges of it's effect and either of them take a full seven days to re-power.

1st Frost 8O3AP
Value 10000
GM Phil Judd

Fetish of Warding versus Spiders

Effects: This fetish confers protection versus arachnids of all kinds, who will not willingly approach within 30 ft of the wearer. Sentient arachnids may overcome this protection by making a once willpower check

Cost: 3500 sp
JP Smith

Carpet of Concentration

This finely made carpet, 3'x4', allows any one person to gain a 5% bonus to cast any ritual provided they perform the ritual on the carpet. In addition it gives a +1 to any concentration check.

Tapestry of Corruption

This 24' by 8' tapestry depicts demons and things best left unexplained battling under a flaming red sky. Studying the tapestry takes one hour and will provide an effective Rank 2 Military Scientist or +1 if ranked above 1. This knowledge lasts for D10 weeks. However the viewer must make a 3x willpower check to avoid losing a permanent point of willpower. As an option the tapestry may be used to answer questions about Powers of Dark, tactics, or Demonic Heraldry. Since the viewing need not be so intense a 5x willpower check is require to avoid willpower loss.

Magical Pedestal

This pedestal is about three feet high and seven inches in diameter. It is made from silver plated bronze. Any item up to a weight of 2lbs will float about 1" above the pedestal. No dimension off the item may be greater than 7"

Bird in a Gilded Cage

A mechanical bird in a gilded cages that when a candle is lit in the bottom of the cage sings sweetly for as long as the candle lasts.

Keys to an Unknown

This bunch of eight keys is obviously old, possibly ancient. When divinated three of them prove to be magical, the magic being opening. It is thought that they are each designed to open a specific magical lock.

Poetic Scroll

This is a parchment scroll that when opened holds an original poem couched in Haiku, a different poem each time. The poem is in a random language from the following. 1 Common 2 Elvish 3 Ellyllon (Pixie) 4 Tempesta (Winged Elf) 5 Dwarvish 6 Centaur 7 Goblin 8 Troll 9 Bale (Drowlike) 10 Orc

Mechanical Toy

This toy is of a young woman drawing up a bucket from a well. The well, the woman, a tree, and some flowers all sit on a disk 2" wide. The whole toy is only 1.5" high. It is of superb craftsmanship (Rank 9 Mechanician and Artisan Metalsmith) and is made from silver with gilding. The woman's body and well crank are joined but can move so that the woman's body moves turning the handle. This can either be moved by hand or animated by channelling mana into the item. 1 point of fatigue will animate the toy for five minutes.

Crystal Dinner Set

This is a full dinner set for 6 (as listed below). When used independently the pieces will enhance the quality of food and drink by 2 effective ranks. When the full set is used in the same room anything eaten or drunk is safely consumable. If the food or drink is prepared by an artisan then the effective quality is improved by two ranks. If the food/drink is raw, off, naturally poisonous, etc. then it will be edible and harmless and taste as if prepared by a rank 1 artisan.

6 x Cut crystal wine glasses (1/4 lbs)
6 x Cut crystal flutes (1/4 lbs)
6 x Blue crystalline dinner plates (1 lbs)
6 x Blue crystalline side plates (1/2 lbs)
6 x Blue crystalline soup bowls (1/2 lbs)
6 x Blue crystalline dessert bowls (1/2 lbs)
6 x Blue crystalline cutlery (3 knives, 3 forks, 2 spoons) (1/4 lbs)

Each item is subtly etched with Dramus' coat of arms.

The total weight of each setting when packed in its case is 4 lbs (I.e. 24 lbs for the full set of 6) The pieces of this set are sturdy, they require deliberate effort to break. Cracks and other damage that do not destroy a piece will gradually mend.

Value: 25,000sp
GM: Stephen Martin
Adventure: Fey Haven, Spring 807wk

Magic Cloth

2 sheets of fine white linen (table cloth or sheet?) of 2 pounds each a. Living, sub-sentient plant that can be changed to any required shape. It becomes a possession. Can only have illusions cast on it (no other)

i. i)This fabric is alive and is self-repairing. It cannot normally be cut, but can be damaged and destroyed - I fatigue to mend per 10% damaged, round up

  • Costs I fatigue to change its shape or colour
  • Costs 2 fatigue per step to change its thickness. The steps are: Gossamer; Gauze; Veil; Cloth (normal setting); Bed Spread; Blanket; Fur; Duvet; Padded cloth.

ii. The fabric reverts to its normal shape, colour and thickness each dawn. b. Will not provide armour protection c. Fatigue expended can only be recovered under normal rules for food and rest - it cannot be recovered by gutbuster, transfer fatigue etc. Value 250SP each = 500SP GM Ian Wood

Iron Brush

(2 pounds)

a) Cleaning iron i. Enables user to remove all signs of wear and use from an item, including rust, squeaks, blemishes, corrosion etc ii. Works on any metal, including metal armour

  • Costs one fatigue for minor scratches for one complete suite of armour or items
  • Costs one fatigue per 100 sp it would cost to get an armourer to fix armour.

Value 6000sp GM: Ian Wood

Speaking Tube

Two feet of flexible leather-like tubing, two inches in diameter, with a brass cap at one end, and a brass funnel with a hinged lid at the other. The whole being enchanted with "communication" magics that operate across planes. Lifting the funnel's lid and speaking into the tube with put the user in communication with the device's maker, one Dr. Dominiani, the vampiric demesne lord of a small planelet Nothing can be passed through the tube but sound; it is in effect an audio-only planar portal. Whether Dr. Dominiani will offer any sort of useful information, or indeed speak to the user more than once (this tube having been purloined from one of his employees) is left to the discretion of the GM. In a nutshell: Dominiani's tiny plane consists of his insane asylum and its grounds. Dr. Dominiani is an extremely well ranked Healer (above 10), interested in diseases of the mind, and rumoured to eschew the drinking of blood in favour of cranial fluids. His minions move to other planes through portals set up in asylums and sanitariums. If the GM so chooses they may contact Martin Dickson for more info. Weight: 5lbs Value: lOOsp

Non-Magical Items


This finely carved statuette is of the four OZ witches and the Wizard; each done in the appropriate coloured crystal. The statue weighs 1.5 pounds and is 6 inches in diameter.

Serenity Diorama

A crystal encased diorama of the Erelheine serenity garden in the city of Dimazcus made using a single piece of ivory. This is a finely made piece of artwork by the renowned artist Akmed Katinka of Dimazcus. Value 750sp

GM: Chris C

Fine Coffee Service

A fine boned sculpted coffee service (with settings for 6) along with a cushion lined carrying case for the service. This was crafted by Zurag of Dimazcus in 695WK. The value of this coffee service is 1,750sp.

Carrying Case Dimensions of 2ft long by 1ft deep and wide (2x1x1) and weighs around 3lbs in total

GM: Chris C

Oak Chest

This chest is a solid oak chest with a maximum capacity of two cubic feet. It weighs 10lbs and can absorb 50 points of damage before its contents will be effected.

Rocking Chair

This is an ornate well carved rocking chair from the plane of OZ.

Cutlery Set

This is an ornate silver and crystal cutlery service. It has thin lines of silver running through transparent crystal so that it gives the appearance of exceedingly thin cutlery. Plane of Origin OZ.

Dinner Service

This set of 40 cups, plates, and bowls are all decorated with scenes from various locations in OZ. They are made from OZ china and are fragile.

"Medical Books"

Three books taken from Dr Dippel's study in Newport, discussing "cutting edge" medical techniques using acid baths, electricity, and trans-orbital lobotomy. The books are not terribly useful, doubly so on Alusia, and even rather disturbing to Healers.

Weight: 2lbs each Value: 150sp each

Former Items

Items previously owned by Dramus.

Silver candelabras

These have been given away as a bridal gift to Justine D'Amberville

A set of 3 (silver) candelabras, one of 6 pounds and two of 4 pounds a) Continuous candle light i. I fatigue to initiate, ii. I fatigue per hour to maintain each candelabra iii. or 2 fatigue per hour to maintain the set of three (must be in same room or within 100 feet, which ever is less), paid by whoever is carrying the main (6 pound) candelabra b) Acts as a magical source of light i. It is not sun light ii. Cannot be used for bonuses c) Each candelabra acts as a lantern for lighting purposes d) Fatigue expended can only be recovered under normal rules for food and rest, it cannot be recovered by gutbuster, transfer fatigue etc.

Value 5,000 sp
GM Ian Wood

Crystal of Light

Present to Count Logan on the occasion of his Wedding.

This crystal has a shaped rank 10 Firelight spell in it. It is activated by having mana channelled into it and will work for 4 hours per fatigue point. It will also radiate the appropriate amount of heat but will itself be warm not hot to the touch. The crystal is 10lbs in weight and fragile. It will be destroyed if it suffers more than 5 effective points of damage in a single blow, or its possessor suffers more than 20 points of damage from appropriate magical means.

Vocal Silver Snuff Box

Given away on adventure as a Gift

A small engraved silver with a hinged lid this could be used to contain a modest quantity of tobacco or the like. Also it may be opened and given a spoken phrase of less than 20 words which it will repeated up to three times, or " passage of up to 100 words which is uttered once, when the box is next opened by a sentient entity. These passages may be a maximum of thirty seconds and 3 minutes in duration respectively and have no other effect other than producing audible sound at the volume of ordinary speech. Magical commands, spells, and the like do not carry any more weight than their sound. This weighs 1 pound.

Guild valuation: 500sp
Ben Taberner