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This is the list of the known Gods and Powers of the planes of the Mithrian Portal System

The Gods


The Lord of Light


The Great Mother


The Unseen One


The Dream King

Gainel, the Dream King is a God of dreams both waking and sleeping; he is a God of inspiration and creation, of possibilities, fate and destiny. Anyone who wishes help to be creative, or is feeling a lack of inspiration may appeal to him, also those who wish aid in Divining the Future. The Dream King is a patron God of Bards, Illusionists, Troubadours, Sculptors and Artists, as well as Astrologers and others who would foretell possible future events.
Gainel is known to send people prophetic or informative dreams and to pass on messages from the other Gods.


The Champion

The Guardians


The guardian of the North on the plane of Sol, Wingstar is a 20 ft high 50 ft long (not uncluding tail) gold and silver dragon.
Wingstar is known to be able to Shapechange and Fly between planes.

Diamond Flame

A Guardian on the plane of Rue, Diamond Flame is a Dragon. He is supposed to be a very big Blue dragon but the only time a guild party has met him he appeared to be an eldery elf in blue robes, and DAed as a horse.
Diamond Flame is known to be able to able to create a potion that gifts the drinker the ability to understand and speak a previously unknown language fluently for a season.

Shadow Walker

A Guardian on the plane of Iska.
Guardian of the continents west of the great ocean (portal 10)
Encountered by some of the party on Bread and Circuses


Allegedly a Guardian on Iska.
Has not yet been met by a party but written about in some records.
Is meant to be Elvish and the Guardian of the lands SW across the Ocean.

Copper Scrolls

The following is a condensation of the translation of 9 copper scrolls recovered from the ruined Library in Timbuktu on the plane of Frigidia. Much of what has been removed is calls for praise or blessings, religious formula, and repetition's of that nature. The original is currently in the possession of Phaeton de Tama.

This is the truth of the beginnings, as told by the first ones to their Children handed down though the generations' father to son, mother to daughter since time untold and which I now tell to you.

In the beginning there were Two and the Two drew together and destroyed each other, and with this destruction the universe was created. From tiny pieces of the Two arose the Gods and they where many. The Gods explored the universe and every where they went they created. They created other lesser beings, mortal creatures who know death, among these were the first Dragons, creatures of great power who could wander the universe traveling at will without need of Ship or Dimensional Gates

But the Gods were many, and their visions were many, and there were times when these visions caused strife among the Gods until the time came when the Gods made war upon each other, although not even the Dragons can say over what. In that war many Gods where destroyed and others became lost or trapped, worlds too were destroyed or devastated and countless Mortal creatures slain.

After an immeasurable time the remaining Gods were so devastated and weakened by war that none could prevail. And then it was that the greatest of the Dragons whose name is lost, sadden by the deaths of his children called for a Covenant. Under this Covenant the Gods would no longer make war on each other directly, nor interfere in the worlds of Mortals, but work only though Agents; and the Gods who could see no end to the war agreed. And so it was that the Gods, Greater and Lesser who cherished this world and others withdrew to a secret place never to return.

Although the worlds of Mortals were now safe from the ravages of enormous power of the warring Gods their Agents had great power in there own right. Battles were fought their names on far dimensions and in distant planes, but in this place there was peace.

The Dragons still roamed at will and they taught to the Elves the secrets of the universe. And the Elves built great cities, Portals between places and dimensions, and ships that could fly between worlds and they shared these and other wonders with those they found deserving, but others less worthy given to greed and cruelty stole knowledge from them though it was often incomplete and corrupt. That is how it came to be that the same races and creatures can be found on many worlds and in many dimensions, for in that age all roamed freely.

And so it was that many peoples came to the lands of the cherished of Mithros fleeing wars on other planes but the followers of the Dark Path sort them out, terrible was their wroth and great was the destruction they caused, whole cities were raised and numbers less where the dead.

In the end the power of the Dark ones was broken and the last few were expelled back to the dark places from which they came. Mithros Sun Lord and the Great Mother Goddess looked out from that place where they dwell and saw what had become of that which they cherished and were sad. They gathered the greatest of their surviving Agents, those who weld great Power in there own right and charged them with the protection of all that was dear to them. Biding them guard against another rising of those who follow the Dark Path lest another war ensue and the world be utterly destroyed.

In the war most of the dimensional gates had been destroyed and the great flying ships scattered, the Guardians built new portals that they might guide the displaced to new homes, and gather for council also. Next the Guardians divided the planes and lands of the faithful between them that they might better protect them and ward against the rise of darkness. They gathered the remaining secrets and most powerful magics, hiding them away to prevent their being stolen, for although the dark ones were banished, the corrupting voices of darkness still whisper turning to evil those who stray onto the dark path. And they used their great power to begin to heal the devastation caused be the war.

These are the words of Kormath Guardian of the Lands of Cush given in the first days if this age to the faithful that they might understand his right to decide the fates of Elves, Dwarves, Men and all that dwell within his see.

"Behold I am Kormath emissary of the Powers which you know as the Greater Gods. Charged am I by my peers and in name of Mahil the Champion, with the stewardship of the Lands of Cush. It is my burden to keep safe these lands, protecting them not from the petty squabbles of mortals, but from destruction by the hordes of the unfaithful. Know you this, your affairs are of your own concern, I shall not interfere unless I detect the hand of darkness. Against the darkness, which has the power to destroy all, my wrath shall be as mighty as the flaming sword of The Champion himself. I will not turn aside should it shield behind innocents, but cleave them knowing the Great Mother will judge them with compassion when the Unseen One brings them before her. Know you that I was before your fathers where born and I shall be when your children's children are dead it is not your place to question my judgment for my wisdom is the wisdom of eons, and I have seen the darkness in its many guises. Hold true to Gods and you will have nothing to fear."

Upon hearing this, those followers of the faith who hold The Champion above all other Gods pledged their swords and their lives to Kormaths' aid biding him call if he had need.

These are the scriptures of the faithful that record the testaments of the Creation, of the ages of Dragons and Elves, these times are now past. The Gods however are eternal and with their blessing the faithful prosper, not just in the lands of Cush but all across this world.

Those who wish to learn more of the Gods themselves are advised to study the scriptures of the Golden book of Mithros, Lord of Light; the Purple book of Mynos, the Great Mother; the Black book of Shakith, the Unseen one; the Blue book of Gainel, Dream King: and the Red Book of Mahil, the Champion. These are the five books of the Greater Gods, whose power is limitless, let the faithful honor them at all times and above all others. All other Gods are Lesser Gods, their names are numerous, and their power limited to their aspect, show them respect and honor them at the proper time and place.

(Translation notes: The text on the scrolls is a flowing cursive script similar to the Bedouin script used in Arabiq. Using this human phonetic alphabet, it appears the writer transcribed a spoken Elvic variation, into a written form. There may be some errors in translation because of this.)