Garvett Islands

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This is a small collection of 5 islands to the NW of the Empire of Tanah Melay




  • Baron of Sardrock - Valere la Forgette (b772, d) 'Baron of Sardrock 814wk +'

Gravett Islands
Location Far SE Archipelago Map area
Size / Area Garvett Island 170m W-E and 80m N-S

G2 Island 25m W-E and 25m N-S
G3 Island 50m W-E and 20m N-S
G4 Island 36m W-E and 48m N-S
G5 Island 55m W-E and 80m N-S

Government/Ruler Independant Baronies
Religion Powers of Light: ?%

Demon Worship: ?%

Population ~?,000
Languages Common ?%

x ?%
y ?%
z ?%
Literacy ?%

Taxes ?
Other Details Barony of Sardrock