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Faith is an Elven E&E played by Andrew W.

She is usually a polite, unassuming, little murderous psychopath, but sometimes she forgets that she is no longer a niece of the most powerful man in the known world, now that she's been exiled Southern Terranova. Sometimes she just pretends to forget.

She is near-universally misunderstood. This often buys her enough time to hurt more people.

Home Sweet Home

Home currently is a tropical lagoon on Purple where she runs a politics and civics finishing school for sentient Megalodons. She is helping the Titan Tethys to shape their nascent culture, to ensure they avoid the mistakes of the humans, elves, etc., by instead relying on exquisite manners backed by the brutal rending of flesh. She runs the lagoon with a firm hand (of glory), but hasn't slept easy since some of her aristocratic students learned flying and whirlwind vortex.

Alternative Lair

When on Alusia, Faith usually lives in a large country house run by efficient and taciturn servants somewhere in Western Ruska. A series of personal tragedies befell the noble family that previously lived there, and they chose to move to other climes for their health. Faith is semi-retired and lives in a paradise full of snow, superstition, and rapidly-growing legends about the Winter Witch who steals bad children. She amuses herself by assisting with the development and monitoring of the Intelligence and Logistics networks of the Reformed Tomsk Army, and resolving small problems for local villagers. She is also slowly becoming a minor voice in local politics.