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The 12 Patron Titans venerated by the Purple Dwarves in ancient times are identified with the much later "Cult of the elder god" a lesser sect of the Powers of Light on the Plane of Purple (favoured more by the non-humans within the Human realms than the Big Four).

Although an ancient dwarf would respect all titans, they generally only showed special honour to their Patrons: the one or two titans that associated with, and even dwelt within, a specific City. The titans gave the dwarves mundane skills, magical colleges, and knowledge of Deep Magic (such as the music of the spheres). The titans were a group, but their individual characters lead to them being associated with specific colleges or spheres.

There are different variants of these 12 names amongst the human cultures of various worlds, e.g. The Ellenic states in Alusia, but in general the Titans have been deposed as Gods and the many descendents of Kronos worshipped instead. These new pantheon are NOT recognised as Powers of Light by the Western Church. The Empire of Home likewise follows the "new pantheon", indeed never knew the old one, but they do have unflattering stories and fables about the Titans, portraying them as some mid-stage between weak demons and stupid giants.

Here is a concordance of Dwarf & Home versions/spellings in the traditional pairings ...

  • Okeanos [encircling waters], patron of all fresh-water = Oceanus ; traditionally paired with ...
  • Tethys [Nurse; Grandmother], patroness of fresh water that nourishes = Tethys.
  • Hyperion [The One above; Watching from above], source of light = Hyperion ; trad. paired with ...
  • Theia [Sight], goddess of vision, prophesy, gold, silver, and gems = Thea.
  • Koios [Query; What, which] patron of heavenly prophesy and the revolution of the heavens, hence also called "Polos" or Pole, the Axis on which the sky turns = Coeus.
  • Krios [Ram; Ruler], patron of the constellations = Crius.
  • Iapetos [Wound], patron of mortality, patron of dwarves = Japetus.
  • Kronos [Time] patron of time = Saturnus.
  • Rheia [Flowing], patroness of fertility and easy childbirth = Ops.
  • Themis [Divine Law] patroness of Divine Law, order, & custom = Themis.
  • Mnemosyne [Memory; Remembrance], patroness of memory, inventor of words and language; patroness of music = Moneta (As an aside: Isil Eth once conversed with Mnemosyne)
  • Phoibe [Bright, radiant; Purify; Prophesy] Patroness of bright intellect and invention = Phoebe.

Ancient Dwarven Mythology, last time guild-members were on Purple, refers to two more Titans.

The thirteen is Ge, or Gaia, or Gaea [Earth, called Tellus by Home], the primordial, the "mother" of the titans. Although Ge was never venerated by the Ancient Dwarves, the Dwarves on Ares have clearly adopted her - nominally as a symbol of the unity of the scattered Dwarven tribes; but it seems likely that this nation of Dwarves actually met Gaia in their inter-planar travels, and that the king communed with her. [Indeed, given that every Low Dwarf is no more than 6 generations descended from one of the Kings, it is conceivable that their superdwarven height, Strength, Endurance, and other oddities are partly Titanic traits.]

The fourteenth titan was called "the other", because it was once something else that took on Titan form or was a Titan that became corrupted into something else — the mythology is deliberately evasive, probably an ancient "Naming is calling" superstition. When given a name, the 14th is called Nyx [Night] / Eris [Strife] / Limos [Hunger, Famine] although these are separate characters (f, f, & m) in the pandemonic fables of Home.














Forethought and craftiness. Brother of Epimetheus. Stole feasting and fire from the heavens to gift to mortals.


'After-Thought' (and excuses). Brother of Prometheus. Husband of Pandora. Granted gifts to the Animals.


The 14th