Ein Gydi Oasis

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Ein Gydi is an Oasis, some 100miles east of the Azjunni Landing across some Savannah, Waste and Hills.

The area includes two spring-fed streams with flowing water year-round: Davyt Nachel and the Arygot Nachel. Two lakes are contained within the oasis and these are the Shuliamit and Ein Gydi lakes and together, the springs generate approximately three million cubic meters of water per year with the lakes hold around 5 million cubic metres of water.

The lakes are north facing ovoids creating a figures eight with a section of land in between the 2 lakes. The central strip of land is made of Basalt covered with sand but has 4 jutting pillars that rise 100ft into the air and are called the 'Gods Fingers', and a smaller pillar at the end that rises to 60ft and is termed 'the thumb of Gods'. The area inside of the fingers and thumb is a raised (by 20ft) basalt platform (called the Palm of Gods) used for religious ceremonies and together the fingers, thumbs and palm compose the Hand of Gods.

This is a sacred area to the Tribes of Nayphtali and a tribe is here year round to guard and maintain the Oasis and during the sacred time the Oasis is full of the local tribes for their time of feasting, life celebration and rebirth.