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A human, handsome fire mage, in blue chimaera scale armour of some skill.
He is good-looking, although not pretty and is a staunch protector of the virtue of maidens and women.
His warhorse, Trample, having struck up a dalliance with an even larger warshorse, and has gone on a journey of self-discovery to explore his new sexuality.
These days, Valentine gets around on his feet, although he can summon an insubstantial swarm of butterflies, moths or fireflies in all the colours of flame which will bear him into the air.
Very, very slowly.
He is skilled in a reasonably wide variety of weapons, in particular, hand and a ½, morning star and cestus. He casts magic from the Colleges of Fire and Water, although he is not a terribly good spell caster at the best of time.

His best spell is
Cleansing Flame
Weapon of Flames

in that order.
If it comes to casting Water magic, he would need plenty of warning and a bracing drink. Currently, he is looking for either the Ritual of Summoning Lesser Efreet, or the funds to afford buying it. Sadly, Valentine is not an adventurer who has been rewarded with material wealth, and it is a little hard to live on admiration.

Past Adventures

Matt Tumbledown Adventure
Mist over Bluegrass
Horns of the North
War in Heaven
The Truth hurts