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Akuji is a dark skinned Elven Necromancer from the central southern plains of Alusia. He has a Signup Page here.


He is the son of a Merchant from MMHS who was posted in the southern jungles for many years. His mother was a tribal wise woman (and daughter of the chief of the tribes) who somehow managed to woo the worldly merchant and get him to marry her in what some thought to be an unseemly short period of time. It seemed she recognised the potential of new breeding stock and was proactive in sourcing the 'new blood' for the tribe.

His mother had a great deal of influence on his upbringing and grew up with her tribe while father was away on 'purchasing expeditions'. He became wise in the ways of the desert tundra nearby, learned many different skills and new recipes for all sorts of things. He was an exceptionally fast young man and won many honours amongst his mothers tribe for speed, agility and courage.

His mother died as a result of intertribal rivalry but a piece of her is always with Akuji in the form of a bone ring he carries.

He has a lot of the moral codes and practises from his tribe and he will act upon them when possible. He is seen as on of the 'great ones' of the tribe (very few are mages and fewer are as quick or capable as he is) and he has a duty to 'grow' the tribe through good offspring growth.

After his mothers death he was sent to schools back in 'civilised lands' to finish his education. He did well but couldn't follow his father's mercantile path of employment finding him drawn to the arcane magic's of death and the miracle of life.

He joined the guild several years ago but spending most of his time trying to be 'civilised' and speak proper like. He is intrigued by death and finds an affinity to it but he also loves life and will progress with his healer training when possible.

Akuji gave his life mid Spring 808 during The Rights of Spring in Laudaugh province after winning the Spring Games according to the Scrolls of Kael. He evisorated himself in front of thousands and expired just before the life energy of the Rites was about to overwhelm him and destroy him completely. He enjoyed himself enormously in the last few weeks of his life passing on his gifts to all and sundry and we expect him to have many successors come the start of Winter 809 (The Elven Rebrith of 809) .

Adventures that Akuji has participated in

  1. Haven - Winter 803 - GM: Stephen Martin
  2. Morgan's Folly - Winter 804 - GM: Jill Mitchinson
  3. Chasing off the Greys - Winter 805 - GM: Jill Mitchinson
  4. The Rights of Spring - Spring 808 - GM: William Dymock

Fellow Adventurers he has adventured with