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Is a Female Giant Solar celestial played by Michael Scott.


Standing just 8 foot 350 pounds soaking wet Brunhilda is the youngest of five surviving children born to a semi nomadic trading family in the spring of 678 WK.

She is pale and thin with mousy brown hair usually worn in a bun, wears spectacles and leather armour. She is quite plain and soft spoken and tends to fade into the background. When not in training she can be found reading or helping out in the library.

Her small size and frail nature as a child was emphasised by her doting father and smothering mother who, after losing four other babies to miscarrages and sickness, turned all of her attention on Brunhilda.

Brunhilda's brothers and sister (the youngest being nine years older than her) had already married or left for apprenticeships by the time of her birth. This coupled with the constant travelling meant her childhood was spent mostly in books and stories than forming deep social bonds with anyone beyond her parents.

Tired of wandering from one giant settlement to another across the mountains, she journeyed down into the human valleys and plains to learn more and follow her passion for books and languages. Working as a scribe, Brunhilda eventually wound up in Seagate and became an adventurer to gain access to the guild library and earn her way.

Notes of Interest

Brunhilda glows softly ,the result of casting in a raw mana zone between realities. She carries a tower shield and a walking stick (giant club).


Spring 803 Lifting the Veil GM Eamon Zink

Summer 804 The Rescue of Te'He GM Eamon Zink

Spring 806 An Outbreak of Strangeness GM Scott Raymond

Summer 810 Ghost Town GM: Bernard