Wu Fang

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Wu Fang is a wizened old man (GTN Human) wearing a foodstained get of brown monks PJs. His is armed only with a bowl of miso soup and a pair of chopsticks. He does however two notable features, one is that is Long Lived Sentient, and any DA question asking about abilities gives the answer "More than you Sonny Jim."

He is often described as the Noodle Master, and is known to make some of the finest soba and udon noodles west of Kin-Lu.

He has been known in the past to hire guild groups, apparently to search for the "Five Woks Of Fury." He a member of the Disorder of Tin-Yang and lives in the Yellow Mountain Lotus Monastery near Tannhousen Gate.

Guild records suggest he is an extremely poor payer but can teach an extraordindary range of martial arts moves, including "Wu Fang Also Knows Fung Fu" and "Unfortunately you slipped on some noodles but so did the Assassin."