Five Woks of Fury (Wok of Clay)

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Start Date: Thaw 31, 803 WK (31/10/803) Finish Date: Thaw 24, 803 WK (24/10/803) Duration: 6 days
Ty Trident 16000
Turf 16000
Belladona 16000
Everan 16000

The Wok of Clay

The Yellow Mountain Lotus Monastery at Tannhousen Gate north of Drakenburg. After a raid during the period after the disapperance of King Sigsumund. For reasons unknown the monastery became frozen in ice before it could be fully looted and most of its hidden wealth remained safe. The monks, unable to live there any longer choose to become wondering medicants and became dispersed around Alusia and beyond.

With the restoration of the Western Kingdom the ice surrounding the monastery melted. Whether this was due to the reborn Kingdom or simple that 500 years had passed is unknown. In time the pass of Tanhousen Gate became usable again but the appearance of creatures from the frozen wastes of the north. Ice orges, dire wolves and the white foxes took over the area.

The monk Wu Fang decided the reclaim the monastery and by hiring a party from Seagate Adventurers Guild managed to reclaim the monastery from a small contingent of norns. However the norns are still known to be in the area, although their movements are unknown. Several small dwarven clans are also known to be mining in the area, some distance from the gate itself.

The Wok of Clay is about a foot and a half in diameter and is made from some glazed ceramic. It is enscribed with katakana and bambo prints and rural activity scenes in gold on red. The gold is part of the glaze rather than inlay.

Wu Fang has never seen it personally but knows it was taken during the raid and believes it is still on Alusia, and almost certainly in the western baronies.

Five Woks of Fury: Wok of Clay

Game Master
Ross Alexander
Party Leader
Party Scribe
Military Scientist
Party Members
Belladonna (Tricia Hunt), Tye (Zane Hembest), Turf (Terry Spencer), Everard (Dean Ellis)

Wu Fang the Noodle Master wants help to find the five woks of fury, starting with the wok of clay.

Wu Fang will train us in some special feat in return.


Date: 01/11/803

Organise details & get info from Wu Fang the Noodle Master. Four of the woks (including the clay and ice woks) were held in a monestary he left 2 years before it was invaded.

Wok of Clay
magic is to do with fire about 50cm across white glazed bowl with blue inlay of a fishing scene "can be seen in the sky".
Wok of Ice
magic is to do with making ice tunnels, and changing the weather to make it winter made of diamonds take by the "white foxes".
Wok of Iron
Wok of Bronze
Wok of Gold

Get an astrology reading: Clay wok is on Alucia perhaps in the hand of some human in the west kingdom, the Noodle Master directs us to the monestary where he used to live.

Date: 02/11/803

Take sea journey to west kindoms

Date: 03/11/803

Arrive in Freetown in late evening, walk through the town and then fly toward the mountains, rest for the night.

Date: 04/11/803

Fly over the mountains and onto the river. Land and take passage to the other side on the ferry. Find a local "Jack the Younger" to take us upriver on his boat to Drachenburg, takes 10 days.

Date: 14/11/803

Go into local village for gossip and info on the monestary. Apparently the Dwarves are mining below the monestary and have set up a village there, they are not well liked. The monestary is now the home of some large spiders (man sized) and the "White foxes" (snow elves?) have been seen last winter. Watch out for bandits.

Date: 15/11/803

Walk up the pass skirting the Dwarven mines/village. Find wolf tracks, and cart tracks going north.

Date: 16/11/803

Observe Dwarven mines/village from above. They seem highly organised, the village is soundly built and some of the mining operations seems to be mechanised, they are also smelting, and banging; probably making something. The Dwarves are "dark" Dwarves, but are also working in the sun.

We move on to observe the monestary, on the way we find Ogre tracks, the monestary is covered in magical webs, we can see 5 large ice spiders whose magic is "snap freeze", which we fight and defeat. Orcs turn up but we climb up into the monestary and they go away.

Date: 17/11/803

Monestary is square with a main entrance to the north and a central square tower to the front. The main entrance is damaged and is basically a pile of rubble. On the NE corner was a tower reputed to be of great power which the white foxes have taken, all that remains is first floor and below. In each corner of the monestary is a spiral stair case. Woo Fang the Noodle Master has the key to the tower, down the center is a large spiral staircase, the remaining first floor is habitable with large open rooms where we camp.

From the monestary we can see a white marble tower encased in ice, Woo Fang the Noodle Master remembers it from when he was in the monestary (some undefined time in the past, probably of the order 100-200yrs ago??) . The spiders are busy building a web from the tower to the monestary. We search the heavens for an indication of its purpose and determine the encasement which ice is positive and so decide not to break in. We find a reference to it later in the magical book, it is encased in ice to protect it from the Penjuary elves?

Date: 18/11/803

An Imp flies in and crashes in the fire, its here to see Turf who abandons the party. Over the next two days Belladonna and Ty investigate the crypt under the courtyard which is accessed via the corner stairs. There is a large door from the crypt into the square tower but this is magically hidden and shut with a magical binding, the wall around the doors is also bound.

Investigating the top of round tower (which is ornately carved with elvish patterns) there is a knarled magical black tree on the exposed top section which we determine is a formerly living cursed "witchwood" tree connected to the "Udan" tree. It has a magical hardness.

We find that water placed on the wood freezes very quickly, and when we add more the tree sucks it in and shatters. The central staircase decends to the basement, the floor is cracked and covered in black and white veins.

Date: 20-21/11/803

Turf returns with someone called Everad. Woo Fang the Noodle Master has the key to the large bronze and ornate door in the basement of the square tower, a small perfectly preserved crysanthenum flower. Inside is an entrance area with rooms off it and a large "cavernous hole" ~400' deep "the cathedral" which leads into an extensive mine working. We investigate the rooms that line the entrance area. We spend a few days extensively investigating this area:

  • appears to have been a library
    • Everad finds a small box which is a "knowldege trap"
    • find a manual of good health through suffering
  • Magically sealed
    • contains stores of food
    • box of paper with lists on it (stores list?)
  • Magically sealed
    • Nature of binding is greater summoning, we leave well alone!
  • more secure library workroom
    • end part of this room is all made of iron, has iron lecturn with a cage
    • contains some books which have survived the ravages of time
    • couple of human skeletons
  • dormatory
    • has beds
    • has second door which is obviously been made later as it is of lower quality and a scrible that says "west past the stair", we find it enters a tunnel which exits into a (corner?) spiral stairwells that terminates going up (~100ft) in a plug of ice, going down it in freezing water.
  • another store room
    • old mining equipment
  • set of cells, an old jail? a set of single cells for the monks?
  • a store room
  • one is empty
  • an armoury contains staves and racks and old weapons a sythe and numchucks one of the racks has a hidden door behind (protected by faint ward, major curse) we find 3 quarter staves, short eastern sword and tripod mounted repeating cross-bow
    • One staff is well balanced, 1/2 normal weight, Rnk 10 and made of ashwood but enchanted to be as hard as iron (binding spell), requires 1/2 normal strength to use, +10% SC and +4 damage.
    • One staff is porcelin has no aura and is 7ft tall, it does not break either.

We investigate room 4 in more detail.

It has a hidden iron door which Turf backfires when he tries to open, he is hit by a large magical blast and and something magical comes flying out and escapes. We find a book and crystal figurenes in the hole. Turf has been cleaned of all magic, he is a long liven non-sentiant and has no magic record, and all his magic (except for permanent) is gone, his MA is zero.

The book is cursed to turn any non-elf that touches it into a goblin. It contains a chronicle writen in an old elven dialect (drow and draconic) in blood, of the "the choosen" a sect of elves (ice elves, white foxes?) who have split off from the main arm. It's been writen by a single scribe and there are no blank pages, we think it is a copy.

The statues are animated constructs (golumns) of crystal and have been programed in a very specific way which is entirely "reactive". They respond to each of us tuching them by representing a different persona and changing color. Turf-goes green, Tye-goes white and shows a human fighter, Belladonna -goes black and shows a human artisian. (Does it reflect the aspect and highest ranked skill of those that touch it?) We find out later that they are infact game pieces (but for what game?)

Amoung the other books in this area is one in an eastern script which has comments in the margin indicating that the house of Jochenfuller is invading the monestary in the time of the reign of Sigardsmond, and 'Yin-Tang has found the Northern gate, and he should get out in time with two of them, however they are keeping one incase they loose all of them.' Is this a reference to the woks? Woo Fang the Noodle Master remembers there is a keep 20 miles to the east which may be related to the human (Jochenfuller) invasion.

Date: 22/11/803

The "white foxes" or Norns visit. The Ogres and Dwarves in the area are their underlings. They have the wok of ice and will swap if for the book and a favour (have to ask terry what happened)??? They add to our small store of knowledge, remove the curse from the book and low Everard to read it.

Date: 23/11/803

Ty and Belladona investicate tunnels in the "cathedral", and find the "North Passage" eventually making their way to an older living/worship area which opens onto the mountain side. It looks like an area inhabited by dwarves, whith cooking, dormatory and a large cathedral like area, where they find a preserved magical Dwarven axe, bane against orcs and goblins. Also find reference to Jochenfuller seige of the monestary, and find out that their castle is within 50 miles.

Date: 24/11/803

We fly off to investigate the keep/castle 20 miles away on the southern side of the Mountain ranges. As we are investigating the inside a troop of military men arrives and is not pleased to find us their. We eventually win their grudging accomodation, and discover that the keep is only one tower from an originally much larger keep belonging to the Jochenfuller family. We find more ruins outside the keep and raise a dead man gaining much information from him. The spoils from sacking the monestary were taken to a Baronal house some 60 miles south of here. The good included more the woks of clay and ice and some magical books.

Date: 25/11/803

We fly south and find the Baronal house. We start investigating at the local village and try to check the maner out at night but are not sneaky enough. The current Baron was granted these lands 13yrs ago after a local war.

Date: 25/11/803

We try the direct approach but get sent away (by the wife) before seeing the Baron.

Date: 26-30/11/803

However, in the morning it turns out the Baron he has some problems with an incursion of Orcs and Goblins and he asks us to join a hastley gathered war party. We manage to kill a wyvern (and get embareced by a pack of renigade pixies that were recruiting Orcs and gobblins to kill their own tribe!) but in doing a good turn for the Baron (and giving him the wyvern head) he lets us see if he has the wok we want, which he did, he wanted to get the wok valued and will then negotiate with us for it. (This bit need finishing off!)

Date: 1-15/12/803

Need to finish off


The Wok of Clay

  • binds any fire that comes into it
  • gives fire mage +5
  • infinte latent heat (ie won't get hot no-matter the temperature)
  • 2000gp

To divination the wok is faintly magical with abjuration, evocation and transmutation. Its primary college is fire.

Small Box

This box is 1 foot x 0.5 foot x 3 inches in dimension and has been enchanted with a minor preservation. Any formally living material (e.g. a book) placed in the box will not decay. It will not preserve any possible magical or quasi magical properties of the object. The box itself is made from teak and is in a plain leather binding.

Value: 1500 silver pennies

Manual of Good Health Through Suffering

This is a diatripe of fantical exercise, body nazism, puritanical living and regimes of binge and purge is of no apparent use at all, except possibly for up and coming paladins. The paper and the binding are its only real value.

Value: 20 silver pennies

Players of Games

These two figures of unidentifiable composition are antimates with the generic true name of Player of Games. They are also highly magical and interact with their surrounding, changing their shape, colour and aspect in apparently inexplicable ways. They live off magic and will obsorb any magic cast at them. Their texture is of hard rubber coated in talcum powder. Sufficient magic cast at them will cause them to disintegrate, but the exact amount and result is unknown. They do not seem to serve any useful purpose.

Value: 1500 silver pennies


This weapon acts as if it is an shortsword for ranking etc. It is not particularly ornate but has been weaponsmithed to give it a strike chance of 50% and 4 damage. The steel has been finely tempered and can be overstrengthed up to PS 20 without increasing the break chance.

Value: 150 silver pennies

Tripod mounted crossbow

This is a semi portable field weapon. It has a strike chance of 45% and does [D + 9] damage, but is treated as a heavy crossbow to calculate total BC. Loading the weapon requires two people of at least 20 PS each five pulses to crank.

It weighs 30lbs and 5' wide and 5' long. A giant could wield it without the tripod, but the strike chance would be reduced to 30%.

Value: 400 silver pennies

Ash staff

This is a plain ash quarterstaff.

Value: 20 silver pennies

Light teak staff

This ash quarterstaff has been carefully selected from woods and is much lighter than an ordiary staff. It weights 1lb and requires 8 PS to wield, with a strike chance of 60% doing +3 damage.

Value: 600 silver pennies

Ceramic staff

This quarterstaff is made from some type of ceramic and has some minor magical binding to make it as strong as steel. Otherwise it just an ordinary quarterstaff.

Value: 150 silver pennies

Dwarven Battleaxe

This battleaxe is finely crafted and is enruned with banes against goblins, orcs, drow, elves, dragons and other noted enemies of th dwarven race. It is enchanted with a permanant enchant weapon spell (Rank 5) giving a strike chance of 70% and +6 damage.

Value: 1300 silver pennies

Wyvern Skin

This skin is not in good quality giving a base protection of 4 points. There is enough for a set of armour for a medium sized figure and could be armourered up to 6 points of protection.

Value: 200 silver pennies


01/11/803 WK
01/12/803 WK
28 days
Time Playing
9 sessions


small box which is a "knowldege trap" 500
manual of good health via suffering 20
2 figurines 1500
Wakizashi 150
tripod mounted giant cross-bow 400
normal ash staff 20
light teak staff 600
7 ft porcelin staff 150
magical Dwaven Axe 1300
Wyvern skin 200
Total Goods Received 4840
Guild Tax (10\%) 484
Astrologer 340
Food (2 weeks on river) 140
Totals Costs 950 3490
Total per person 880