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The Star of Alusia is a powerful protective magical star. It is the most prized of all the awards given to members of Seagate Guild of Adventurers.

Awarded to:

The Star is made from gold and weighs about ¼ of a pound and is about 6 inches in height. It hangs around the neck on a strong gold chain. The star is magical in nature. When worn it protects the wearer if they have ever been a member of the Seagate Adventurers Guild. The Star is resistant to minor heat, cold and damage.

The Star protects and helps the wearer as follows;

  • +1 spell rank (max 20)
  • +10 % Magic Resistance (stackable)
  • 2 points of damage resistance (not stackable)
  • Once a day (from sunrise to sunset) a second magic resistance check after the first has failed.
  • Reputation: If the Star is recognized there is a +20% reaction roll.

If the Star of Alusia is used by a Guild Member other than the one that the star was bestowed upon by the Council the protection and help (as detailed above) will last for about an hour and then cease working. At this point the Star should be returned to the Adventurers Guild Council.

Within the Guild grounds the staff members will always try to help the current Star of Alusia holder.

Aura: Magical
Plane of Origin: Alusia
Nature of Magic: Protection
College: E&E
Magically Trapped/warded/cursed: No

This item has the blessings of the Gods meetings as the write up for the current Star of Alusia.

Other Guild members that have held the Star are found here.


This was lost in Spring 813WK when Dalran died permanently and was lost along with his items. A rescue party will be forthcoming in Spring 813wk or Summer 814WK and this may be recovered.