Problems with Shrivers

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Derek T.
  1. Thaeuss
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  6. Kilroy
Dealing with some problematic shrivers.

In the course of things, Thaeuss was hit by a Death Curse and then died to a trap leaving him irresurrectable. He made a post-mortem deal with a powerful entity to recover an item from a specific part of the Void in return for his resurrection.

After the main adventure was finished, the party unwilling or unable to help, Thaeuss recruited Kilroy to assist (banishment back to Alusia being required), they raided the nominated point in the void. A Goddess was there in the early stages of creating a new plane/world, while she was occupied elsewhere they acquired the required item and some sundries that were nearby then left.

There may have been some collateral damage to the Seagate bridge from the banished void-swimming Zombie Whale with Zombie riders. Witness recollections were vague.