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Lafayette family arms

Morgan Lafayette - A renowned Human Warrior and Celestial Dark Mage. Morgan is the holder of the Alusian Cross.

Rumoured to be a former pirate, Morgan captains Clouderunner, a flying caravel and owns a small fleet of ships trading out of Newhaven and Seagate. Morgan is believed to be extremely wealthy, but the extent of his fortune is unknown as he's very secretive and does not welcome inquiries into his affairs. His reputation for ruthlessness starkly contrasts his alleged generous support of Newhaven and Seagate charities and institutions.

Morgan is pacted to Nightshade, the Lord of Darkness, an off-world immortal about whom little is known. All Morgan will say about him is "He's one of the good guys...." Morgan DA's as Long Lived Sentient (Generic True Name - Dark Knight) and is favoured by the Lady of the Moon. Morgan is Lunar Aspected and Ambidextrous.

Morgan is known to have a number of spells and rituals at Rank 20 including Blending, Darkness, Shadowform, Witchsight, Walking Unseen, Strength of Darkness, Healing, Night Blade, Purification and Investment. Many of his other spells and rituals are also highly ranked including Blackfire, Kiss of the Void, Blast of Starfire, Dark Asteroid Strike and Dark Sphere.

Morgan wields The Sword of Iron a powerful named weapon and The Dark Sphere Morning-star with deadly precision. Few are foolish or skilled enough to challenge him and fewer still return for a rematch if they provoke him.

Morgan is usually dressed in a white silk shirt with a red silk sash, black leather pants and Cat Fur Boots. But he seems to be able to summon a number of suits of Black Plate Armour at will. Recently he returned from adventure completely hairless, rumour has it as the result of some terrible curse....

Morgan Laffayette is a founder and Baron of Newhaven. Morgan is rumoured to have other off-world estates.

Played by Micheal Young.

Not to be confused with Morgan the Orc