Delve under Old Seagate

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Adventure: Delve under Old Seagate
GM: Ian Anderson
Session: Winter 818
Night: Wednesdays
Location: Massey
Level: Very Low


Uthgard - Mind Sorcerer played by Anne
Kaeso - Binder played by Anthony
Carrie - Halfling E&E played by Justis
Kurt - Earth mage played by Bernard
Rayne - Air mage played by Annuskha

Employer: Guild Security

Mission: Investigate some snake cultists in an undercroft in Old Seagate

Pay: Some Old Loot, plus whatever we find


Duesday 1st Winter

We were sitting in the guild meeting room, there were five of us. A Hill-giant, an Elf, two humans and me, the Halfling.

We introduced ourselves to each other, Uthgard the Mind Sorcerer who wasn’t very good at spells, she made us aware that she couldn’t keep things up.
Then there was Rain, the new Human Air mage, with the pet bird.
Followed by Kurt, another new human earth mage, this time with a pet dog.
Then we had Kaeso, the Elven Binder.
Lastly, I came in. The Halfling E&E,

 Kurt – “So what do you do on adventure?”
 Carrie – “I cook.”
 Kurt – “What do you do besides cook?”
 Carrie – “I’m a Halfling.”

Then Guild Security came in and told us that we were to investigate some snake cultists in an undercroft in Old Seagate… again… So, to start with we chose party leader mil-sci and scribe, with Uthgard picking up both Mil-Sci and Party Leader, and I got scribe. Then Kurt decided we should go check the records of people who have rented out the undercroft.

We found out that Mr. Green rented one towards the North Gate, for 5 years Sir Pent rented near the theatre, for 3 years Mr. Hiss 1 and a half blocks from the dock, for 10 years.

And with a name like Mr. Hiss we figured this was too easy.

The Elf and I got asked to go speak to some urchins or beggars and get info. However, someone tattletale on us.

 “There is an Elf and the Halfling in an alley, with weapons eyeing people up and whispering to each other.”

We are stopped by a guard and apologies by buying him drinks.

We go to the guild and get Waters of Vision, and we scry into each room. We see that Mr. Green is a dodgy drug dealer. Sir Pent just has a bunch of décor, and theatre props. Mr. Hiss however had wicker boxes all around. And two people sitting there waiting.

After we got clarification from the owls that there were lots of snakes near the docks. We started worrying about how easy it was.

I did ask the owl what mouse tasted like, so it landed on my shoulder and regurgitated in my mouth. It could use a little flavor, some spices perhaps.

W’ansday 2nd

So today we went to our guard friend whom we bought alcohol the other day and I greater enchanted them to make them better.

They defeated the smugglers and we got our thanks and then we told the guard we were dealing with snake cultists in Seagate, and that tonight we would be attacking some cultists.

In the evening we got our walking unseen’s done by Kurt then the Elf and I went ahead to check for traps, the door wasn’t trapped but it did however lead to a trap of sorts. The cultists were waiting for five adventurers that their snake god told them would come.

Unfortunately for me I told them I was a burglar and had a snake thrown at me, it bit me and then I fell asleep.

When I came to the party explained our situation. The snake cultists had been told by their god that five adventurers were coming and that they would be sent to the Valley of the Trinity from the special snakes.

Mr. Junior and Mr. Senior Priest were told to let us touch the snakes. So, we rushed off to the night market to get some food and drink supplies. Then when we were ready we touched the snakes. When the teleport had finished we were in a stone room, which was dark. Two people met us, and one led us out.

The man, Roberto, took us to a private room and told us what he wanted. He had asked the snake cultists to send the adventurers through. He had to hire people from off plane to deal with an annoying lesser noble named William, who with a dozen or so men-at-arms, was hounding Roberto’s cousin Susie.

Roberto wanted us to deal with William. We asked the usual questions like. “Will we get in trouble if he should fall in battle?” But due to the might is right law of Valley of the Trinity, we would not get in trouble. So, we made our way off, following the directions Roberto gave us.

Roberto told us, when we come back to go to the Rams Head Tavern and ask the barkeep for his brother.

We made our way from Gloomyvale, to Midvale in a day. Our new horse friend guiding us. Then we began to travel towards Tivertown. On our way there, the horse asked if we wanted to do something about the ambushers up ahead. So, the horse “had a stone in its hoof” And our party leader esp. and got 8 minds up ahead. We could have diverted and gone around. But we thought of the loot.

Rain sent her hawk to scout up ahead, we discovered that there were two crossbowmen, and six men with shields and swords. After the hawk and I effectively take out the crossbow men. The hawk diving into close from 100 feet up in the air, and I invisibility up and stabbed the dude in the back.

With both the crossbowmen effectively out of the combat the party who had been walking along normally. The six remaining dudes step forward to face us. One goes down under our horse, the dog goes for a different one, Kaeso knocks down a third, I hold off another, and our fearless 8’8’ party leader Takes down two, with a multi-hex strike.

After this we continued on our way collecting all the loot and taking our two remaining prisoners.

We decided to heal up a bit and then go in search of the bandit camp. We verbally convinced the bandits to sign up in the local lord’s army. And we are to take them to Lord Keith in Tiverten. After looting their camp, we escorted our guests towards Tivertown.

We had to camp out in the wilderness, we sat down and casted. Our beloved guests weren’t going to make a run for it, with two injured and weaponless surrounded by casters.

We made our way to the gate at Tiverten and ask the gate guard to go get their commander. The commander came out of a tavern nearby, and waddled down the road towards us. We explained the situation using the sort of speak that let only the commander know that these men were bandits, but we have convinced them a brighter life.

Afterwards we made our way to the Snowy Duck tavern, to rest and recuperate, we sold some of the bandit’s junk, and gathered some information on William.

Rumors we got included. William is after some land somewhere, has hired himself a mage, has 1-2 dozen men, and a few of them have chain and shiny helmets. We then decided to pick up some gear, including 2 potions, a restorative and some climbing gear.

We set out and made our way down the road, and shortly before dusk we made it to a small village. We got a room in the stayover house, the thing that was closest to the tavern. We were charged 5 silvers, to get a place to rest, and keep warm. The people who live here have magic in them, we know because the food is excellent, the house is super warm, and it feels very comfortable, and its all because they have magic weaved into their home.

They provided us with no more information. Other than William had not passed through here. We thanked them and I left a nice tip for them of 1 silver which was all I could afford, but they earned it they made nice food. We collected a lot of firewood in prep for us heading into the heart of Winter. We do this on our way to Burnbury, a stone walled town, with slate-roofed houses, that would probably take a small army to take over, the town has a population of 1,000.

Whilst we are here we gather some more information on William and his troupe. He has 20 armed men, living in white funny buildings, there are two paths there, the road and the river, and that William is a madman. We spend a day in town, before traveling off towards the hold, and our enemy, going by way of the river. Half a day’s journey out we find the river freezes over. It takes us three days to travel to the holdfast. We do some recon before approaching the situation and coming up with ideas on how to defeat our enemies.

Our recon informs us that the houses are made of bone and wood and snow. There are 12 horses, and twenty armed men that shoot at the birds. There are also several dead mice, that are moving about.

So, we decide on a plan to rid them of their horses. We send rats in to gnaw the ropes. Then we summon the horses to us. Six come and Kurt gets them all on command, well five of the six, and gets the horses to follow him, we then notice that there are four riders chasing them. On horseback. We lay an ambush, In, which we kill the four riders and gain the four horses.

We had now taken ten horses from these men, meaning they could not run down anyone who tried to leave the holdfast. We had also killed four men, leveling the odds to 16 men, one mage and his lordship, against five adventurers, a dog, a hawk, and the holdfast.

We decided to watch what the camp did in response to the missing horses. So, we can plan what we do. They send out two men to go exploring/ patrolling the road. We make our way to the holdfast. Using walking unseen’s to head over there, on our way, Kurt spots a hidden scout, wrapped up and unaware we were there. Kurt had gone on slightly ahead. He snuck up behind the scout and brought his battle-axe down. And again. And again. Kaeso jumped in to help but didn’t do much. Rain, Uthgard and I sat back whilst they approached the wall dragging the body of the scout.

We got invited up into the castle, then we decided we would storm the enemy camp. Rain summoned her magic. And something went wrong… All though it worked out in our favor, as shortly three storms rumbled overhead. Knowing we had a few days to spare we began training.

On the end of the storms we got called to the gates. Lumbering towards us was a giant snow bear thing. And 100 feet behind the dude was a man dressed in white robes. Kaeso, Uthgard, and Rain went down to hold the gate against the bear, Kurt and I readied our crossbows to fire at the mage.

The bear had just made it to the gate when the first volley launched. The mage stumbled, and then pulled something out of his pocket. Then we fired the second volley. We watched the mage fall over, then we got hit by a volley of ice spikes. However, as the mage went down, the bear turned into a pile of snow

 “Ice mage killed by Hail”

We went invisible and jumped out to collect the dead body and some loot. The others chose not to follow the mage as they didn’t want the same fate.

We get confirmation on what the men at arms are doing from some stoats that weaseled their way through the gate. The stoats informed us that they were digging a fence in, some are wearing metal, and that wearing metal is stupid, and another is singing and chanting, and there are some getting out of the ground.

We plan on building a scorpion which is a huge crossbow. And having on top of the tower we would be able to fire giant crossbow bolts, into the camp.

Whilst we are building the scorpion we see, well Kaeso sees a shape on the hill. Kurt asks his Stoat friends what it is and they describe a winged, scaled thing with claws, it is huge and it is him.

 Kurt – “There is a winged, scaled, clawed thing on the hill over there.”
 Carrie – “Well shit, we have a dragon.”
 Rain – “Ooh, Can I have a pet dragon.”

Eventually Rain gets a conversation in her head, she was mute due to a backfire, and we got mind speech up. Rain told us there was a voice in her head, and we said she should find out who it was.

 Rain – “Who are you?”
 Dragon – “I am him.”
 Rain – “Oh, are you my dragon friend?”

The dragon gives us some very useful and interesting information. The enemy is camped on an ancient battleground/ burial ground, and we remember they have a necro, which is chanting and singing magical words and raising the dead.

Knowing now that we cannot wait for them to make a move, we prepare a battle plan. Kurt summons some angry hibernating bears, by waking them from hibernation to fight the enemies, I greater enchant the bears and make them invis.

The dragon taught Rain how to part the mist, we made some grenade poison gassed ballista bolts that we prepared to shoot into the camp I readied my ability to make the party invisible.We parted the mist, and this alerted the camp. Then we fired the ballistae bolts at the camp. We then followed this by sending the invisible bears at the camp. The camp was decimated by the bolts we fired. Several chunks of the wall had been ripped down, one of the buildings were on fire. And there was a general chaos and the humans didn’t know what to do.

Four bears crashed forward, three almost killing skeletons outside the gate, and the forth trying to rip down the wall in front of the entrance. Two of the bears stayed back and invisible. Rain however got involved and pulled out her bow. The necro took a couple of arrows into his body. And funnily enough, the undead horde they had stopped receiving orders.

To top this off I used a stream of corruption, through one of the gaps in the wall and made sure to hit all the Lord’s men and the Lord himself. So, when the necro took off running, he would receive a lot of hate from the men. Not that it matters because he died shortly after as an arrow, a bear and a hawk attacked him and brutally murdered him.

The bears continued to rip up the skeletons, clearing enough space that one could charge towards the Lord. Jeremy who we named, was one of the Lords men, our fearless party Leader got him under control person, and Jeremy turned on his Lord. Kyle, Phil and Bob were the other three men at arms. Kyle dived into close to try and save his Lord. Bob turned and ran, whilst Phil went to fight off another bear. Bob however was unfortunate in that he ran through some skeletons, who were now uncontrolled because the necro died.

Phil became mauled by the bear, Bob slashed by a dozen skeletons, and this left the Lord, Jeremy, Kyle and now two bears in a dog pile, with a skeleton slashing at the pile. I put Kyle to sleep, and the Lord with no-one helping him now had his head ripped off by two bears. The skeleton was swiftly dispatched and then the bears went off after the remaining skeletons.

We spent the next couple of days reburying the skeletons. Looting the camp and collecting what we needed. In the burning tent, was two very charred bodies, and in another one was two bodies with main gauches buried into their chins. We estimate that they were hallucinated to suicide, from the poisonous gases we caused.

Afterwards, we spent a day fighting and clearing up the mess. Then we went out the next day to go find our dog and the horses. We took a slightly longer route, before finding a barn built into the side of a cliff. Dog was there with all the horses, which we then rested and brought them back to the tower the next day.

We make our way home after Lady Susan gives us a letter to hand to Roberto. Then we head south along the road to Burnbury and recover loot from two other dead bodies. Neither was Jeremy or Kyle. Then we spot some people heading away from us on a hill. Then we spot a couple more on another hill. Before heading into Burnbury and informing them of the scouts on the hill. Turns out they’re on watch for Orcs. We then spend the night in the tavern.

Our journey continues the next day after Rain informs us the weather should hold out to the next village. The weather however starts blizzarding down and We decide it would be easier to push the horses and keep going the way we are going rather than turn around and head to Burnbury.

We make it to the village with the barn full of magic. Except it seems in a different spot then when our Ranger’s came through. But Kurt pushed it aside, after all he has only been here once. We spend the next couple days in the barn, paying more than the price they asked. They asked for like 18 Silvers and we gave them 20. The storm continued down and we kept warm and happy inside the lovely barn.

We then headed off to Tiverten, where our friends the ex-bandits were. Two were on guard and they complained it was cold yet still somehow better than out there. We gave them a couple drinks worth of coin and said it was good they were sticking to this profession. We then headed to the Snowy Duck tavern were the Guard Captain was bound to be drinking and had a quick chat with him and bought him a drink. On our way out, we passed the ex-ambush spot and it looked like someone may have used it recently, but they were no-where nearby now.

We made it to Midvale and no-one tries to break into our room. I get asked if I was a Thief with which I replied the “No”

We head to Gloomyvale the next day and from there we met up with Roberto. We spent the evening Chatting and Buying rounds of beverages so that people could approach us and not look weird. Sharing stories and jokes. A girl approaches and says that Roberto is waiting in the stables. Kurt said to the party that we should go tend to our horses before we retire. I ask Tom, the bar-owner if he has any apples handy for the horses.

Our chat with Roberto was short and sweet. He read the letter that stated we were never involved with bears mauling William and his crew. He pays us a bag of currency and gems. Then the next morning we are taken to the temple of Misty, by a girl named Sarah, to see the head priest about how to get home.

There are several ways, The Deep One grants passage for those who sacrifice enough pigs. Misty might, The Dwarves have a portal or rumored so, but no-one knows where they are. And He Who Lives Under the Mountain would have a way. The priests try to figure out which prophecy is true. Sarah is just reading a book in the corner, whilst we drag a horse in and Rain shows them the parting of the mist. Sarah just pipes up and says that “It’s this prophecy”

The prophecy stated that We must get a fish and take it to the lake. The fish is not to feed the Kraken. We are looking for a fish under tower, a sparkly trout, and that it was in the cistern of a tower, and guarded by Fossigrim, or water fey. After we take the fish to the lake, we must go to a cave. The boatman will know more.

We go to the barrel makers and ask them to build us a little fish tank thing. As well as several barrels for us to transport water in. During our week we get some extra DA done on some of our items

And we do some more ranking. After we are finished ranking we head to a place where we are to meet some goblins, one goblin rolls out and jumps up yelling, “Give me your money or your wife!” It yelled, Kurt assuming this must be our guide told it to take us to the tower. Eventually 30ish goblins came out of the forest and escorted us slightly further into the woods. Eventually we meet Johnny our guide.

Johnny leads us towards the tower, and a phalanx of goblins made sure that we didn’t try anything we made our way through the brambles, although we had to stop for a bit and make sure our Elf wasn’t frozen in fear permanently. Kurt asked the Fossigrim do, and apparently, they try and drag us into the water and drown us. We speak to some Ravens and they allow us into the tower without being shot by skeletal archers.

Johnny asks us to take a detour and see the Elf that is working on bodies. He also told us that some adventurers had killed the Elf previously. I made sure to note this down just in case that was important. After that we head down to the cistern, majority of us block our ears, except Kurt because someone needed to talk to the Fossigrim, we offer them treats and then they bring us the fish. We fill up our water skins and barrels with the water from the cistern. We continue to drink the water just to make sure we don’t go splat like we were told.

Mal becomes a sentient creature. It takes us 6 days more to reach Lake Town, we go to seek out the boatmen, which we are then taken to Harold, Harold tastes the water. We are then taken away on a barge. We are then put in a room full of philosophers doing rituals. Rain controlled the weather on a whim. It isn’t going to last. We are told that we are in the flux, and that the magic was going to make up it’s mind and we go splat

After this we head North again to a cave which is our way home and we are also told that the children know where the cave is. We sell some water to the boatman, and he takes up North to Junction. We then ride North from there.

Tell stories to the kids. They give us directions to the cave and we head there. Inside is a pentagram made of birch branches. We wait at the cave. At dusk the pentagram glows silver and grows larger until it surrounds all of us. We end up near a town, two towns to be exact. We head one way and are told to pay the fine from late night entry to New Seagate. We pay the fine then walk around the walls towards the guild knowing we were nearly home.


Daily pattern

Travel Magics

Watch Order

Kurt Carrie Rain
Kaeso Uthgard

Marching Order

Skirmish Formations (Front)
Double File

Kurt Kaeso
Carrie Rain

Single File



General Buff Notes

Buffs listed in the table don't need to be detailed, other buffs not on the table must be mentioned at the time they are cast.
Y means always on, N/- means never on, 'Sit.' means when the party has time for buffs before a fight.
Weapon Spells which weapon/s it is going on normally should be noted also

Long duration buffs

Magic Rk Effects Dur Ut Ka Ca Ku Ra Do Bi
Greater Enchantment (Ca) 10 +11% 2 Areas 1 Day Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Lesser Enchantment(Ku) ## -1 to all die rolls # Hours Y N Y Y Y ? ?
??????????? (??) ## ******************* ? Hours ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Short duration buffs

Magic Rk Effects Dur ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??
?????????????? (??) ## ************** # Mins ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
????????????? (??) ## ************** # Mins ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
???????????? (??) ## ************ # Mins ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
??????????? (??) ## ******************* ? Mins ? ? ? ? ? ? ?


8 x Tulwars-sold
8 x Leather Armor-sold
8 x large round shields-6 sold
4 x crossbows.-sold
(1500 Sp for the lot ^) 5,000 sp coins and gems.
Assorted Camping Equipment
few hundred silvers
couple of chainmail suits
a few amulets
2x potions of healing
1x restorative
Wand of Ice Projectile
White Furs of enhanced cold protection. All they do is enhance cold protection.
2x Restoratives.
1x unknown potion
Axe Double Damage to lesser undead +3% Sc and +1 dam, Can be thrown and boomerangs in the presence of lesser undead.(at least silvered decently ranked, no magical effects if wielded by Kurt)
Amulet of Luck x2
Amulet of Aquilegius
Amulet of Beryl
Amulet of Elderflowers
Amulet of Bloodtsone
Amulet of Hypercium
Necro robes- protection from cold low rank protection from cold
Firearc invested
4x restoratives
a dozen waters of healing
8 x quality chain
1 x quality plate
8 x kite shields
8 x silvered hand and 1/2
a magical mattock which does Earth Tremor when used
2 months worth of food supplies for 20 people
+ unidentified
2x quality chain
2x silvered hand and 1/2
2x kite shields
Assorted Cavalry Equipment
Currency + gems from Roberto
2x Silvered low-ranked main gauches.



Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
Frost (7)
  1 Guild Meeting 2   3   4   5   6  
7   8   9   10   11   12   13  
14   15   16   17   18   19   20  
21   22   23   24   25   26   27  
28   29   30    
Snow (8)
  1   2   3   4  
5   6   7   8   9   10   11  
12   13   14   15 Solstice 16   17 The Duke of Carzala's Winter Ball 18 Yuletide
19 Days of Chaos 20 DoC 2 21 DoC 3 22 DoC 4 23 DoC 5 24 DoC 6 25 DoC 7
26 DoC 8 27 DoC 9 28 DoC 10 29 DoC 11 30 Twelfth Night  
Ice (9)
  1   2  
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