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Carrie Underhill

Carrie is an E&E played by Justis Summersby


Carrie is 2'9" male Halfling weighing 56 lbs, with very short black hair, and blue eyes.


Carrie is or was a Lesser Noble, his father was a man of large respect from the Superstition Mountains, and ruled over the Halflings there. Carrie being the first born son was expected of many great things. Halflings actually sang of the day when Carrie would become their leader so they didn't have to deal with the tyrannical rule of Freed, Carrie's father. However, Carrie had no interest in ruling, and from a young age he ended up taking things, even subconsciously. Carrie was deemed a Kleptomaniac amongst Halflings. And in return his father banished him from his house.

Carrie went to live with his mothers sister, a lovely woman, who had three Halfling children. One married off to some higher ranking persons house. The son inheritance of the farm and the third was an adventurer in a guild down in Seagate. After a while of dealing with me, she eventually got sick of never being able to find her cutlery or other things she needed. She ordered me to go to Seagate and meet my cousin Jaycey. She absolutely terrified me that day, and i've had nightmares that if i didn't make her happy by becoming a good adventurer then she would come and murder me.


Carrie is a Halfling. Combined with decent skill in the Halfling Racial Trait and the constant need to eat, even when sleeping, Carre is one force you do not want to deal with. Carrie tends to get excited easily and will jump at any chance to go out and do things that he is good at.

 1. Delve Under Old Seagate
 2. Fires of Heck
 3. A lack of Humer
 4. The Gates of Heck