Buzzard Rock

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The Fortress

A magical fortress in the Fastness, currently run by Mordrin the Dwarf. They Fortress has living within its walls; 5 Crystal Protectors, 24 Goblin workers, 2 Old Orc Shaman, 4 Giant Spiders and others. Only parts of the fortress has been fully explored and made safe. Their are many chambers and rooms which have remained unopened.

Given Names; Buzzard Rock, Fortress of Shadow, Laboratory of Despair, Workshop of the Crystal Protectors, Gateway to the lands of the living.

Valley: In the center of a pleasant green valley which is dominated by the high steep snow capped mountains on both sides, the wild flowers and highland grasses seem to grow well here.

River & Tunnel: The valley has a single river heading from the north, flowing out a large cave/tunnel in the southern wall of the mountains (into the Fastness at Tera Falls). In the tunnel which is at least a hundred feet wide and around eighty to one hundred feet high the tunnel has two main features which is the slow moving, shallow river which moves over a set of small falls in the tunnel and the wide well kept road running along side the river. The tunnel can be cold, loud and dark, with wet river spray.

Fortress: In the center of the valley is a large Fortress is made from a huge rock which is half a mile long, wide and 500 feet high. There are a number of entrances to the fortress but the main gates on the front are the most obvious one. It has six watch towers atop the hill.

Location: Even thought people are able to physically walk to the Fortress it is said to be in the Fastness but not in the Fastness. The valley seems to be a large distance away from the rest of the Fastness if you had to place it on a map of Alusia, but less than two hours walk away on foot.

It was once owned by the Harpies.