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Bleyze - A mighty Fire Mage of great skill. Bleyze is renowned around the guild for his devastating firepower in combat and laissez faire attitude to friendly fire and collateral damage. He has had the misfortune to burn himself to death several times in combat and has been quoted as saying "Protection from magical fire is too dangerous".

He is now well ranked in Fire Armour and Extinguish fire and it is the party's responsibility to ensure they are well protected at all times. He was once given the smartest adventurer award for planning a fire before he lit it.

His notable opponents include the Ruby Scourge which he single-handedly charged with a dragon killing spear (the dragon won). The score between Bleyze and the Ruby Scourge stands at a one all draw. Bleyze will never again go to Terranova and the Ruby Scourge will never again visit Alusia.

His name is also entered on the Urielite roll of honour(?) for carrying the Urielite banner in Battle. At the Siege of Drakenburg he single-handedly killed 6 Urielite banner wielders before seizing the banner and breaking their charge. This cursed item was given back a few days later under a truce.

Bleyze is viewed favourably by Odin which has caused Loki to play a few pranks. One of these pranks may have caused Bleyze to be viewed in a dim light by Aim, as he pinched his body from his sacrificial alter and ruined the Fire Duke's ritual.

Bleyze is viewed favourably by the Wild Elves and he may be able to call on them when in need.

Bleyze is a good looking male Elf in his late seven hundreds and is played by Craig Harper.