Beyond the Gatehouse

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Scribe Notes


Adventure: Beyond the Gatehouse
GM: Jono
Season: ~Winter 822 WK
Night: Starting Monday at 6:30pm on the 13th of June 2022 at Jono's place (dress warm).
Area: An old manor located in the The Great Heart.
Level: High
Info: Information from players for Jono
House Rules: Jono Quickness and Slowness


Syrene The Keeper of the Great Heart, would like the removal of all the monsters from her niece's Lady Abagale Sueden manor.
Lady Abagale Sueden is said to be a Sorceress & Pythoness.
She requires the assistance of four or five capable guild members.


  • Syrene will provide transport to the Great Heart where this "abandoned" manor is located. Captain Wan Lviv an Enchanter says that monsters have taken over the grounds and main manor house.
  • Crystals of vision shows that Rabbits, Goblins, Orcs, Two headed ogre mages have been seen inside. Some indications of lesser undead has also been noted (wards against undead have fallen). Other movements in the shadows indicates other creatures.
  • The gatehouse will be opened once again after many years to admit the party. Deal with the monsters beyond the gatehouse, making it safe for craftsmen to reoccupy and start repairs.


  • Syrene will pay 100,000 sp in coin or services in total.


Four or five guild party members.

  1. Keshah Rune mage, Elf played by Surfboard.
  2. Tegan Chaos beat mage, Shapeshifter party leader played by Kelsie.
  3. Vychan Earth mage, Stone Giant party scribe played by Sean.

Maps & Info

Here is a copy of the old floor plans.

Map from local Witch

Scribe notes

Note to scribe - Please include the calendar day & month as the adventure moves forward --Jono (talk) 09:05, 10 June 2022 (UTC)

Session 1 -

Duesday 1st of Frost

Guild meeting

Well here I am again in a guild meeting room on the way to another adventure, and as normal things start off with the arguments about party leader, mil sci, and scribe even though there are only three of us. We then meet our lovely employer, Syrene.

There are a few questions asked, the outcome of which: The manor use to be owned by Syrene's brother in law Lord Sueden. He seemed to be a bit temperamental at times and dabbled in a lot of things. i.e. Dream/Mind, Air, Earth, and Celestial magic's. It has now been inherited by his daughter, Lady Abagale Sueden.

The manor itself is in a permanent state of spring/summer at the moment and what has been seen, by magic, inhabited by lots of rabbits, goblins, Orcs, a few ogre magi, and low level un-dead.

We then decide to head to Syrene's Travelling Court where we could get bit more prepared with information and buffs.

Turf's House

Dinner at Turfs

Tegan and Keshah head off with Syrene to Turf's place in a very nicely adorned coach, where Matt is sent back for me. The coach has height restrictions; I am too big for the coach.

At the manor we are greeted by dwarves who take a liking to Tegan and start rambling of some visions they have seen:

Dwarven visions

1) Tegan gathering ice crystals from the breath of Dire Wolfs.

2) None of us are to lay with the Snake. (I have been there done that and do not wish to do that again.)

3) Vychan (Me) stabbing Kesha's sword into an elfin body.

4) Keshah standing over Tegan's body not doing good things.

5) Tegan taking over the rune mages, which are inside the manor.

Luckily they did say a couple of interesting facts, the forge area (which we found on the floor plans) is good for elemental magic, the main floor has a portal to a place called the "Garden", and there is three elfin adventures inside. They are probably ensuring that important artefacts are found and acquired for safekeeping. Yeah right.

Well after the quick chat with the dwarfs and some refreshments we are off to the Court via Matt.

Syrene's Travelling Court

There Tegan is taken away to a garden area to roll around in some lavender leaves, changing into her many forms. Apparently these are then distilled down, and sun cooked, into rice cakes which will hold a mental attack that will only affect Tegan. It seems that she is holding many sprits within her and if one would take hold (Very small chance, which in akin to "What could go wrong") these would slap her back to Tegan.

Next Tegan is given a R18 greater by oiling her down by Captain Wan Lviv an Enchanter. I also do not miss the opportunity for a good massage, though I do not need the greater. I was given four hobbits which were very good at their job.

Meanwhile Kesha was engaged in conversation with some young elves who gave him the password to the court "A dumpling ate at dawn gave you indigestion" just in case we need to go in and out of the court. He then says that they were also taking bets on which one of us would die first when we went into the manor. We both looked at Tegan, not to say she is not tough. It is just from her last adventures scribe notes she is just not that lucky.

The rest of the night is full of entertainment until midnight. Then court is packed up, rather quickly I thought.

W'ansday 2nd of Frost

Gatehouse inside the Great Heart


Then at 1am a rather large portal is created and people start filing thru. Destination: the outside the walls to the Manor which is in the "Great Heart" east of Elfhiem. Where we are greeted by even more people, it seems that there is a small village growing outside the walls of the manor in a lush green forest.

We then help set court and somehow I get hassled by some hobbits wanting me to take them to some plateau. I realize they have mistaken me for Matt and try to explain to them that I am not him and when they do ask him for a port they should ask nicely. After a few exchanged words Matt comes to the rescue takes them aside and "Explains" to them the situation.

Tegan then talks to Matt about something he said about buffs earlier. Matt is a bit shtum and gets Tegan to help out with the well.

Naga well

Keshah is taken up to the walls where there are a series of deep pits. He is then winched down what seems like 300 feet and greeted by a old human male claiming to be a Naga. Ok I see why he is down there and Keshah is there to set up a rune portal for us to get back.

We then finish setting up the court and manage to get a couple of hours sleep, but only a couple of hours.

We are woken up by the same hobbits for morning breakfast, a big breakfast. It's their way of apologizing for the mix up. Me and Keshah scoff down as much as we can.

Matt turns up and explains that the buffs that he was talking about were at the Temple of Carnal Knowledge. Oh so that is why he was a bit shtum, he was embarrassed that he knew of the temple and did not want others to find out, especially Syrene.

So Matt takes us to a side of a mountain with a path leading along a cliff face and says "It's down there." We walk for a few minutes coming across a large opening, this must be it. We do note that parked outside is a large cloud with what looks like a platform on it and all hope that we do not have to go on that.

Servant of Death

Inside we go, quickly meeting up with the occupancies. They look us over and ask me if I am the servant of Death that they called for. I reply "Yeah sure." They explain that they have a problem with a snake which has taken up residence in their temple. They called for a servant to come and help since they themselves could not resolve the problem. They were pleased when I said "We will give it ago." and a few minutes later we were successful, with little damage to ourselves.

Right on to the Carnal Knowledge part, which it looked like they had already lined up some very nice looking teachers. But sadly according to the party leader we had used up our allotted time. Typical, when do not want to learn they throw in to school, but when you do you get kick out. Though they do give a parting gift of seven potion, two for Keshah, two for Tegan, and three for Me.

Tinker Cogs

We get back to court just before lunch and are soon accosted by three master tinker merchants. They have heard that we are going in to the grounds of the Manor and they would like us to find three enchanted cogs. We ask them very nicely if we could meet them at four in the afternoon, since we have been busy and needed some rest. They agree and depart happy.

Ah now off for some well earn... nope. We are suddenly escorted up to the gates where we find the current owner, Syrene niece Lady Abagale Sueden. She explains that if we want to pass thru the boundary, between the outside and the grounds, we needed her blessing. And with that she gives each of us kiss on the cheek, a little difficult for our many eyed friend Tegan but it is managed.

We now get a few hours rest before the meeting the Master tinkers. After a few minutes of discussion about our ability to find magic items they decide to give us a mirror that will help us find the cogs they seek. Also we ask what the cogs are for, being nosy guild adventures. They explain that they are for some sort of machine which controls of the seasons.

Session 2 -

We were also given the rough dimensions of the grounds as 3miles long and 2 miles wide.

Before we leave the merchant dwarves they mention that a Lady Maris will be arriving soon in court and that we must speak to her. The reason being is she did most of the defensive magic's at the manor.

Well we make our way back down to the court noticing on the more and more people (locals) at the growing small village. Looking around it seems to be more mercantile people, even ribbon and coin makers, and of cause more merchants. We plan to eat and nap before going into the manor at night. Reason why I do not know, I am not the Party or Military leader or even a voice of reason thinking about it.

Back at the court we get some rest before diner. Then at diner we are shown some of the products which have being newly made, specially the new minted coins with Abagale's likeness on it. For circulation they say. We also glen during diner that Lady Maris is being forced to see us.

Th'rsday 3rd of Frost

Well as Tegan ordered we stay up and in the morning we have breakfast then sleep during the day. At dinner we are told that Lady Maris will be arriving soon and at 7pm the lady arrives with un-dead horses pulling the coach and with un-dead servants attending. Tegan says her aspect is summer and we are told that her residence is in the Great Hart. Ah Lady Syrene pulling rank that's why she is here.

We start by asking if there are any ways in or out of the manor other than the front door and the many other doors.

Lady Maris. "There are three secret ways out from the Library which each lead to an extend library, but you will need an amulet (gold with green gem and a sliver chain) which is the conservatory to see the portal/doorways to them. While in the libraries we need to watch out for the librarians. They are part Satyr, Giant, and Faun which are all a bit barmy." {Vychan thinking. "Oh, can't be worse than the guild librarian."}

Carrying on she says, "It is also best to steer clear of the training area which is off the Halloween place. In the area of the Elemental Forge are spirits doing odd jobs but should be safe to be in if you them leave alone. Also at forge is a red mark which will turn on the lights. And it should be ok to use most of your abilities, except if it demonic in nature."

"Also there are 25 golem guards. You may be able to command, if you needed backup. In the garden, access via the servant's entrance into the kitchen court yard, there is a Fae Queen who resides over giant bees. This garden has a well in it which when you drink from it you will find what you seek. Of cause there are also a few Ents you must pass to get to it."

"In the basement there is a place of power. One of the storage areas there has a portal to "The Winter Gardens" in Elfhiem. Do Not fight near the lifts, within a few feet, you may go inter-planar."

At this point Kesha goes and sets up other rune portal for this occasion, because you know, being a guild party, we are or one of us will be very likely to do that.

Lady Maris Cont'd "All the rabbits possibly came from the portal in "The Sanctuary" (Workshop) where the mechanical witch resides. She can control the sentient humanoid rabbits. That may be the reason the house fell, there was a pirate who reneged on some deal trying to free the mechanical witch to turn her back to real. Or it could be the captured burglar down in the basement, I think he was he was blamed for it."

"There are wards to protect against, more to prevent, summoning entities from hell and only the exterior walls stop spirits from going thru them. Also if you are good at getting rid of those pesky goblins you may get a position as one of the guards." I think that Lady Maris must have meant that the magic's protecting the manor might start compelling us in guard duties.

Well anyway, Kesha gets back from doing the rune portal and I notice that he is being keep a careful eye on by Lady Abagale handmaiden. Probably fancies him.

After talking to Lady Maris a bit more, about nonrelated stuff, people start turning in for the night. Of cause not us we stay up and I still do not know why. Perhaps it is for better sneaking around the manor grounds or more things happen at night than during the day, who knows?

Case in point, sometime during the night Tegan is visited by some local Fae who are only too happy to talk to her, she being part Fae herself. They reveal that they might be the ones responsible for the Goblins in the manor grounds. They show Tegan a grate in the wall where they have been shoving Goblins thru. They also talk about knowing the Lady of the manor talking to a dark faun before sending him away. But that is all they saw.

Tegan thinks about going to see their Queen, you know Tegan being a Fae Queen being in another Fae Queen's land etc, but since it would take a long time she decides not to go. We do find out though that their Fae Queen is a cousin of Lady Syrene. If that is the case then Lady Abagale would be related to the Fae Queen as well.

Well time passes and we are given a new password; "The dancing ell only dances on the surface under the moon." by the Captain of the Guards. Also he gives us a felic looking item that if you lick it will heal you of damage and tiredness. Tegan gets the item since me and Kesha both say "No Thank You." I think he was giving it to Tegan anyway.

Frysday 4th of Frost

Again staying up all night then having breakfast, or at this point in time to us dinner. Though this time the courts artisans, busy little beavers they are, erect some catapults. This is one of the ways we could get into the Manor grounds. Oh how exciting, I cannot wait, I am practically giggling, but no they say we should use the second way, sad face.

The second way involves walk walking thru the gate house. I go first and manage to wiggle thru. Tegan next, gets badly cut on the way. I manage to stop the bleeding and then Kesha just steps thru with not hassle. Mumble, mumble, high agility elves.

On the other side we are greeted with a wide pathway. Moving up, walking unseen since it being summer there is still a bit of light about, we find a nice overgrown village. At this point we are only scouting not poking so we leave the village and move further up the path. Now that we are a little ways in Kesha pulls out the cog mirror and scans around. Yippee a bit of luck, we find one of the cogs. I quickly itemize it, like earth mages can do, and we move on.

We decide not to stick to the path and start to cut across country. Coming over a crest of a hill we spot some dog people. Err Knolls; I think that's what you call them. We watch as they hunt for rabbits and then it looks like the rabbits start hunting them. Looking around we notice a lot of rabbit holes but not with in 50' of any crops of trees. Well as the sun is setting, and us watching the Knolls and the Rabbits, we see a wave of magical energy wash over the valley and us. This seems to revitalize both the valley and us, but it does not flow up to the rabbit holes. Next the Knolls are ambushed by the Rabbits, but they fight back using some sort of dark bombs scaring off the Rabbits. After that the Knolls head back towards the manor with their catch.

Waiting a little while for things to die down we move on noting down place to check out for the next foray.

  • Graveyard which is over grown by trees on the outside.
  • A quarry. Also noting hoofed foot prints in the quarry and 6 cave entrants one of which has a portcullis. There is also a paw totem ~25' high.
  • A mile fewer on there are some Goblins trying to sneak, with flags and spears, pass some goats with bells on them.
  • Next we pass thru a line of yew trees sloping down a low elevation to a cottage with smoke coming out and a bit of what looks like fire damage on the outside.

At this point we decide enough scouting let's start poking. That might be a record we lasted at least an hour or two before reverting back to normal SAG members.

Tegan starts off by talking to some owls nearby and gets info on the snake lord of the Knolls. Then four of the owls fly down towards the cottage, but fly off when a large cat comes out. The Cat, turning in to a naked human male, says "The Fae Queen said you were due. But the clockwork clock winder says your over due." to Tegan.

After he offers us to come down for some soup, not wanting to pass up free food we move on down to the gate. Making sure we are do not one of the main ingredients for the soup, we knock on the door of the cottage.

The door swings open. Greeting us is a witch looking about 25 years old with a mechanical left arm. She looks over the party, but has her eyes fall upon me she screams running back inside slamming the door. I have that effect on the lady's. Eventually, after some sweet talk from Tegan and Kesha, they are let in and once they explain about my lovely blue eyes of Death I am cautiously allowed in as well. We introduce ourselves explain that we are here to scout and if possible to clean up the manor area. Also we confirm if she is the one they called "Mechanical Witch", the answer is no. The arm she picked up at the manor, but would like her real arm back. She explains that she has been here for quite some time and has an agreement with the owner to stay here. We work out that she means Lady Abagale's father and say that he is missing presumed dead. We offer to take her out to discuss with Lady Abagale, who has taken ownership, to work out a new agreement. Kesha also offers to heal her arm back.

So with that we thank our host, Kesha sets up a rune portal, and we and the witch port back to the court. Once back in the court Tegan makes an appointment with Lady Abagale for the witch to talk about tenancy and Kesha sets about fixing the witch's arm. This involves chopping the arm off, "in a spec grev way", Kesha taking the spec thus healing the witch of her missing arm. Hey presto a whole new arm. Of cause Kesha instantly heals the spec since it is his. After that the witch gets cleaned up and heads off to see Lady Abagale.

Reapsday 5th Frost

Well since it is close to daylight, not morning this is our evening, we decide to have diner and sleep the daylight time away. But that seemed easier said than done.

We were just about to order when the head cook comes yelling and cursing at us for not saying anything about bringing a witch into court. Apparently all the milk is curdled and the eggs have gone bad. She gives us short lecture on the subject, using words that would make Orcs even blush, and then storms off. We all look at each other with bewildered looks and I say "Should we order now?" but we all agree that it would be risky. We do not know what would end up in the food.

After we settled a bit more there is a visit from Lady Syrene and the cook. This time the cook apologizes for her behavior and begs for our forgiveness. We forgive her, still thinking about what could end up in our food.

Session 3 -

After our rest, or you could say it was sleep if it was night, we are informed that the witch can stay, the catch being information on the inside.

A map of the manor is produced and we get a bit of info on where we have been already.

  • First of the manor area is bigger than what was said earlier being 4 miles by 3 miles.
  • The quarry we passed is ok during the night, but is dangerous during the day.
  • The manor is the same as the quarry.
  • There are good people in the tower in the poison garden.
  • Knolls live in the western forest.
  • Life wash is safe, does not cause harm.
  • There was a man made hill, but there was no windmill. Someone has built it since the place has been closed.
  • Same as the field of bones.
  • There are normal giant scarecrows in the produce fields.
  • Well and sink hole are save, but do not know where the water comes from or goes.
  • There is a maze on the manor ground, which is covered in mist (no cheating), which does go somewhere?
  • Also part of inhabitance of the manor grounds are Loins who are E&E adapts.

Lastly they did have a cat problem, but the master of the place started doing some experimenting and now no more cat problem. But now there are cat funny creatures, snake cats, bird cats, and squirrel cats. The former the most to look out for, they steal things. All though the blood crows sound pretty bad, but they are mostly up north end of the gardens west of the fields of bones. We ask the Cottage Witch if the man/cat was also part of the experiments. It is explained that he is her familiar.

With that we grab some food/supplies for the Cottage Witch, since she had been surviving on limited rations, and start to head back to rune portal holes via the air mage for some flying. Then with six big back packs, me being the pack mule, we portal back to the Cottage Witch's House. There Kesha makes a good meal for the witch to thank her for hospitality and then while she is making up some Gut Busters for us we have a bland meal from an item Kesha has. Also talking to the man/cat and tying down stuff for flying, and for those pesky thieving cat squirrel things.

We set of, first stop junkyard. Setting down just outside the junk yard we do a mirror check and do indeed find something glinting. Moving in on foot we find a mechanical dog slowly approaching, we see movement out of the corner of our eyes, the dog attacks. (Could off sworn I heard someone say "Chopper sic balls"?). Then two mechanical humanoid creatures rear up. This sight does take us a back a bit, but we manage to defeat them. We then set about finding the cog and a few extra bits.

As we are leaving the junkyard we notice in the direction of the Goblin Gate, SE corner where the Fae of the area were shoving the goblins in, lights of some sort. Upon further investigation the lights were Will-o'-the Wisps who tried to charm Tegan, but with Kesha being Mil Sci boosts her will power and manages to get her to land just south of the unnatural woods in this area. Thinking that the fight with Will-o'-the Wisps, even though we would win, would be difficult one we instead head on foot to the "The Lost Mile Woods".

Once at the edge of the woods Tegan does her talk to owl's thing and finds out there is grumpy old tree/woman that lives in the forest and does not like visitors. Since we are in scouting mode again we turn out feet towards the graveyard. Along the way we do notice three goblinoid guards within the forest; luckily they do not seem to notice us.

Upon arrival at the graveyard we find it over grown with four distinct areas. All the areas have lots of statues, mausoleums, and grave stones. Moving in even though the areas are over grown it seems to be maintained and in the shadows, keeping an eye on us, is a deformed hobbit. We move towards one of the areas, it looks like it is an area for dead merchants. Tegan moves into the area, it changes. The place seems clean and lit with candles. She steps back out and Kesha steps in. To him it is also clean and tidy but the place looks a bit more elfish. Even the stars in the sky are consolations of elfish gods. My turn, mostly the same but the stars are of Giant Gods. In the merchant area there is also large (40' x 40' x 60' high) stone block with water flowing down one side, consecrated to Varda. DA'ing the water, it is found to be magical. Effect upon drinking will give you a gift of driving out darkness, unnatural grief and sorrow.

It seems the hobbit has followed us into the area. We offer him some food and notice his injured arm. While fixing the arm we ask him a few questions about the graveyard. The date to his recollection he thinks is about ~120 years ago. Says the Governess came and shifted the stars. Then about ~100 years ago the other attendants of the graveyard left. Nero, the person in the poison garden tower use to visit but have not seen him in a long time. Lastly he advises us to make sure to leave the graveyard by wince you came, may be a chance that we could change the sessions. We thank the Hobbit and leave the place the way we came heading towards the quarry.

Heading towards the quarry we get the eerie feeling that something is tailing us from the woods, but get to the guard house without any hassle. There we find an automatic suit of armour guard (armour with no one inside) which runs out, then runs of in a westerly direction in to the night. Ok?

Down the quarry we go, unseen of cause. We come across eight children of various ages and race. They are trying to decide how to cut up a cake by talking about it. Tegan and I take on a less scary appearance and we move up to talk to them. We ask what they are doing here and who is looking after you. They say they were being looked after by the Governess, but she had a sword that changed her. They are now looked after by the Tudor, a female revenant, who is at the manor seeing off the three elves who gave them this cake. She told them not to touch it until she got back and was only thinking about cutting it. Honest they swear. Also so it seems that a Minotaur is after them, during the day, and it safe down here behind their portcullis. It seems a bit suspect that the three elves would give a cake to the children. So we say that we will cut up the cake for them evenly amongst them. There was a bit of fuss but Tegan won them over on the idea and thank the heavens we did. Inside the cake was an envenomed mechanical/porcelain scorpion, now deactivated by our heavy handed cutting of the cake. Of cause the children enjoy the pieces of cake they do manage to get. While we were examining what was left of the scorpion the lady revenant turns up. She waits outside the cave for us. Carefully talking to her we explain why we are here, show her what was in the cake, and offer to take the children to safety. With the offer to take the children to safety she becomes more at ease and explains the situation. She was the Tutor for the children when the Governess succumbed to the sword. The Governess used the sword to curse the children not to age and to drain their life force. She had become a revenant when she was killed by the Governess, but her last thoughts were the safety of the children. Until they are safe she cannot rest.

While the kids pack up their belongings we decide to head over to the windmill for our flying duration top up. It seems reasonability easy to land on top but Tegan hangs back to watch how it is done. While we are there we have a quick look around. On top there is a door, Tegan checks but it is locked, and Kesha spots a rope hanging off the side and brazier on the ground. After that we head back to the quarry and head into the kids tunnels.

Sunday 6th Frost

At this stage it is getting light and it seems that the Minotaur has come a knocking early. We decide not to give our self's away and to get the kids to safety of the court. So quickly getting things together and shrinking what we need... crack oops. It seems that I may have shrunk a chest with some precious breakables in it, especially by the horrid look the kids have on their faces. But no time to waste, time to go, well sort it out latter, off we go. We arrive at the bottom of the rune portal pit, missing the Revenant Tudor. She was shifted to one side but arrives shortly. The kids unfortunately not being use to this sort of travel, with the sudden change and all, begin to cry but it is Aunty Tegan to the rescue and calms them down.

Traffic around the portal holes must busy it takes about an hour and a half for us and the kids to get out, then we become very popular. First up is Captain Wan Lviv who trots us off to see a Dryad they have captured, or she has captured them by the look on some of the guard's faces. It seems she has a message for Tegan, a warning that a lunar wolf has gotten into the manor grounds. We are advised that our humble teleporting titan Matt may have some more information on lunar wolfs. Next up is the merchant dwarfs. They have a crank for the cogs we have been collecting. But as we give them the second cog we found, and tell them a little bit about what's going on inside, they say they do not have the right crank and walk off. Ok odd? Next to arrive is Lady Abagal. We give her the story about what we have found, especially about how the Governess is in the possession of a cursed sword. How the Governess has killed the Tudor and cursed the kids. At this point it is noticed that the Revenant Tudor has disappeared, perhaps once she had seen Lady Abagale she knew the kids would be safe thus fulfilling her obligation and now she is at peace. But even better news is the last, and the most important, person to show up. The Cook with food for the kids and us.

After making sure the kids are taken care of we head down to the court to wait for Matt. Talking some more to the Dryad we garner that there has been a Grogan, dryad grandparent, involved in the size magic in the woods of the manor. Tegan and her man servants are welcome to go frolic in the afternoon to become immune to the pull of the woods, as she puts it. We gladly accept.

After getting a short rest Matt turns up, 9:30 am. I am still glad we decided to adventure during the night and sleep during the day, oh wait minute aggh! We explain about Lunar Wol... Matt stops us there and asks if we could call it by something else while we are in the court. So we say what was seen was a large frog about 8' foot in height with stars in its fur.

Buffs & Mil Sci

'A = Always on.

Long Term

Short Term

Misc Buffs

Watch Order

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Vychan Tegan & Co Kashah

Marching Order

Skirmish Formations (Front)
Double File


Single File



  • 7 potions from the Temple of Carnal Knowledge.
  • Tegan's R18 greater rub down.
  • 6 enchanted cakes from the second breakfast.
  • Mirror from the three master merchants.
  • Tegan's mental attack rice cakes

From Junkyard

  • Enchanted Spider
  • Strange Net which is head size

Blood Mage

  • Effects of Blood drops given
  • Amulet

Cottage Witch

  • Gut busters (8/16)


  • Control Gem from Scorpion in Cake

  • Earring from Matt for Tegan, something to do with baby mushroom
  • Immunity to pull of the woods from dancing with Dryad and company
  • 15% share of money from Lady Mistcoat for poison harvesting
  • Alchemy Rack from Windmill
  • Loot from battle in the Winndmill



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3   4   5   6 First Plough 7   8   9  
10   11   Wotan exits retrograde. Thunor enters "The Spear" 12   13   14   15   16  
17   18   19   20   21   Freya passes "The Lovers" 22   23  
24   25   26   27   28   29   30